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November 29th, 2014

Today I checked ice depths and found 10-12 inches of ice in the rough stuff which is in the first mile out form our shoreline.  Beyond that, I found a consistent 8-9 inches of ice where it started to smooth out  as far as two miles. From there I didn’t go any farther for now.
But from what I could see from there it looks like pretty good going……

The rest of the day was spent with the Jeep and the brush disc establishing a road to the “Graveyard” reef.  Tomorrow i will be heading out towards the “Banana” reef and getting a road thru the rough ice if it isn’t too windy and cold.  Right now I’m thinking we are going to stay away from the rough stuff within the 1st mile because of the slush under it.  Maybe in a week if we don’t have snow we’ll give the in-close areas a try. Usually the slush will dissipate and it will be easier to fish, but for now we are going to get out there away from it.

Today was my Dad’s birthday, (he passed away in 1984).  He would have been 94 years old if he was still here.  But today getting out there in his old Jeep, especially this early and doing the things i was doing, it felt like he would have been as excited as i was to be there this early…….pretty crazy i guess….I guess the timing of all this got to me…Hopefully it’s a good omen to a good winter!

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Thanksgiving Day – Nov 27th,2014

First one T-Day 2014Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I went out and rechecked the ice from Sunday with the past few days of cold weather.  ice depths varied from as little a 7 inches to as much as 9 inches and 10 inches plus the first 200 yards from shore.  The warm weather we had Saturday and Sunday really screwed up the rough ice that we already had by melting enough of the “crunchy” stuff and getting it wet so when it froze the last couple days it got pretty hard. I will be definitely be using the disc to establish roads if we don’t get too much snow on it tomorrow.

Also with the ice freezing while it was windy there is slush under the ice, (which in time will either freeze or melt), but for the first couple weeks or so it’s going to mean a lot of hole cleaning just to get fishing.  And that condition exists from our shoreline as far as 1-1/2 miles out, which covers alot of our early fishing spots.  Beyond that it will be fine, but the ice out there is not thick enough to travel on yet.

I pulled our first rental out today after Cindy and i went out for Thanksgiving dinner. The last time i pulled houses on Thanksgiving was with my Dad in 1976 I believe.  Tomorrow my son and daughter and their families are coming over and we are going to have “our” Thanksgiving Day.  And on Saturday we will open for fishermen (portables only) and be starting to stake and establish roads.

Here we go again…….

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November 23rd, 2014

Saturday i worked on the approach and got on the ice. Right in front there was 7-8 inches and a lot of slush underneath. But the approach is ready.

Today I went out as far the end of Popes , the north side of Gull (1st) reef, and the Spider Reef.  About 1 mile out for us from our shoreline. About 1/2 way out the ice depth stayed approx 6-7″ and the slush under the ice started to ease up. At the 3/4 mark the ice depth dropped to 4-5″ with some slush and where i turned around the ice depth was only 4″ in spots.

So obviously we have a ways to go on the main lake.  I did take advantage of the warm weather and with the 4-wheeler and plow and knocked down the rough ice in areas where the roads will end up.  It was fun being out there again, especially with the temps today.

Now we need some cold weather and no snow and we will be in business! We will be open for foot traffic to those areas starting tomorrow.

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November 20th, 2014

We have ice that I’m pretty sure will stay put at least 2-3 miles out.  From there we will see what the strong south winds do when it warms up the next couple days and then the NW winds bring after. So far from what I can see 4-5 miles out in the main lake with my spotting scope it looks pretty nasty right now with ice ridges, but you never know until you actually get there.

The ice in the bays is doing well with 6-7 inches in isle, Wahkon and Cove Bays from what report’s I have heard.  I still haven’t ventured out in front and will not until after the weekend when I see what happens. Definitely the main lake is not ready yet.

It sure would be nice to have a good winter up here this year.

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November 18th, 2014

The ice is forming out on the main lake approx 1/2 mile with the strong NW winds the last couple of days.  It just seems like the water is too warm yet or it should have been alot farther out by now.

I’m sure there will be a few fishermen venturing out on the southern bays this weekend. But they will have to be extremely careful if they do. Seems to be alot of interest in spearing, so I’m sure the bays will see alot of that.

I’m pretty sure we will not be letting any out by foot until the weekend after Thanksgiving depending on the weather, But it will be nice to get an early start if Mother Nature lets us. After last year we need all the help we can get!

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November 13th,2014

In the last couple days ice is starting to form on the bays on the south end of the lake. And with the weather getting as cold as they are predicting there might be some walkable ice in those area in a week or so. The main lake has a long way to go yet.

On thing about freezing up this early, (at least from past experiences with it the last 40  years), is that a lot of the times it doesn’t stay cold enough to really get some ice depth out there and it increases the  chances of getting snow on it which can slow it down even more. But there’s nothing we can do about it so we’ll take what we get..

This is Important!!   On Nov 20th at 9:30 a.m. in Courtroom 100 at the Minnesota Judicial Center,  at 25 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, in St. Paul.  A three judge panel of the Minnesota Court of Appeals is going to listen to oral arguments in a Mille Lacs related lawsuit.

Basically what it is about is that in 1998 the State of Minnesota passed a constitutional amendment protect the heritage to hunt and fish for it’s citizens.  Since then about 25 other states have done so also.  Two citizen’s groups, a resort, and two individual’s are charging the MN DNR in failing to protect our Mille Lacs fishing heritage based on that amendment.

And as most will agree. During the last 15 years of “treaty management” , Mille Lacs has been bombarded with miles of gillnets in the springtime spawning season, before most fishermen arrived  Millions of Walleyes and other species taken, spawning grounds disturbed by nets, jet powered boats and pontoons going up and down the shoreline spooking Walleyes of the rocks with their powerful lights, etc.   “Our DNR” is trying to blame the decline of the fishery to zebra mussels, spiney water fleas, water clarity, etc.  Everything but, They say they have studies saying reproduction is the same.  Do they have studies with numbers before the gill netting to compare? ( haven’t seen any yet!)   And meanwhile our MN DNR has sat by the wayside saying there is nothing they can do. (which is totally false.)

This court case might force the State of Mn to take action.  When the treaty rights were granted by the US Supreme Court by “one” vote, the court let the State of MN and the Bands decide quotas, methods, etc.  All of that can be changed by objection and going to court. The problem has been is that there is so much tribal lobbying money in the Capitol.  And everyone knows what lobbyists and their money does down there.

The more citizen’s of Minnesota that show up for this court appearance will show the judges how important this is to all of us.  If anything, go there to educate yourself on what is happening.  This is not a”treaty rights case”. It’s about protecting a resource that belongs to all of us.

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November 9th, 2014

Well……Here we go. NOAA weather just forecasted 10-18 inches of snow the next couple days.  The good thing is that there is open water for it to fall on.  Wasn’t really expecting this much this early, but with no ice we are good.

My hope is this isn’t a “pattern” that will continue after we get ice.  We will have to wait it out and see.  These days with the weather patterns changing, ( or so it seems), who knows.  All I know is we are going to get out there when we can.

Fishing should be better this year with more Walleyes in the mix and Northern Pike the DNR wants us to catch, (or spear), and I’m thinking we will have some better Perch fishing also.

I’m home from the Marine shop now and it will give me time to get the things I need to get in order with the home shop, the trucks, and houses.  It is good to be home.

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