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December 30th, 2014

Today fishing was pretty slow from most reports.  Small Perch were most of everyone’s catches. Typical of very high pressure.  There were a couple Walleyes caught in the slot in rentals and one rental had 30  Perch and a 37″ Northern, but that was about it.

We pulled more houses out, both rentals and privates and will be pulling more tomorrow to the deeper reefs.  My suggestion to all coming up this weekend that want to drive out to the Tundra,  Banana and Graveyard reefs bring the smallest vehicle can get. There is about 16″ inches of clear ice that is VERY brittle and will not bend. Which means it cracks all over when driving on it and it can weaken very quickly when traveled on repeatedly.  Heavier vehicles will cause more problems so the lighter the better.  I’ve even been pulling houses with the Land Cruiser and staying off the roads when pulling to those areas.   I don’t know why, but that ice out there this year especially out in the smoother stuff just doesn’t feel right.

We have a 14-18″ crack on the Graveyard Road, Tullibee Road and Bowl Road which have ramps over them and are freezing, but for now there will be no wheelhouse traffic over it unless they are going to be pulled by a ATV.  I’m not going to take the chance of a piece breaking off on one side or another.  So wheelhouses with trucks will be limited to the shore side of the crack. Which means south Spider, Popes, SE Ray’s Reef, east Gull reef for now. That might change by the weekend, but for now that’s it. We will watch it and let you know by Friday morning so you can make plans.

Keep a Tight Line!




December 29, 2014

Today we had some fishermen out in rentals and only a couple portables.  Reports from the rentals was on the slow side.  Lots of too small Perch,  Some small Walleyes, but overall not a lot of action. one rental that was out overnight had a good night with the Walleyes, but most were 14-16″ and couldn’t be kept.  But it is good to see that size out there.

We had to put ramps on three of our roads as the cold created some cracks, but nothing too bad.  I pulled out 8 more houses to some of the deeper reefs, but are still holding back on vehicle traffic out there until I see a little more ice thickness. but with this cold it won’t be long.  The next couple nights it should make an inch or maybe two.

We’ll see how it goes……Keep a Tight Line!


December 28th, 2014

Overall the weekend bite was a little slower with the higher barometer.  Best Walleye action was dusk, overnite, and early am hrs. Perch were doing pretty well in the “Bowl”  with numerous reports of Perch over 10″, and I heard of a  couple Northern Pike caught.  A 35″  and a 40″ in in the rentals.  There were rentals that caught and released Walleyes from 25″ to 28″.   There were also some fishermen that just had no luck at all.

The ice was cracking pretty good yesterday as it’s getting colder and I expect Monday am. to see some “good ones” out there on the early morning road check.  The next couple days will be be that way with the ice cooling off so everyone venturing out will need to be extra cautious out there.  With the lack of snow cover we’ll make some needed ice thickness so we can venture out farther, but it will also make the smooth, clear ice out there very brittle. fishermen will need to to drive slowly as the ice will not bend well and I don’t want to see the roads break and have to make new ones.  Take your time out there!

Keep a Tight Line!



December 27th, 2014

Today quite a few fishermen were out and from what reports I heard this evening it was a slower bite than yesterday. There were some bright spots with numerous 26″ on over Walleyes in three of the rentals. The barometer rose and sun came out and it was nice out there but the barometer high I think was the culprit for most.

The ice stayed put with a few cracks out towards the Graveyard but none that gave us problems.  Tonite when the sun went down it was starting to rumble a little, but nothing abnormal for sure.

Most everyone was careful and kept the speeds down on the ice except for a couple of careless fishermen here with a wheelhouse.  (Always seems to be at least one that thinks he knows more than the resorter.) He was asked once today to slow down on the ice, then tonight drove through our access without stopping and checking in on his way back from town. (Apparently doesn’t know what a stop sign is and can’t read either…) Then drove through an area where numerous fishermen were in shallow water at a high rate of speed to get to his house.  I received three phone calls from other customers complaining about it.  Pretty Stupid is all I can say………Just because they drive like that on Red Lake doesn’t mean that it is going to happen here……..

