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March 16th,2016

I thought I would show a picture of tonight when I got home from work.  lybacks

I want to thank all the positive e-mails from Minnesota residents that read my March 11th report/blog.  It is good to know that those that live in Minnesota and know about Mille Lacs Lake and it’s history of being a  great fishery so close to so many people in this State for so long is important.  The lake has always been an important part of my family’s life since my grand father homesteaded where I live now over 110 years ago. And along with many, many others in Minnesota that have come to for years, it is time for us that care speak up. It is time for all parties involved in the management of the great resource this lake provides for us to take care of it for everyone.  To use backward, out of date policies of harvesting fish during their spawning season just doesn’t work…anywhere, let alone here.  Just because some document says you can, doesn’t and shouldn’t mean a thing when it destroys the resource for all like it has….and the last last 15 years of “treaty management” has proven to all to everyone that this is not the path to follow.  Wake up Minnesotan’s….It’s time to change this!

Thanks for your support!

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March 14th,2016

The ice deteriorated to a lot over the last few days. Saturday we went out and scoured the area on last time to make sure things were picked up. The ice we checked was 16-20″ thick, but totally honeycombed from top to bottom.  The amazing part is that just 5 days earlier it was  22″-24″ and as solid as could be with no honeycomb at all.

So that it’s for us folks.  Lets hope for a good summer and a better winter next year…….

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March 11th,2016

Yesterday I went for a walk out on the ice and with the super warm temps and sunshine today it is time to close.  Our access will not be open for anglers until next winter.

This year was a weird one for sure with the El Nino affect temps. The late start and the quick finish did not help the people that make a living around this lake much. That and along with the difficult times,(to say the least) because of the condition of the Walleye fishery.

The Tribes involved in the 1837 Treaty and the miss-management and “politically correct” ignoring of what was really happening to the fishery by the State of Minnesota and it’s DNR was what really happened to this lake’s Walleyes.  Not climate change, not Zebra Mussels, over angling or clearer water.  Yes, all that does and will have an effect on it’s ability to recover, and the lake probably will not ever be what it was.  But it would not have declined at such a rate if the netting and spearing in the spring during spawning had not happened.  Destroying a resource because of an almost 200 year old treaty gave rights to a few that abused it, and ignoring the majority of the people in this State is another example of just how screwed up this country is becoming. The “political” cover up and ignorance by the State of Minnesota’s Governor and others in St. Paul is a travesty to the Minnesota’s fishing heritage.  It seems our MN Senators are more worried about the wait at the airport with TSA …  Remember that at the ballot box this fall….

Implications for the Mille Lacs Lake Fishery with Continued Enfor

Please take the time to read this attachment.  It is very well researched and accurate. Our DNR claims netting had “nothing” to do with it, but I totally disagree.  There is not one place in this country where netting has had a positive effect on a fishery…..period.  If the Walleye are to recover in Mille Lacs, ( which looks like they are and there is hope.)  All parties involved needs to make sure what happened here over the last 15 years does not happen again. Please read it, pass it along and start talking about it.  Public pressure and telling our government how important it is to all of us will be the only way to stop it.

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March 10th, 2016

This morning the ice is getting darker.  The water is gone off the top and the next couple days will take a toll on it with the warm temps.

No one has been out here and the only fishing  activity I’ve been seeing is in the bays. If you want to give it one last try on the ice this year this might be the last weekend to do it.  Call ahead to wherever you would plan to go and find out what is going on before you make the trip.

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March 9th,2016

The water on the ice went down yesterday which means it is going to deteriorate fast when we get the warm sunny days.  If the current temperatures stick around this month the ice won’t last long.  But it all could change with the cold if it returns.

Our access is closed and more than likely will remain that way until next season.  I am going to go out this weekend and make one last pass around the areas we went to to make sure nothing was left out there as far as blocks, etc.  This year when houses came off we were able to retrieve almost all of it at that time, but just want to make sure.

