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January 30th,2014

Today we made some new roads west of Spider Island and to what we call the “Bowl”.  We are going to go shallower, let fishermen fish for Northerns and overnight Walleyes.  Lots of small Perch and baitfish in areas like that, so that is where we are going to be.

We only received a dusting of snow today which was nice for a change, but the cold NW wind caused some drifting, but not difficult. Private customers coming up this weekend will need to think about getting their houses ready to move.  Some are collecting too much snow around them and it’s not worth staying there unless the fish are jumping out of the holes….

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is Feb 22nd.  if you read yesterdays blog, we opened it up for some people that didn’t get to sign up the first day it filled. We will shut the entries down tomorrow evening at 8:00 pm.  (Friday).  So it’s the last chance you have to enter.

Keep a Tight Line!!



January 29, 2014

Today we moved some houses up on the rocks and will be moving some shallower tomorrow. deeper houses were just not as good as shallower the last week.  So we are going to make some moves.

Some of you private house owners, plan on maybe getting your house ready to move after the weekend.  As I am plowing driveways I’m going to take note of amounts of snow around it will let the office know Friday and we will go from there.

The weather really made a change today and warmed up.  And with it came a very strong south wind that slowed down at dusk.  Sounds like we are going to get a dusting of snow in the am, but it looks like a pretty nice weekend coming with some stable weather for awhile.  That will be nice……..

Also because of DNR permitting changes for Ice Fishing Tournaments and demand from fishermen that didn’t get in the first day when it was limited to 90,  We are going to be able to allow more entrants for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament on Feb 22nd.  Those interested can call tomorrow after 12:00 noon and sign up. We are going to let those that missed the deadline sign up, but are not going to go to 150 like last year.  So call ASAP tomorrow after 12:00 noon.  Once again Cindy and I Thank all of You!!

Keep a Tight Line!!



January 28th, 2014

Today we cleaned up roads and tomorrow moving houses for the weekend.  We are going to move some to shallower reefs as we have had better action there over the last few days.  It’s been a hard year to predict.  Where you would normally think they should go they don’t. Seems to be more minnows in the shallow besides small Perch, (which seem to be everywhere).  20 some years ago we traditionally went shallow for a better bite for a number of years. So we’ll see…….

It always amazes me how some people are.  We had two customers here in the first week of January that rented a deluxe house for a few days.  We moved them to a different house halfway thru their stay, so they could try a different spot, and did everything we could to help them.  They got caught with too many lines by the CO, which was their problem as they knew the rules.  So what did they do?  Stop payment on their check to us… Too bad for them though, because it was $600.00 plus dollars, which is a felony, and I’m making sure they get charged if they don’t make it right soon. I don’t have any time for those kind of guys…

Looking forward to some moderating weather.  Even though it will still be below average they say,  Anything above zero is a treat these days……maybe the fish will like it too!

Keep a Tight Line!



January 27th, 2014

By about 2 a.m last evening the wind subsided and most of the drifting stopped.  I went out this morning at 6:30 and checked on the group that stayed out and they were just fine.  There was ground drifting so I just let things sit except for the houses we had to get ready to rent for the overnight tonite.

Not much to report for fishing except those that were leaving Sunday as the front passed were catching fish.   But it was more important to get fishermen off before the wind hit and there was zero visibility.  Too many things can happen out there in those conditions that are no fun at all.

It blew so hard that most of the roads were really good shape  Some east west roads got it, but over all things faired well. Some houses we will be moving to get out of the drifts around them and to try new spots. Sounds like our weather is finally going to stabilize and maybe… .just maybe we can finish the last month of the season with some decent weather.

Keep a Tight Line!


January 25th and 26th, 2014

On Friday night right up to dusk the fishing was pretty good for those that came early.  Overnight it was slower and Saturday day there were Walleyes caught randomly and most were too big.  21″-26″ were the reports.  Also some Northerns were caught, most thrown back. Saturday night leading into Sunday the shallower water produced a few Walleyes, but overall it was slow.

Last night about midnight the snow started and by about 4am.  we had 3-5 inches of fluff and no wind.  Was on the lake at 5:30 plowing two passes along all the road banks and at 7:00 started calling customers and making the rounds to everyone to get off the lake ASAP because of the high winds predicted and sever cold coming.  By 10:30 we had everyone off the lake except for one group from southerm MN.  They had extra gas, full truck and were set till Mon evening.  I’m sure I’ll be out there before that.  By noon the wind kicked into high gear and it’s been a whiteout since.  Nice to know almost everyone is off the lake for tonight. There enough to worry about getting things ready again than to have to wonder if everyone is alright.  It is so much safer to get off the lake before than during something like this .

Now we start all over again Tues…….Keep a Tight Line!!



January 24th, 2014

Today we got things ready for the snow and wind again….. I hope it will change soon, but who knows…The good thing though with the weather changes the last couple days, fish were biting.  I haven’t seen so much up and downs with the barometer in many years out there.  It was like that a lot in the late 70’s and early 80’s. ( but then we had more fish to catch….) Sounds like we are going in the deep freeze again on Sunday.  Maybe it will mellow out after that.

I decided not to go out to the gravel any more unless the weather pattern changes.  We went out there three weeks ago with high hopes, but fishing wasn’t any better there than in close. And with the wind and snow I’m not spending the money to go there unless it does.