Keep a Tight Line!



December 26th, 2014

It was a good day out on the ice today.  Started out with 2-3 inches of fresh snow.  Just enough to bank houses and cover the ice a little so it will cool off gradually as the colder weather comes over the next few days.  And protect it from the sun when it does come out.

Plus the fishing has been pretty good the last 36hrs. Lots of fishermen stopped on their way off  (Thank You!) and let us know how they did and very few had a slow day.  Perch activity was good with reports of 10″ plus Perch.  Walleyes were active, mainly overnight last night and early morning and then again at dusk today.  Didn’t hear of any Pike caught or speared, but there were quite a few spear fishermen SW of Spider Island in along the point and middle Twin.

The ice is stable with no cracking and I really don’t expect it to for a couple of more days when it gets colder.  Ice depths are still the same with 16″ average in the first mile and half and then a pretty consistent 14″ out in the “smooth” ice.  We re-staked the roads today and I made the first runs to the Tundra and Banana reefs to establish roads but we will not be allowing vehicle traffic out to those areas for a day or so yet.  It will be ATV, portables, ATV and wheelhouses only out there. In closer we are letting vehicles up to 1/2 ton and 1/2 ton trucks with wheelhouses out on most of the roads and we will provide a map as to where you can travel when you arrive.

I found out tonight from some of our customers arriving for the weekend I was a “topic” on some of the internet fishing sites this past week. Earlier this week when things were warm we drilled holes to get the ice to float up and water to go down around houses. Apparently some thought it was a bad thing to do. It’s pretty obvious they don’t know how or why it works and that a lot of small holes are better (and less dangerous) than a couple big ones caused by water running down thru it.  (Like the one in your fish house that looks like a toilet flushing when it starts running in it and grows bigger because it’s the only place for it to go….hmmm…)  I’ve been out on the ice doing things like that probably more years than most fishermen on those internet sites are old. I got a chuckle when I heard that……. 🙂

Keep a Tight Line!



December 25th,2014

Merry Christmas!!

Today we were back at it and had a few rentals and by noon other customers showed up to go to their houses.  The phone was ringing and fishermen were planning for this next 10 days with the holidays the way they are.Only fishing report I have to offer is when I checked on two of them midday.  One rental was busy with Perch and the other had a 19″ Walleye, some keepable Perch and lost a big Pike in the hole.  sounds like the Pike made the day for them though.

The ice is slowly freezing today and it sounds like it will slowly get colder the next couple, which is good.  What would really be nice tonight and tomorrow would be a little snow so fishermen can bank up their houses instead of relying just on hole liners.  With next weeks temps dropping way down there, just a little would be nice.  And to see some sunshine will help everything.

Tomorrow and the next 10 days are going to be busy times for us, and what a feeling it is to see that again.  It’s been a long time… There is a lot of things to do out there like re-staking the roads, (as most stakes tipped over in the second melt), checking out the place where cracks will inevitably run and set ramps for it, plus get rentals out and pull more “privates” for the weekend.  Check yesterday report for ice depth and what we are going to do for driving as it will still be the same.

Keep a Tight Line!!


December 24th, 2014

It’s 2:00 pm. and we are closed for the rest of the day for Christmas.

This morning we got rentals ready for tomorrow and Friday and checked ice conditions and thickness. The water that was on top is starting to go down, but not all from draining in cracks and ice holes.  The very top inch or so is starting to go soft and “honeycomb”. That is something you normally see in the spring during the melt, but not this time of year.

Fortunately colder weather is coming soon. Starting after Christmas, the temps will steadily keep falling with predicted sub-zero lows next week so we will be in good shape. And really no measurably snowfalls.