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March 8th,2016

Yesterday was our last day for allowing driving out of our access.  It will remain closed unless the weather changes and turns cold again, but that is looking like it is not going to happen.

If you still want to come up and ATV out you will need to call ahead the day before you come to see how it is looking.  We have limited space to park right now as the frost is going out so a heads up call would be appreciated.

El Nino kicked butt this year……….

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March 6th-7th, 2016

Yesterday with the warm south wind hat snow we had melted and there was water pretty much everywhere 1-2″ deep by the end of the day. And it is still there this morning.

Fishing was pretty tough out in the deeper spots, but in the shallow Perch spots the bite was good.  There were small one mostly but you could pick thru them to get the 10″ ones.

We will be pulling the last two rentals off today and removing all the road stakes.  After today it is supposed to rain and that just might end it for driving.  I do not expect much for anglers from here on out with the weather changing as it is.

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March 5th,2016

Today we had about 30 vehicles go out with portables and wheelhouses for Perch and Tullibee, and some for Northern Pike.  What reports I heard this evening from those that stopped was that the Perch were a tough bite except in shallow. But most there were too small, not many over 10″.  The anglers that targeted Tullibee in the deepest parts of the the Tullibee Hole got their 10.  The Pike anglers are in wheelhouses overnite so I haven’t heard from them.

The ice and roads are still in excellent shape.  it didn’t even melt the 2″ of snow we got yesterday.  Tomorrow and Monday even it it warms up, will be just fine out there.  We still have 22-24″ of good solid ice with no honeycombing at all.

This coming week with the warmer temps forecasted things will start changing out there and more than likely the fishing will pick up.  it always does when the end is near…..

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March 4th, 2016

Today we received about 2 inches of snow and most of it stayed.  The smooth ice out there is really slippery, so if you are coming up this weekend bring ice cleats.

The bite has been off an on all week for the Perch and Tullibee.  There has just not been enough anglers out there to look around for them.  Everyone seems to go to the same spot and wait, and that isn’t what to do this time of year if they’re not going.  You need to move….

The ice conditions are very good for us here with 22-24 inches of ice. The roads are in good shape and well marked with stakes and the approach is good also.  I suspect this weekend might be the last “driving weekend” with wheelhouses with the warmer weather predicted this coming week. But we’ll go day by day.  Watch the fishing report as I will update it daily until we close this season.

Please take the time to read something for me.  I’ve attached a document that should interest all those that are concerned about Mille Lacs and it’s fishery.  It openly shows what has happened here over the years, with good research behind it. It shows how “political” it has become and how everyone government in St. Paul, (our Capitol) are finding every excuse to say it is not.. People that have read this and sent it to their representative’s  have had replies like “Our MN DNR said it had no effect on the Walleyes decline”.  I agree there is more to it than what you will read in the attachment, but I know what accelerated the decline and it has to stop if this lake is to ever recover.

Implications for the Mille Lacs Lake Fishery with Continued Enfor

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March 3rd, 2016

This morning there are only three rentals out and ready for customers. Two in the Tullibee/ Perch area and one int the “Bowl”.

We will be keeping the road open thru the weekend.  The ice is 22-24 inches and everything is frozen.  There is little or no snow cover and the only areas that must be avoided are the tops of very shallow reefs or road banks. With the warmer temps coming, it will be a day by day so check the fishing report and you will know what we are doing.

Please read this attachment. I think everyone should read about what really happened up here and what can be done if the State would take initiative.  it is very well researched and discloses information that the Bands even violated their own conservation code.  And only it’s citizens will be able to get our State’s representatives to do something about it. print it out and give to others.  Currently our MNDNR says the netting had nothing to do about the decline, but in my opinion they didn’t have any idea how many fry did not hatch because of the harvest that were natures way to provide food for others.

Implications for the Mille Lacs Lake Fishery with Continued Enfor

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