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February 28th, 2013

Yesterday the Perch bite was fair.   There seems to be more and more nice sized Perch showing up, but not always hungry.  We will see how it goes the next couple weeks.  For those with wheelhouses that want to still get out, we have a lot of good roads to good Perch spots and it’s easy to get off of them.

Last evening was the Input Group Meeting for Mille Lacs regulations.   Overall it was more positive than negative at least.  I think the MN DNR has finally realized that Mille Lacs is it’s Premier Walleye in the state and should be managed as a such, especially being as close to as many anglers it is, and as much it is used.   There is going to be some changes in Smallmouth regs, Northern regs to help slow down predation of small Walleyes which is good.  Unfortunately too late for this summers harvest.   Walleye regs were talked about and some good and bad ideas were tossed around, but nothing is decided yet.

I think the DNR going around and talking to Input members last week kept a calmer meeting because most were a little more informed about results of nets, surveys, etc.  That is what has been lacking the last few years with the group and why a lot of us felt like we were a rubber stamp on their options.  I strongly believe we need more and frequent communication with them so they can understand the “angling” side of what is going on out there.  It sounded like there will be more of that.  There was also a lot of issues that were not talked about that sooner or later will need to be if Mille Lacs is going to remain a Walleye Lake.   Issues of gill netting of during the spawn, two different approaches of managing the same resource (State and Bands), amongst others were not talked about and will have to be for Mille Lacs and it’s Walleye’s to survive in my opinion.  Whether or not gill netting during  spawning affects or doesn’t affect reproduction, it will always be the biggest cause of negative publicity for Mille Lacs and until the MN DNR and the Bands realize this and try to change their methods of harvest, (a harvest that the greater majority of citizens in this State disagree with), it will continue to discourage anglers from coming to Mille Lacs Lake and will in turn negatively affect the whole fishery, it’s people and economy of this area.    Albert Einstein once quoted:  ” The definition of insanity is repetitively doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”   It’s time to change……..

Keep a tight Line!!     Eddy

February 26th, 2013

We are down to about 11 houses out on the lake.    Most are rentals for the next couple days and thru the weekend.  I moved them out to the “Tullibee Hole” and east for the Perch bite, and a nighttime bite for Tullibees.  ( I hope).  We will be keeping roads out for quite some time.   It will be longer than we have the last couple years so I’m thinking we might get in on some late season Perch this year.

Tomorrow evening will be the Input Group meeting for Mille Lacs and the new regs for next year since the big drop in safe harvest.   There is a lot of upset anglers all over and businesses around the lake. And rightfully so.  it is time the MN DNR realizes that Mille Lacs Lake is the “Gem” of Walleye lakes in Minnesota. (especially with it’s location to the most anglers in the state)   It’s time to stand up against gill netting during spawning, and time to not let “special interest’ groups as BASS Federation, Muskies Inc.  and others push them in St. Paul.  Walleyes, Perch and Northerns are what Mille Lacs  has been about and what it should always be about.  Everyone needs to contact their state representative and those out of state need to contact the MN DNR Fisheries in St. Paul and let them know how many of you want to have Mille Lacs for the good of the Walleye/Perch anglers.  ( What it was always famous for.)

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February 25th 2013

The bite for the last Walleye weekend was good Friday night, slow Saturday and Sunday.   Most people were getting houses ready to pull and by last evening we had a lot of houses in the storage lot.  We will be keeping some rentals out for Perch until March 4th and will be keeping roads out until the ice will not allow travel.  I’m working on a TWP Tournament page this week and will hopefully have it up so people can see the results and see how much fun it was.  The date is already set for next year.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy

February 23rd, 2013

Fishing was still fair in the shallow water last night and so far today Perch are being caught in the Tullibee Hole.   Weather is perfect up here today.  Just going out to set up the weigh-in station for the  TWP Tournament.  I’ll post results later.

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February 22nd, 2013

Yesterday fishing was slow but last night the shallow water took off again when the barometer started dropping.  One customer in 14 feet said he had to pull his lines up to get some sleep.  He was catching too many 25-27″ Walleyes.  ( What a problem to have….)  I really think the last Walleye weekend is going to be good with this weather.   Our TWP Tournament is tomorrow from 7:00 to 5:00.  All contestants must sign in at the office, verify or pick up their ticket before fishing.  That can be done today until 9:00p.m or Saturday a.m. Office will be open at 5:00a.m.  With the weather forecasted we will be having the weigh-in at the “Tundra” Junction on the ice.  Weigh-in starts at 2:00p.m. and all fish weighed must be according to MN Regulations, and ALIVE.    $6000.00 in prizes will be given out immediately after 5:00p.m.   Their will be 4 big fish cash prizes in each category of $100.00 plus a “custom ” jig rod, and the rest will be door prizes by ticket number.  You will need to be present to win.

