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Thanksgiving Day Nov.28th,2013

This morning before dinner I spent 4 hrs getting down the ramp onto the ice with the beginnings of the road approach.  This year we had quite a bit of ice pile on shore as it froze with a strong NW wind.   And yes the ice is rough out there.  Not the best for walking, but doable.  When we do get enough ice I will be pulling the disc this year!!

Today I only checked a little distance out as it was open water just a day or two ago.  While Cindy and I were at Bluefin Bay on the North Shore for a break before it starts, (the couple of days),  What ice we had before we left, blew north and it had opened up.  So there is only 2-3 inches in the first 100 feet.  We are going to wait awhile……

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends.  And lets all hope we get some more ice out there before we see much snow!!

Keep a Tight  Line!!


November 24th,2013

Looked out over the lake this morning the SE winds was breaking up what had froze on the main lake overnight and moving it north.  Even though it was cold, the main lake was not ready,  There will be ice in the bays that will stay, but the chances of the main lake locking up are pretty slim for awhile.   The forecasted temp the next seven days are cold, but not cold enough I’m thinking to get it to freeze up and stay put.

Hope everyone stays safe and uses some common sense out there in the next couple weeks. Meanwhile we’ll keep plugging away getting houses and equipment ready.

Keep a Tight Line!




November 23, 2013

Making ice this morning.  Last night the N-NW wind kicked in and the cold came with a vengeance.   I’m thinking we are going to see alot of ice on the main lake by the end of the weekend.

Not jumping the gun yet, but this could be an early start this year.   We’ll see…….

Keep a tight line!


November 22nd, 2013

This morning there is ice starting to form on the main lake on the shoreline in front of our place.   The waves are moving really slow which means it’s not far away. Could be good for an early start this year,

At the same time I’ve seen these early “shots” of cold freeze things up and then a warm-up with snow and then we sit and wait.  So you never know.  I’m sure there will be but there will be walkable ice in the bays  and maybe even some along the shoreline by Thanksgiving.  I remember many times as a kid that  after Thanksgiving dinner, Dad and I would walk Pope’s Point and go fishing.

The houses are almost ready, just a few finishing touches left and the smaller trucks are being checked over now, so things are moving along.  If this cold keeps coming, we will have to move a little faster, but it will all come together.

Keep a Tight Line!!!


November 16th, 2013

Finally got the webcam up and running after some problems With the DSL modem that were hard to find.  Now you will see when we get ice.  So far there was some ice that formed in the shallow bays earlier in the week, but not enough to even think about doing anything on.  Most has melted already.  It’s going to be awhile yet.

Work has been moving along with the houses and this week we are going to start on the trucks.  Most of the guys have gotten their deer and now it’s time to get going again. We are getting calls for reservations, so if you have a weekend in mind you might want to start planning it and get a house saved earlier instead of later.

I’m hoping the weather we are having will stay until Thanksgiving, and then turn cold and stay cold so maybe we can have a “normal” year out there this year.

Keep a tight line!!




November 8th, 2013

Today was a good day…..We closed up the marine shop for a week so all could go Deer Hunting. A tradition we started there when I bought the place 11 years ago.

Things are progressing at home getting ready for the ice. Cindy and Becky are doing a great job with the inside cleaning of carpets, bunk covers, ovens.   The houses are looking really nice.  We are redoing some of the siding of the VIP’S,, and when hunting is over we are starting on the trucks,etc. With the “colder” weather coming it’s looking like it could be an earlier freeze this year, but after all the years I’ve been here doing this, I’ll take it as it comes.  There is nothing you are going to do to change it.  Sometimes earlier freezes are more harmful to the rest of the year than good….sometimes not.  but it certainly gets the”hype” going…..

This next week I will still be thinking boats even though fish houses, trucks and Ice will be on the mind.   I’m going to Arkansas to the Yarcraft/BassCat factory to get some things done and see what goes on down there…..I’ve heard the leaves are in full color there so I’m bringing my camera…should be fun!  Until I get back…

Keep a Tight Line!!



November 4th, 2013

Over this weekend I’ve been working with the Webcam trying to get it to work again.  It was stuck on Sept 30th….Apparently something went  wrong with the file transfer thru Frontier DSL and the WebCam server and thanks to Brad and Gary they’ll get it figured out.  It won’t be too long and you will want to see when the ice starts, but I’m sure we have awhile yet.

Cindy has been getting calls for reservations, we started taking them Nov. 1st  like we always have and so far fishermen are coming up this year as normal, (for us at least.) this year is going to be an interesting one with all the changes we had this past summer, and we are waiting to see what the DNR “might” do for a possible regulation change this winter.  But I wouldn’t hold my breathe….

Meanwhile we are working on houses and after Deer Hunting we’ll start on the trucks.  Most of them are in pretty good shape, and this year we are going to add another diesel Ford to the “group”.   And after about 8 years of collecting parts, ( 8ft Farm King blower, hi-boy truck 4-4 truck frame, Cummins diesel and other “stuff”  we are going to put our “snowblower rig” together during the season with it’s debut late in the year. It’s been a dream of mine for along time, as well as my Dad’s, (40 years ago he was experimenting, but in those days it was tough) The end goal was to make something powerful, really light, so it could run on thin ice, and be dependable. But money, budgets, and a wife that thought I was “crazy” made it a long term plan…but it’s going to happen…..we’ll just have to see if my idea works! If it does, it will be a one of a kind!!

Keep a Tight Line!!




November 1st, 2013

Well it that time again to start getting ready for the coming winter season. This season makes it my 38th year out there, and surprisingly it sometimes doesn’t that long ago………

We are winding down at the Marine shop and this next week I’ll be staying home more and helping with the prep of houses, trucks, etc.
There has been a lot of talk about Mille Lacs again this past summer with the limit change, harvest slot change and lack of big Perch. But so far, Mother Nature is already starting to remedy some things out there and if the MN DNR and the Mille Lacs Band don’t repeat their actions and methods of harvesting the resource like they have the last 10 years or so, we will see the lake rebound. It’s time for both of them to look for better methods. After all, it was what their,(both the Bands and DNR) management practices that led to the predicament the lake is in now.

I had the good fortune to have a conversation with our DNR commissioner this past summer and it was very good to hear that the MN DNR’s main focus over the next few years is to restore Mille Lacs Lake’s fishery and do everything possible to manage it as a Walleye lake as it should have always been. They’ve finally realized Mille Lacs can not be managed as a “Trophy” everything lake and still have a sustainable Walleye and Perch population. Mille Lacs is a Walleye Lake and will be managed for Walleyes in the future. To me, that was very good news.

Anyways…I’m back…….
Keep a Tight Line!