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December 30th, 2012

Today during daylight hours fishing was tough for most out there, but at about 4:30 this evening on some of our rentals and portables did well. (not everyone).  Lots of nice Walleyes caught during the traditional dusk period.  Yesterday was very similar. It looking more and more like a night bite for Walleyes for us in the areas we fish.  Perch activity is picking up but still a lot of 6-9 inches and the “jumbos” are about 1 in 20 when you find them.  Ice is getting better and tomorrow when the temps drop for a couple days we will have some ice I will be comfortable with in most of the areas we go to.  Today the main lake ice made a move and a large crack came down the east side and created some problems for the resorts up that direction and when it turned southwest towards us we ended up with a 18 inch crack just south of the East Bar that we bridged so ATVs’ and sleds could cross so we ended up in pretty good shape in areas we travel.    With the colder weather tomorrow I’m sure there will be more cracks showing up, but when it breaks where it did for us today, it stabilizes the ice in most of areas we go closer towards shore so we should  be on schedule to get going Wednesday/Thursday as planned.  (for driving)   Some spots we will limit travel to but most will be ok.  For those wanting to drive with wheelhouses, it will be 1/2 ton trucks and single axle wheelhouses only at first and towards the end of the week we’ll see about bigger rigs.  Please call ahead if in doubt.   One thing that we will be strict about at our place is speed on ice. 5mph or go home I call it. I’ve seen many times over the last 40 years what speed can do to roads on ice roads when there is so much traffic and they drive too fast.   It’s not like 25 years ago when the only houses were skid houses and the people using them drove out to them.   Most of today’s fishermen don’t think about the weight they are moving across the ice repeatedly with a truck and a wheelhouse.   I want everyone to enjoy their time out there and think about more than themselves when driving on the ice roads.  The more people use caution the safer everyone will be.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!


December 29th, 2012

Fishing last evening and today was pretty good for most.  Shallow water spots that had no fish last week have fish now and the Walleye bite is getting better in the evenings.  Most Walleyes caught overnight are too big but fishermen are enjoying catching them. Walleyes caught in the daytime tend to be more “keepers”, but fewer numbers.  Small golden shiners, small sucker minnows have been the best bait.  Perch activity is good, but size is not. 6-9- inch Perch are common, with the occasional “Jumbo”.

Ice conditions are improving and we will be letting fishermen drive vehicles Wednesday, and we plan on getting all the rest of our customers houses out by the weekend. I’m glad we held off on the driving this weekend, we had no problems out there and it was better fishing for those that came out,  (less noise)

Have a Safe an Happy New Year!!


December 28th, 2012

This a.m. after talking to fishermen that were here yesterday and back again and those that stayed overnight, fishing was pretty good.   Numerous reports of “keeper” Walleyes along with ones out of the slot.   Perch action was good in mud areas and most of the rentals seen some pretty good action as well.    Fish were scattered on the gravel and hard to find, but when you found them they bit.   The weather change overnight helped it too.

We are holding off driving this weekend.  It will be snowmobile/ATV only.   Wheelhouses with ATV”S also.    There just isn’t enough ice to have a lot of vehicle travel on it  which would obviously happen if we started.   Ice depth is 11-12 inches, but the top 1-2 inches is “slush ice” which is not very strong.   We would be pushing it if we let people drive and I will not do that here.  We will be shuttling rentals back and forth, privates need to bring an ATV if their house is out.  The bigger, heavier houses will not be going out until after the weekend when we see more ice.   We are doing the best we can as safely as we can.   We have what will be our roads marked to  most of the areas we normally go, (see last years road map, it’s almost identical) so it will be easy to find your way around without GPS if you don’t have one.  There are a few places where there is 3-6 inch cracks that have have healed good enough for ATV’s/snowmobiles, and  we mark them for you on the map at the office.

Have as Safe and Happy New Year!


December 27th 2012

Today we checked ice again in the areas we go to.  It was pretty consistent 11-12 inches with the top two inches being slush ice.  So it figures out to about 10 strong inches of ice.  ( Looks can be deceiving).  But we are definitely making progress.

I wish I could say as much for the fishing.  Today was a very slow day and those that tried the deep reefs and gravel late yesterday did not do well either.   I talked to fishermen today that were out in the gravel that didn’t even “mark” a fish, let alone get a bite.  Every time I stopped and visited with fishermen, their question was “Where are they?”  I’m beginning to wonder myself.  The shallower in close spots are producing some Walleyes, mostly too big to keep, and some “keeper” Perch, but not very many.   There was a lot of “experimenting ” going on this afternoon, people moving off into the mud off the sides of the deeper reefs and gravel and some fishermen already trying some of what would be the late season Perch areas we go to.   We’ll see how it goes with more fishermen looking and trying over the next couple days.

We are pulling out smaller private houses and have rentals out and ready for those reserved for the weekend.  I’m going to keep it ATV’s/snowmobiles for traffic out of our place to be safe.  There just isn’t enough  ice to put a lot of traffic on it all at once.  There are 4-6 inch cracks on some of the main lake ice out a mile from our shoreline, and I don’t want fishermen to wander onto something they don’t know about with a vehicle, especially if we get some snow tonight.