Attention Private Owners!!  Everyone must get up here and get their house ready to pull this weekend.   We have them all plowed into and will be starting Sunday a.m. to get them in.  We are going to try and get as many in before the next snow on Monday-Tuesday.  If you can’t make it you should call the office so we know which ones we have to get ready on our end.


Keep a Tight Line!!!     Eddy

February 21st, 2013

Yesterday with the high barometer it was a tough bite for most out there.   There are some big Perch out in the “Tullibee Hole” but reports yesterday that it was a tough bite also. Also yesterday the Graveyard Reef  had big Pike and numerous Muskie sightings so there nothing else out there.   I would expect as the weather moves thru the next few days we should have some pretty fishing.

Private house owners:  you need to be here this weekend and have you house ready to pull Sunday when you leave.  (That means shoveled out, up on blocks and not froze in, ready to go inside.) It sounds like we are going to have some pretty active weather next week and I want them in the storage lot ASAP.    If we have to get it ready it will cost you extra.

TWP contest participants:    All ticket holders/contestants will HAVE TO REGISTER in the office, either Friday or Saturday morning before the contest starts.  More detailed info on the tournament will be available then. Contest will start @ 7:00a.m. Saturday and end at 5:00 p.m.   The weigh in trailer will be open @ 2:00 if you have something you want to put on the board.  All fish weighed must be ALIVE so have a way to keep them that way with you.   MN State regulations, including the special regs for Mille Lacs will apply.  There will be 4 Big Fish prizes in Perch, Walleye, Northern, and Tullibee.  Each category will be $100.00 plus a “custom” fishing rod.   All other prizes will be door prizes and picked by ticket.   You must be present at the drawings to win.  It should be a good event.

Keep a Tight Line!!        Eddy




February 19th,2013

Sunday evening fishing was good for those that stayed out overnight and Monday during the day it slowed down as the wind switched to the NW.  Monday afternoon there was near whiteout condtions and the bite pretty much stopped and stayed that way overnight for most. There was eleven houses with fishermen out overnight and they had very little to report this a.m.    The wind blew steady overnight and now at mid afternoon it is beginning to let up some.  The drifts out on the lake look like whitecaps.  Most of our roads blew clean because of the way we plow and only a few side roads are in tough shape.   It will definitely be harder to move  around in the open if you have a wheelhouse now, but we will plow a spot for you if you would like.   Weather forecasted for this weekend shows the majority of the snow staying south of us which would be a blessing for the last weekend.   Tomorrow I will be listing TWP Tournament Rules, Times and list of prizes for this weekend’s  tournament.  We  have less than 12 spots left after double checking with our paid list today, so if you want a spot, call the office asap.

Keep a Tight Line!!


February 17th, 2013

Yesterday fishing was slow for most, but there was a few fishermen that did pretty good considering.  Walleye bite was slow but some “jumbo” Perch were caught in the a.m. in our  “Tullibee  Hole” .   Lots of big Perch are congregating there looking for mayfly larvae.  But they are difficult to catch unless you use a camera.  The south end of the Tundra  in 17-20 feet did very well for some with nice Perch and overnight good Walleye action.    It seemed that last evening was a definite improvement for most compared to Friday night.  The barometer dropping probably helped that out a little. This weekend was the first time I’ve seen some decent Perch of any consistency of size.  Maybe we’ll have some  decent March Perch fishing yet!   25 spots left in the TWP Tournament for next Saturday.  Call the office and get one.   Entry fee is $40.00/person,  limited to 150 contestants.  $6000.00 in prizes will be given out.   Hopefully the snowstorm will stay to our south for the weekend.

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February 16th, 2013

Friday during the day fishing was  quiet, but so far from what reports I’ve heard this a.m.  The overnight bite was ok for most.  I’ll know more as the day goes on. Roads are in excellent shape and most places are still accessible without plowing for wheelhouses.

We have only 25 spots left in the TWP Tournament next Saturday.  We are limiting it to 150.  This year there are $6000.00 worth of prizes to b e given out.  Augers, Clams, Vexilars, Lowrance, Ice Armor, Vexilar Suits, Strikemaster Suits, Rod and Reel combo’s, and numerous hats, Ice Armor gloves and all sorts of tackle items.  !st place fish in four category will will receive $100.00, plus a Custom hand made Rod valued at $60.00.    It should be a lot of fun and everyone should end up with something.

February 14th, 2013

Thursday night the bite was still good,deep and shallow.  Most Walleyes caught were too big to keep but a lot of fun. Today on a shallow reef there was a 40″ plus Northern caught.  For those renting this weekend., set up for Northerns during the day and late afternoon set up for Walleyes overnight.   Those with wheelhouse can still get off the roads if you watch what you’re doing and  we can plow you a spot also if needed.  By tomorrow afternoon everything will be in good shape out there.  All privates are plowed and we only need to clean up the roads a little and we are set.

Keep a tight Line!!   Eddy