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February 28-29th,2016

Last evening the Walleye season closed on MIlle Lacs.  Overall the Walleye bite was very good with 13-17″‘ Walleyes and Perch 8-10″.  Large Northern Pike were c/R the last 3 weeks in the shallower areas also.

Out Lybacks/TWP Tournament was a success with all 150 contestants winning really nice door prizes. And the weather couldn’t have been better. Big fish were awarded for the Walleye, Perch, and Tullibee, no one weighed a Northern.

The ice conditions and our landing held up well over the weekend and with the cold weather this week it should stay in good shape for next weekend even if it does warm some.  So far the forecast up here is for low 40’s only.  we are going to wait until the NW wind we have today drops and then will be pulling the majority of houses.

I am going to leave a couple out for Tullibee and Perch in the Tullibee Hole and a couple down in some Northern Pike/Perch spots for the weekend.  It good be a very fun weekend to be out there.  If you want one give us a call.  We will be maintaining roads out there until the as long as ice conditions allow.  Check the report as I will be updating it daily until we close for the season.

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February 27th,2016

Today is Tournament day!  150 people are getting ready to have a good day out of our place.

Yesterday fishing was fair . Mostly perch were active during the day with the nicer ones coming from deeper water.  Walleyes activity was mostly on the deeper transitions too.

Alot of fishermen moved up on the shallow reefs late afternoon and wheelhouses hit most of the humps north of Twin Islands and set-up for the overnight bite.

Ice conditions will be fine over the weekend despite the temp going into the mid 40’s up here today and colder weather is ahead. Tonight we actually will be seeing snow so the bite today should be pretty good with the weather change.

i will post results tomorrow.

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February 25-26th, 2016

The last two days the bite remained fair with the under slot Walleyes and Perch action was fair also.  Large Northern Pike were C/R in the shallower reefs and north of the islands.

The ice conditions are very good with almost everything that had got wet last weekend froze solid and if you use common sense you can almost drive anywhere out there with the exception of crossing old ice road banks.

Our Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on for Saturday. All entered must register and sign waiver at our office before they will be eligible to win prizes.

This is the last Walleye weekend here on Mille Lacs this season and we will be pulling houses starting Monday.  I will leave a couple rentals out for Perch, Tullibee. and maybe one for Northern Pike and Perch.  We will see how many calls we get.
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February 24th, 2016

Yesterday the bite remained pretty good for both Walleyes and Perch. The Tullibees were biting in the Tullibee Hole as well.

The ice conditions are very good and even with the warm day coming Saturday there will be no problems with getting around on the lake.  The cooler temps up here froze all that had melted and got wet last weekend and one day of 40 degrees will not affect it.

We had a couple cancellations from anglers for our deluxe rentals so there are some openings yet.  We will be breaking them up in 24 hr periods instead of the normal 48 hr weekend stay for those interested.  This will be the last Walleye weekend of this season so come and enjoy the bite for the last time this winter, It will be a great weekend to be out there.

Also the Lybacks/TWP Tournament will be held this Saturday. Remember you must be registered prior to the tournament.  See attached: TWP 2

We will start to pull houses Monday but i plan on leaving a couple rentals out for Perch and Tullibees and one or two in Northern Pike areas for those wanting to rent until March 7th.  After that we will maintain roads out there as long as the weather permits.

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February 23rd,2016

Not many anglers out yesterday so not much to report.  The best activity was in 14-18 feet for Perch. About 1 out of 10 were 10″ plus.  The 13″ to 17″ Walleyes were biting as usual on the deeper edges.

Ice conditions are very good with what was wet is now frozen and the roads have “smoothed out” with the freezing process.

The  Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and will be held this Saturday.  Entrants should read attached rules. TWP 2

Walleye season ends Feb 28th. We will be keeping a couple rentals out for Perch and Tullibee fishing and probably put a couple in Northern Pike areas until March 7th. After that we will be maintaining roads as long as the weather permits.

