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March 30th, 2013

Today I went out and picked up all of the road stakes, signs, and cones.  The warmer weather and little bit of rain we had has really started to change things out there.  As I picked up stakes, you could drive almost everywhere  ans the snow was saturated and soft.  With the colder temps coming the next couple days it will slow the melt and probably save the ice for next weekend.  If it would have stayed warm we would have had a lot of water out there and had to wait for awhile until it went down.  Fishing was still slow for the Perch and Tullibees, but we will keep trying as long as we can.  4WD vehicles only from here on out till we quit.

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March 29th, 2013

Today things started to get a little sloppy out there.  Still is quite a bit of snow on the ice, but the roads are getting a little wet.  Sounds like we will be getting some rain overnight and early tomorrow morning, but I’m not expecting it to do too much damage out there unless we get a lot.  We are encouraging 4wd vehicles only from here on out.  The sad part is that unfortunately the Perch bite is not good and I still haven’t heard any decent reports for Tullibees.  It is a shame to see the lake in such a condition as it is in these days.  Normally this late in the year we would have a good Perch bite and Tullibee action, but things are so screwed up out there with the poor management the lake has had the last 10 or so years since the “treaty management” started.  Now Mille Lacs lake has too many big fish, whether it’s Walleyes, Smallmouth, Northern and Muskies. The Perch population and now Walleye population from 2-3 inches to 10-13 inches are becoming the “baitfish” along with the Tullibees. To top that off because of “treaty management” the bands are taking small Walleyes during spawning along with the larger female egg layers, and anglers because of “quotas” brought on by the “Treaty management” were taking the 13-17 inch Walleyes also.  The whole thing is totally screwed up.  Now the MN DNR is changing the rules to protect our small Walleyes which is good, (maybe too late), while the “Bands” don’t seem to care.  They still plan on netting up to 70,000lbs. of small Walleyes this spring during spawning time. ( Only 10,000 pounds less than they did last spring even though they cut their declarations on paper to make it “look good” to the public.) If they really cared they would find a way to harvest without hurting the resource like they are and work together with the MN DNR for the same goals.  You anglers need to wake up and start talking to your “politicians” and tell them to get their priorities straight instead of taking lobbyist’s money from the tribes, tell the DNR and others to do something about this. Start making some noise.  It’s the only way it’s going to change.

Think about it……….Keep a tight Line!


March 27th, 2013

Yes we still have roads and lots of ice.  What warm weather we’ve had has not made a dent in anything out there yet, so we will be open thru this coming weekend again. Maybe even the next two weekends, we’ll see.    Fishing is still slow for the Perch.  Lots of 6-8 inchers in 16-20 feet, but the bigger Perch are hard to find.   There is not much for a larvae hatch out in the  Tullibee Hole area, and until we lose some snow and have some light penetration it will probably stay quiet out there.  I have plowed some wide roads thru the deepest area exposing the ice so I’m hoping it will help with the hatch.  We’ll see over the next few days.

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March 23rd, 2013

So far today we have about 8-10 vehicles out there and so far no reports.  have been getting a lot of calls wondering if we still have a roads.  We have roads to the Tullibee hole, deep mud Perch areas and lots of late season shallower Perch spots.  With the snow cover ,(about a foot) and 32″ of ice we will be out there for quite awhile yet.  I think the snow cover is hindering the bite but not much we can do about that until it thaws.  We’ll keep plugging away………

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March 22nd, 2013

We had five vehicles out yesterday trying and there was not too much luck.  One group found some Perch on the north end of the Banana late in the afternoon.   I opened up a lot of roads in shallower spots for angler’s to try this weekend and will be opening up more areas today.   Might as well get as many areas accessible to see what is going on out there.  Roads are wide enough to park on the side and most places you can pull off.  4WD vehicles can move off the roads if they watch what they are doing.   Weather sounds nice this weekend so we’ll see what happens.

Keep a Tight   Line!        Eddy

March 20th,2013

Last evening the wind died enough where the drifting stopped on the lake.  I opened up the main roads  going to the Perch spots and the Tullibee Hole. This afternoon I will be opening up more of the smaller side roads.   If you have 4wd it still isn’t too bad to move around or off the road a little.  Most of the main roads go right to the areas anyways.

The new  fishing regs came out for Mille Lacs yesterday.  I think the  MN DNR is doing the right things to try to get the lake back to the way it should be.  It’s just too bad they waited so long.  They might have discouraged a lot of the anglers from visiting Mille Lacs, only time will tell.  Now if the Bands and GLIFWC will do their part to protect the small Walleyes like Minnesota’s anglers are doing, the lake might have a chance to rebound.  This spring will show us how concerned they are about Mille Lacs  by their actions.

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March 19th, 2013

Sunday night and yesterday we received about 4 inches of snow.  About lunchtime Monday the NW wind started and hasn’t stopped yet this a.m.    We did not have anyone out so there is nothing to report fishing wise.  This afternoon as the winds drop I will be going out and opening up the roads again for those that want to come up Wednesday.  With this cold weather it is extending the ice season this year.  We’ll see how long we will go.

Keep a tight line!    Eddy

March 17th, 2013

Saturday and today the Perch action was slow. Today was somewhat better if you were in shallow but a lot of small Perch and you had to pick through them. Saturday I opened up all the roads and looks like I will be after Monday’s storm blows thru.   We still have a lot of ice and snow out there but I have things set-up so you can get off the roads somewhat.. I’m going to keep the roads out there until we can’t, which looks like quite a while.  Hard to think of knowing what happened last year.  But this is more “normal” compared to most of the last 50 some years out there.

Keep a tight line!!


March 15th, 2013

Looks like we are in for some snow up here tonite and Sunday-Monday.  They are talking 3-5 by Saturday a.m.  I will go out and open things up early Saturday for those that want to come up and try for the Perch.  Maybe with this weather pattern they will bite better.  Last weekend on Saturday with low baro some of the guys did well, so maybe it will happen again.

As it gets later and later out there the Perch will start to gather in shallower water for the spawn.  Maybe with this year’s late ice we’ll get a chance to get in on it.

Keep a Tight Line!


March 13th, 2013

Yesterday and today we had a few fishermen out there and the Perch action is still slow.  No one tried for Tullibees so nothing to report there.  We still have good ice and a lot of snow out there and there is no signs of it going away for some time yet.  Sooner or later it will happen, but sometimes I wonder if they are still even there.  I sincerely hope that anglers in this State of Minnesota and those out of state start talking about the predicament that our DNR and State government has done to this lake which is supposed to be the premier lake in Minnesota and start telling Minnesota to protect the State’s interest in it for the majority of people in this country.  It is time to stand up and say something about change and make it happen.  Bottom line is you can’t manage one resource two different ways. Ever since “treaty management” the lake and it’s fishery has been in decline . Just like you can’t have a nation within a nation,. Everyone must play by the same rules, or sooner or later there will be trouble. And this is the just tip of the iceberg…..

Keep a tight Line!