Ice thickness in areas we checked was as low as 13-14 inches out in the clear smooth ice with the top inch soft and in closer on the rougher white ice as much as 16-17 inches with the top two inches soft.  So we definitely lost some.  That means no vehicle traffic out in the ice areas of 13-14 inches for awhile yet.  it will be ATV’s, portables and ATV’s and wheelhouses only out there And no permanents pulled to the deeper reefs like previously planned this week.  Sorry but I’m going to wait till I see better ice.  In the areas of 16-17 inches we will be driving and pulling houses and allowing wheelhouses with half-tons thru the weekend.

Sorta hard to say Merry Christmas when the warm weather made us put the brakes on so to speak.  But on the flip side I remember many Christmas-New Years we weren’t even out there so i guess we are not that late this year.  This last bout with the warm weather just was a set-back.  Then there were years 30-35 years ago when I was the only guy going to Hennipen Island after Jack Maciosek quit the business. And I did for many….He told me “if you can’t get there by Christmas you might as well not go”.  Many years I made it, so that says something about how early we used to get out too. So maybe this was almost a “normal” one……lol!    Merry Christmas!!

Keep a Tight Line!!





December 23rd,2014

Today we had no one out fishing as planned.  We spent most of the day going house to house and drilling a hole off of each corner so as the wind was moving the water it would not build up around them and the ice would float up.  And it worked well.  If the weather starts cooling off like predicted, things will freeze up for the weekend and we will get people out there fishing.

All of the thicker ice in closer is doing well, but I’m not too sure yet about farther out.  Tomorrow as things freeze up I’m going out and check thickness in those areas and post what we will be doing prior to the weekend out there.  it is not turning colder as fast as I had hoped, and moving houses to those areas and letting vehicle traffic might not happen as planned.  I know many want to be out there as well as I, but it might have to wait until into the weekend or Monday.  We’ll see tomorrow….

The good thing is that fishing is better up here than it has been for a long time and when the weather allows us fishermen should come.  Quite a few have already seen some of it and when the ice gets better so it can be more accessible it should be a good year.

We will be closed tomorrow at noon for Christmas Eve with family and will reopen Christmas Day morning.

Keep a Tight Line!


December 22nd,2014

Got pretty wet out there today and with the south wind blowing the water was moving on top of the ice.  Especially out farther in the smooth stuff.  about 3:00 pm it started snowing a little which is good.  It will slowly help the freeze up of the water over the next couple days.  Hopefully by Christmas Day we will be up and running again as the temps are slowly going to drop. Weather forecasted for this weekend is finally bring us some colder weather.

Just a few fishermen out there today and the reports were pretty slow.  We are going to shut down tomorrow and maybe Wednesday to let things freeze up.  I’ll let you know in the report tomorrow what plans are for Wednesday.

Merry Christmas and Keep a Tight LIne!



December 21st, 2014

Last evening and today fishing reports from fishermen that stopped in on their way home was overall pretty slow for most. Best reports was overnight in 24-28 feet of water or 12-14 with Walleyes.  Actually a few “keepers” were caught.  Almost everywhere else is was slow. Perch action was spotty with mostly small ones biting today for the fishermen.

The familiar fog and haze settled in today and this evening and once again the ice is warming up, which means once again when it cools down we will have some cracks, probably later in the week. but with a couple inches of snow on it maybe it will not be as much as last week.  and the ice is “slowly” getting thicker.  Today on average in the 1st mile it was 16″ and out farther in the smooth ice an honest 14″.  We will need some cold weather.  That type of is a lot more “comfortable” when it’s about 18″.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to take advantage of this warmer weather before it snows tomorrow evening and try smoothing out some of the rough ice spots while it’s warm on the roads farther out.  And we will be heading out to other areas as soon as I know colder weather is coming for sure.

We are going to be closed Christmas Eve from 12 noon until Christmas Day morning. That is when our family will celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Keep a Tight Line!