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February 22nd, 2016

Sunday as anglers left reports of catches showed it was a pretty good weekend for most.  Some didn’t do to well and some had some good catches. The shallow water overall had the biggest fish.  Heard of 3 Northern over 40″ C/R, numerous Walleyes from 24″-28″ too.  The deeper reefs and gravel seemed to have more smaller Walleyes.  Perch most everywhere were biting but the smaller 7-9″ were the most active.  The “keepers” were not as active though many with cameras were seeing them.

The water started freezing up more and by the middle-end of this week should be froze solid with the temps that are coming.  This Sunday will be the last Walleye weekend and we can keep houses out unattended overnight until March 7th.  I will keep a couple rentals out for Tullibee and Perch fishing. and a couple in Northern Pike areas as the Pike season is open on Mille Lacs until March 27th.  After the 7th we will keep the road open as long as the weather permits.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament this coming Saturday. For those signed up see attachment for rules   TWP 2

February 21st,2016

Friday night and Saturday the warm temps along with the sun in the afternoon got things pretty wet out on the ice. But for us things kept going fairly well.  The roads in the rough ice areas got a little rough as the hard pack on top melted but by evening we scraped them off and by dusk everything was starting to freeze. The roads will be in good shape when they come off today.  Some houses collected water around them from the weight of the drifts and  the worst ones we pushed the snow/slush away from them and they floated up high and dry. today I going to do the same to others before they freeze too.

The bite was fair Friday night and Saturday am. and Saturday afternoon and evening it took off in the shallower reefs.  Numerous reports of 24″-28″ Walleyes were C/R and the deeper reefs reported action too.  But I think the old “full Moon” shallow water theory was working last night.

The weather looks like it is going to be pretty nice out there this week and going thru next weekend. People should come up and enjoy the fishing this last week for the Walleyes.  Seeing what is coming this summer with the low harvest quota set by DNR and Bands at “their” Technical Committee, and the expected bite….who knows what is going to happen. The  protocols of “treaty management” has to be thrown out and a better way must be found.  The idea of disturbing the spawning grounds of Walleyes in the Spring just because you can by some treaty doesn’t mean it is good for the resource for starters…look at what it did to contribute to the Mille Lacs Walleyes the last fifteen years…nothing but problems and negativity for all….wake up and use some common sense….

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February 20th,2016

Yesterday started out with rain showers at 9am till about 2pm.  It was enough to settle the snow and get things wet out there.  We spent most of the day pushing wet snow drifts away from houses to get the weight away from them so they wouldn’t be as wet around them. A couple anglers were surprised to see the effects of the rain when they arrived. But despite the warm and rain the day went pretty well. We put the hole liners back in the rentals as the warm temps were deteriorating the banking.  The colder temps are coming and the next couple days things will heal up and we will finish out the season in good shape out there.

The bite was fair with Walleyes on the deeper transition areas. Quite a few 22″to 26″ were reported C/R along with the “unders”. The Perch were biting but most were the the 6″-9″ range. The anglers with cameras in the deeper spots were seeing keeper sized, But they were not biting.

Next Saturday the Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on.  All 150 spots are taken and we will be getting ready for it this week.  Should be a fun time. See attached for rules:  TWP 2

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February 19th, 2016

Yesterday was pretty good out there for most fishing for Walleyes, Perch activity was good, but mostly smaller ones.

We have broken up a some of our deluxe houses into 12 hr shifts for the weekend for those that might want to come up and fish for a 12 or 24 hr period.  There are some openings yet.

I think the warmer weather is not going to affect ice conditions much.  We might lose a little snow, but with freezing temps at night it will last. I will be working on the road approach as the warmer weather always pushes ice up and will be making it good for wheelhouses to get on and off.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and is going to be held Feb 27th.  People that entered need to read the attached rules.   TWP 2

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February 18th,2016

Yesterday the perch were active in a few spots, and the Walleye bite was still out on the deeper edges of the reefs.

With this weather coming I’m thinking we will see a good bite as we have the last 3 times is has warmed up before the weekend.  The roads are holding up well and we are hoping the rain forecasted isn’t doesn’t amount to much.  I’m sure the ice will be fine thru it as long as it cools off again next week.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and will be held on Feb 27th.  100% payback in cash and prizes.  see attachment for rules  TWP 2

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