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June 5, 2014

Normally I don’t post here in the summer, but I have a reason to now.

We are into summer and so far fishing is better than was expected, (or predicted) by our DNR. And one of the highlights is the Smallmouth Bass fishing. It is actually incredible to those that experience it!  Unfortunately, most fishermen that think of Mille Lacs, think Walleyes.

But with the media reports and MN DNR press releases, most Walleye fishermen are staying away from Mille Lacs.  But slowly the bass fishermen are finding out that this lake is probably one of the top five Smallmouth destinations in the Midwest and are showing up.

But when looking out on the lake in the evening when I get home from the marine shop it looks scarily peaceful in a way.  Not many Walleye anglers out there. I actually had a friend on Facebook up at Tofte on the North Shore ask me if the pictures on our web cam were not real because she couldn’t see boats out on the Spider Reef, (where the camera is pointed).  lol…..  And it’s really too bad, because the Walleye bite isn’t that bad.

It seems like most Walleye anglers are avoiding the lake this year due to regulations and all the stuff that goes along with it.  It makes it apparently clear to me that fishermen do want to take something in after a day of fishing for a fish fry more than everyone thought.  Or maybe they are just fed up with all the problems this lake has had for many reasons that most know.

One of the effects of this has caused two weeks of cancellations in our rental house.  Currently we have the dates of June 13th-June19th open, and June 27th-July 3rd open.  If there is anyone out there that would be interested, please check out or rental house page, check it out and call if you are interested. It would help Cindy and I out alot.  Right now you can catch the Smallmouth right off the dock if you wanted to and the Walleyes are just a little farther out!

Keep a Tight Line!!