Keep a tight line.

December 26th, 2012

It’s 4:00pm and I pulled the last house for today, will continue tomorrow with more.  Ice is a pretty consistent 10 inches counting the top 2 which is slush ice.  We seem to be gaining a little each night.  I’ll continue pulling with the Jeep and fishermen will need to ATV/snowmobile/walk.  I’m letting single axle wheel houses with ATV’s go out, and we are shuttling rental customers to and from their rentals and will continue to do so.  I’m  not comfortable letting vehicle traffic out and won’t until I see at least 12 good inches of ice in our areas we go to.

Fishing was average today with Perch action of the sides of the reefs next to the basin areas.  Walleyes were tough, best bite times were early am and dusk hours. Those staying out overnite have the best luck.

Keep a tight line!


December 25th, 2012

Today was quite with Christmas.  We had four groups go out and as of now (5:00pm) they are still out there so nothing to report as far as catches.  Ice depth is approximately 9 inches in most areas we go.  I pretty sure by tomorrow am it will be pushing 10, but the top 2 inches is not very strong so we will still have to be careful.

We will be letting single axle wheel houses with ATV’s go tomorrow and I will be starting to pull houses with the Jeep in preparing  for the weekend.  For now we will still not letting vehicle traffic go.   ATV’s – snowmobiles only.

The next couple days it’s not supposed to be quite as cold, but should still make some ice.

Keep a tight line!!


December 24th, 2012

Merry Christmas!!    This morning  I will be pulling out the first of our smaller rentals on 7-8 inches of ice with the Jeep.  Tonight and tomorrow we should be making some good ice with the temperatures dropping below zero.  Our plans here are to celebrate Christmas this evening and tomorrow with family and start up Wednesday pulling houses where we can safely.  Starting with smaller houses first.  We will be checking the ice in all of our areas we go to Wednesday and decide about people driving their vehicles out or not.   I’m not comfortable with it until I see 12 inches of ice.  Especially this year when the top 2-3 inches is junk and has little or no strength to it. What looks like 8 is really only 6 strong inches and a lot of fishermen don’t know or think of that unfortunately.  For now I would like if everyone coming out of here would  plan on ATV’s for the weekend until we see  what it looks like later in the week.

Fishermen yesterday did ok with Perch activity in some basin areas and some Walleyes.  Overnight two fishermen had a good luck with the Walleyes and also caught a 40 inch Northern and  some nice sized Perch.  So things are looking up.  I’m sure fishing patterns and spots are going to change along with the Zebra Mussels , but we can too.   Anyways……… I’m not going there on Christmas!!!

Keep a tight line!!


December 23rd, 2012

Yesterday we had about 15 groups of fishermen out and everyone spread out, trying different depths and structure.   By the end of the day the deeper spots had the better action for Walleyes. Perch were most consistent NW of Spider Island although size was not too impressive.   About lunchtime after the sun had been out for awhile the main lake ice pushed and we ended up with a pressure ridge/cracks about a mile out which I put out ramps for on what will be Graveyard Road and Tullibee Road so fishermen could get back across safely.  A couple of fishermen were almost on top of it when it pushed and made themselves  some memories, but everyone was ok.

Hoping that the next two or three days cold weather drive the ice down so we can get going with some pulling of smaller houses. I’m not going to say if we are going to be driving by the weekend or not yet.  I’ll see what the ice looks like by the day after Christmas, and we will go from there.   For now, plan on ATV’s even if we get your house out.

Merry Christmas!!  Eddy

December 22nd, 2012

Yesterday we got ice checked and stakes where our roads will eventually be to the Graveyard, Ray’s, Pope’s, Gull, and Banana Reefs.  We also got out the East Bar,(gravel).  Today we are checking and staking to the Tundra and Tullibee Hole and and south towards North Twin.  Ice is at the least 5inches and some places we seen almost 8-9.  Most common ice depth was around 7 inches.

The few fishermen that were out yesterday, did not have much action.  Either due to the high pressure or ??  So far this a.m. we’ve had alot more fishermen going out and we are encouraging them to experiment with depths instead of staying shallow like we would typically do this time of year.  We’ll see if that helps.

Merry Christmas!!     Eddy

December 21st, 2012

Ice is looking better than I thought after being out there this a.m.  We have 5-7 inches of ice and so far we have roads staked to Pope’s, Gull, Ray’s and the Graveyard reefs.  This afternoon we are headed to the Banana, Tundra and East Bar and as long as we don’t encounter any thin ice, roads will be staked out to them by dark.

We will be allowing ATV’s and snowmobiles with portables thru the weekend.  Sorry no wheelhouses with ATV’s until I see 8 inches, which probably won’t be until Sunday, Monday.  If you want to we have plenty of room for parking of wheelhouses and you are welcome to camp out overnite if you wish  N/C  and portable during the day.  Only access fee will apply.  I’m hoping this weather continues. We might get a  Christmas Week yet!