Monthly Archives: December 2011

We have a lake cam!  Many thanks to Gary and Brad from MN Lake Cams for helping us out with it. Now you will be able to see  looking to the North-Northwest out on the main lake our place.  We placed it on the shoreline about 300 feet west of our access for those that know our place. I wanted to have an as open view of the lake as possible.  I think it will be sort of fun. You’ll get to see the lake freeze, the ice move, the cold wind drifting the snow across the cold ice when it’s thirty below, once and awhile some crazy guy out there plowing a road in that stuff, (me). All the things that make you want to stay inside where it’s warm or move south!  (just kiddin!).  Wait until you see the sunsets next summer…….

The lake is ready and it sounds like our cold weather will be here next week. Things will start happening out there then. With some luck we should be starting to get out on it mid December, we’ll see………..

 It is really going to be a good winter for the “bite” with what I’ve been seeing and hearing this past summer and fall. I’m really looking forward to it.  Somehow it seems to go in a ten year cycle. For those that remember, 2002, and 1992 were some good “catching” years.

Unfortunately because of “treaty management” and the rules it requires, new regulations might be in the works.  Plus there is evidence now that the male population is dropping due to tribal netting in the spawning period in the spring and MN DNR’s regulations for anglers targeting the smaller males also. So maybe something should change, don’t you think? If you want things to change you should start talking to, e-mailing, and calling your representative and find out what they will do for you since you elected them. If the State of Minnesota doesn’t stand up for it’s citizen’s and it’s resources this time, will it ever?

                                                     Happy Holidays!!