Most of us on this lake know what it takes to go out there and maintain roads so fishermen can get there safely. And we know if it’s worth it or not. It is amazing to me how many fishermen have never seen this and expect that everything is going to be there for them, especially the fishermen that have wheelhouses…plus they consider themselves “portable” and want to pay minimal prices like one..Most of them don’t even know which way the winds blows out there…alot of them need to have a big learning experience I guess…  I don’t care which side their door is on to stay out of the wind, Park them so you can get to the hitch, or don’t expect me to plow you out,  I’ve seen over my years so many fishing areas screwed up because a wheelhouse moves in, the wind blows, drifting everywhere and we have to plow to get them out and the area is screwed…….Maybe the guys that build them should get there sh@#  together…..instead of selling them to a bunch of fishermen that don’t know any different…

Good News…. the TWP/Lybacks Tournament  on Feb. 22nd filled up in one day!   We will have great prizes for everyone and even though fishing might be tough,  I’m betting on some big Northern Pike this year!!

Keep a Tight Line!!


January 23rd, 2014

This morning I was out on the lake at 6:00 am and it was cold!  But with the wind we had the  day before I had a lot of things to attend to.  By the end of the day things were looking better.

Fishing for those out there was typical high pressure , Lots of Perch, slow Walleye bite. With the warm-up coming tomorrow, and the cool down on Sunday, this weekend looks like it is going to be some good fishing, ( or catching), for those that come up. in my experience over the years you don’t see many times there is such drastic changes from high barometer to low barometer back to back in a couple days. I can almost bet that it will be one of the better weekends so far this year.  Maybe not so good for us that keep the roads open for everyone, but we will make sure everyone will be ok.

The TWP/Lybacks Tournament for Feb 22nd. filled up today, and I’m waiting to see if we can expand it.  I really thought there wasn’t going to be much interest with the way the year has gone so far, but I was wrong.  If we can, we will allow more entrants.  I will let you know as soon as I know more next week.  It will be 100% payback no matter how many people we have.  Thank for you for your support!!   it means alot to Cindy and me….It’s been a tough year for us with all that it has been like up here with poor ice conditions.lots of snow, and not the best fishing..,But It’s so nice to see that despite all of it there are customers that care about what we do out there for them.

Keep a Tight Line!!    ( Like the movie  “Postman”….things are getting better!)


January 22nd, 2014

Today the wind went nuts out on the ice.  With only an inch and a half of snow,   30 mile an hour plus winds  pretty much made whiteout conditions out there.  Thankfully we didn’t get 10 inches of it,  That is one good thing about cold weather.

Fishing was spotty for the few that braved it.  Some decent Perch were in the mud in 30 plus feet of water, and small Walleyes were caught on areas of 16 feet.  But nothing too impressive. I’m beginning to think that the shallower rocks are going to be  the place to be for Walleyes at night, and for Northerns during the day. Still are lots of baitfish in shallow.

I was very disappointed with our new DNR Fisheries Chief so far after reading his comments about Mille Lacs.  His ideas of more studies to “really know” what is going one to me is an poor excuse at best. For those that don’t know, Mille Lacs has been the most studied lake in the State for the the last 20 plus years and we are still in decline…so I’m not impressed with his statements. His idea of a “new committee” is good though, especially to get fisheries people from Canada to participate.  There is so much knowledge out there from them that maybe they can get advice from past experiences instead of waiting to study Mille Lacs more for a few more years.

I honestly believe that there are changes that can be made now instead of later. The MN DNR could make changes based on examples from other lakes in the State with smallmouth bass, and with the Canadian’s experiences with the changes of some of their lakes when the bass took over.  I’m not a “bass hater”, but there were NOT the populations of small and large mouth bass in the lake 20 years ago as there is now.

Also the Mille Lacs and Wisconsin Bands need to step up change their way of harvesting too.  Even if the MN DNR says reproduction rates are “sufficient” despite netting and spearing during the spawning time for Walleyes.  Anytime spawning areas are disturbed the reproduction rates will drop compared to if they weren’t disturbed, and that alone might help the survival rate for Walleyes after the one year mark that they are talking about by having that excess from an undisturbed spawning period. That is why our own MN DNR closes some areas in the State during opening of the Walleye season in the spring and have done so many years…. So why is Mille Lacs “OK” if they do?  “Treaty rights” or not is doesn’t have to be done that way, and if they cared both the Bands and the MN DNR wouldn’t let it happen!!  it wouldn’t hurt to try……..

Keep a Tight Line!


January 21st, 2013

Not much happening on the lake today.  Only a few fishermen out there. Not much to report.

Spent time on establishing more roads on the Banana Reef with hopes to move more house that direction this week depending on the weather conditions.  Sounds like NW winds again tomorrow,,Which means more drifting…….it will never stop it seems.

Remember the TWP/Lybacks Tournament sign-up starts Thursday and this year is limited to 90.  $50.00/person.  Those far away get your check in the mail and call Thursday a.m.

Keep a Tight Line!


January 20th, 2014

Yesterday we heard more reports of the weekend’s fishing.  More fish were caught than I thought, especially Northern Pike.  5 caught between 38-40″ in different spots.  Saturday night and Sunday night were the best for Walleyes and it was in 11-16 feet of water.  The shallower water did better than the deep did.  I believe if the weather would cooperate a little and become more stable, fishing would improve.

This snow and wind every other day is really getting old. I’m seriously considering not going to some of the areas because of the expense of maintaining the roads.  With fishing the way it is,  I’m not sure any one spot is going to be any better than the ones we are already on.  We’ll check out the long range forecast and make that decision this week.

Plans have been finalized for the Lybacks/TWP  Tournament this year.  We are limiting it to 90 contestants only, and the entry fee will be $50.00 / person. All entry fees will go to purchasing of prizes so we will have a good prize list in a couple weeks. The date is Feb. 22nd and tournament info will be give to each contestant when the enter.  Registration starts this Thursday, so those far away that want to enter, get your check in the mail today!!

Keep a Tight Line!