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August 18th,2014

So far this summer was better fishing for most that came to Mille Lacs.  Unfortunately, the MN DNR had so much media exposure this past spring that their predictions made about this summer’s bite chased fishermen away before they could even decide……and there has been new opportunities for anglers with  Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and the night ban lifted..but it shouldn’t have had to been this way an been such a “negative issue”..

Mille Lacs has been in the worst shape for Walleyes I have ever seen in my life.  And there has been alot of changes in the lake with water clarity, zebra mussels and fishing pressure. but the fact remains that thru all of those circumstances the was a constant that beside all of that went unchecked over the last 15 years was the effects of “treaty management” which because of “Court” decisions put the MN DNR in a place where they could not speak for the good of the lake in general.  (Thanks Minnesota).. In my opinion, despite of what happened at a federal level should have been and and still should be argued against for the good of the resource and the good of the majority of the citizens of that enjoy it.  (all sides included).

I do realize that there are many factors changing this lake and ALL parties involved on the government level need to solve this problem and do their best to work together and stop the separation that has happen because of two sides caused by treaties…  Traditions are one thing, but the good of the resource is the most important to All of us and needs to be shared equally to the portion of the people that are involved.  The entire economy of this area is at stake,  including the Band’s Casino’s,

Amazingly, Mille Lacs, (thanks to nature is trying to recover), there is evidence now of new year classes of Walleyes coming up thru the ranks with the anglers reports I’ve been hearing about. The Perch, (which are very important to most of us on the ice) are getting thru the “bait fish stage” that the MN DNR considers them.  (But most anglers, especially in the winter enjoy are going to be there this winter and in the future until something else happens……

My hope is that when this lake gets to the point where it looks like it might be something like it used to be, the Bands and the MN DNR don’t screw up again…!   There has to be changes on both sides…..

Keep a Tight Line!!