Monthly Archives: January 2012

Friday things started cooling off in the afternoon and this a.m. we had temps in the 20’s.  Looks like cool weather for a couple days and then warm Mon -Tues.  After that more winter like temps are arriving along with some snow.  Ice conditions are 11-14 inches with the majority of it in the 12-14 inch range.  If we would have had colder temps this weekend we would have let people drive 1/2 ton or less vehicles, but with the warm days the ice expands and shifts causing small cracks that do not freeze. We will be staying off of it with the trucks until it gets colder next week.  Our plans are to get things going next Thursday-Saturday with vehicle traffic and pulling the rest of the houses out over the weekend.

Fishing yesterday was slow during the midday, but last evening and overnight I heard some pretty good reports for Walleyes in 14-22 feet of water.  Today so far the sky is overcast so I’m thinking the bite will be better all throughout the day.  With the full moon phase coming I still think the evening is the best for the Walleyes, but we’ll see.  I am expecting some good Perch catches today in the “Bowl” and areas similar.

You just might want to enjoy the moderate temps this weekend and bring the ATV, wheelhouse, or portable. We have plenty of parking for rigs and we packed the driveway with snow so the ATV’s pulling portables won’t wear out the bottoms as they are pulled on the driveway. The ice still plenty good for what we are doing and will be renting houses for the weekend.  We will  be shuttling fishermen to and from their rental and if they have ATV’s we are asking them to bring one. We will be pulling smaller private customer’s houses if they have an ATV with the Jeep and Land Cruiser.

Good Fishin’ and like Red Green would say “Keep your stick on the ice!