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November 29th, 2016

With the recent warm we lost pretty much all of the snow we received a week ago.  Over Thanksgiving weekend some private owners came up and worked on their houses.  With the weather the way it is right now I would advise the rest of you get up and check your house over and make improvements needed now instead of waiting any longer.

Today marks a milestone so to speak to me.  The guy that started all of this with his wife Phyllis.  Clark Lyback (my Dad) would have been 100 years old today if he was still alive.  He passed away in 1984 unexpectedly at the age of 68, and that is when my life changed forever.  There isn’t a day when I’m out there on the ice that I don’t think of him.  Sometimes the thoughts are happy and other times they bring sadness. You would think that after 32 years the hurt of loss would go away but I guess it doesn’t.   You just learn to live with it.  I’ve attached a picture of him when he got his first V-plow on his Jeep for the ice roads…if he only knew what he started almost 70 years ago…    🙂


Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

November 20th, 2016

Our first winter storm blew thru over the last couple days and left us with 4-8 inches of snow. All the trees near the lake were snow and ice covered and a lot of branches blew down in the 40 mph winds.  The water temps had to really take a tumble the last couple days.

The next two to three weeks we will be working on  finishing up the loose ends and getting ready for first ice. Hopefully mother nature will get us out there in a reasonable amount of time. This will be my 40th something year out there and even though things are getting a little harder and slower to do I still am getting excited about it.  And as long as I feel that way you will see me out there….

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy


November 17th, 2016

Well we are finally going to see a change of seasons. This fall up to this point has reminded me of a few years over the last forty some that it stayed warmer late then all of a sudden it happened.  Who knows these days with all the changes that the world is going thru..

Anyways, a presidential election is finally over and the country can hopefully see some changes in the way things happen in our government.  Don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad, but glad at least something else will be tried. After seeing what this country had evolved into over the last 30 plus years, (and it’s government and policies) I am glad it finally happened…

We are getting the rentals just about wrapped up and are working on servicing the trucks to get them ready for the season. I’m hoping we will have a little earlier start like 2013. But if we can get everyone out there by Christmas and actually have a Christmas week like we used to it would be a blessing.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy

November 4th,2016

Yesterday it was announced that there will be a Walleye harvest on Mille Lacs Lake for angler’s this winter. The harvest will be one Walleye per angler between 19″-21″ long, or one over 28″

It is a start to the signs of the recovery of the lake.  The 2013 year class will be mature spawning age by this coming fall and the fall assessments this year show the 2015 and especially 2016 year classes very strong.  Proof that if you give this lake a chance to recover it will despite claims of invasive species, clearer water and global warming.  Now the next big goal will be how to insure a balanced harvest by both the MN Anglers and Bands can be accomplished…

With the Smallmouth Bass in Mille Lacs Lake in the national spotlight has put all of us up here in a “golden” opportunity so to speak of getting back on feet economically along with the improving Walleye population.  It is so important now to make sure this lake’s fisheries can be taken care of so once again Mille Lacs Lake will be the “goto” place for many fishermen for years to come.

Keep a Tight Line!          Eddy

November 1st, 2016

It is getting closer to winter even though the weather is showing it yet. Maybe another symptom of global warming. And very well could be, but I’m hoping we still have our “seasons” up here.

One of the reasons I’m posting tonite is today was a clear, no wind day on Mille Lacs and about dusk a breeze started from the northwest at dusk.  When I went out to check the wood boiler I could smell “tullibee” in the air off the lake. (this is the time when they spawn when water temps drop to the mid 40’s).  it was one of the rare things we get to experience when you live on this lake. When they come into the reefs to spawn, you can actually smell them. (And this is not the “crab farts” that Captain Phil Harris of the “Cornelia Marie” on “Deadliest Catch” joked about either….  🙂  )

It made me think about how this lake despite all the changes, ( with “political treaty management”  and the State of Minnesota’s DNR’s Fisheries division has been forced to go thru because of it.) , that if left alone for awhile it will take care of itself.

The writing on the wall so to speak, is that with no significant harvest in the spring during the Walleye spawning by the tribes, (whether by natures late ice conditions in 2013, or the minimal spring harvest because of the low harvest quotas we have endured the  last two years, both on the bands and angler’s side), Mille lacs lake is recovering. This late summer’s assessments have shown that this years,(2016 Walleye)  is almost as good as as the 2013 year class is as far as survival so far.  I applaud our DNR Fisheries division for it.  Despite how hard it has been for most of us up here.

The best part of all of this the will be now real record of how not messing with the fish when they are spawning is good for Mille Lacs Lake biologically. Despite all the talk, (and much of it true, that Mille Lacs is changing  because of invasive species, global warming, sewers around the lake being more affective), if the fish are left alone to reproduce,along with proper management, they will recover.

It is something alot of us that have lived here long thought.   Something to ponder on…  In 2011, there was 3250  gill nets set in Mille Lacs lake set on Walleye spawning grounds…and anglers regulations were set by our DNR to keep the numbers in the creel for them.  It created a big eating machine that decimated the baitfish to the point the Walleyes were “cannibalizing”  themselves.. Since the restrictions of harvest it has been minimal.  Compare it to the  the recovery of our surviving  year classes we have now.  Yes, anglers have taken a hit too with the restricted harvest.  But the biological facts will prove as this lake recovers and if managed the right way that netting during the spawning time was the major causes of Mille Lacs Lake Walleye decline….And a proper, balanced harvest of Mille Lacs Walleyes on both sides is warranted, (and should be demanded by all of us), in the future.,..   No More Nets during spawning….period!  That is something I have been fighting for 40 years since the beginnings of the Mille Lacs Lake Advisory Assn.  Maybe I can live long enough to see it end.  it is what we ALL should be about…  Wake up..

Keep a Tight Line!