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December 30th,2016

This morning when I checked the roads I found two areas where cracks had opened up, so as fast as we said in last night’s report that we would be allowing portable traffic up to 1/2 ton pickups, we turned around and recommended ATV travel only. With the warmer weather the next couple days it will be that way until it gets cold.  The only vehicle traffic out of here will be us guiding rental customers to their houses.

The bite has been in the early morning and evenings in the rocks. and the ATV fishermen going deeper during the day have had some good catches.  Perch action has been off and on depending on the weather.  Yesterday with the strong west winds it was a tough bite till evening.

Our plans are to resume pulling after this warm New Year’s weekend.  Ice depths are so close to going out, but with this warm weather, I’m just not comfortable with it yet. Privates are welcome to come up and stay in their houses and portable this weekend.  We’ll go from there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

December 29th, 2016

After checking ice this morning, most of what we found was 13″ with a few areas that were flooded and froze as thick as 15″.  Starting Friday a.m. after we check the roads we will let up to 1/2 ton rated vehicles out to the rentals and few privates we do have out. All wheelhouses will have to be pulled with ATV’s, not pickups. For those that want to move around I would still recommend an ATV.  Alot of areas have not been checked yet for vehicles, but with an ATV there should not be a problem going almost anywhere.

There is chance of a maybe significant snowstorm on Monday.  I’ve heard reports of as little as 2-3 inches to as much 5-8 inches and winds behind it.  For that reason we are going to hold out on pulling any more houses until we know more. Which leads to this…  most of our private customers know and trust what I do out there and my reasons why.  I will not have any of them tell me when their house is going.  I decide because of the weight what goes and when it goes. I’ve done this for most of my life and probably know more about this anyone, and if I decide your house is not going out yet. There is a reason.  And if they see my rentals out there.. my 10′ by 20′ rentals weigh less than most of their 8′ by 16’s because I built them that way for a reason..

The few that were out today that I talked to this afternoon said the bite was pretty slow. But a couple had some good Perch and those staying until after dark were moving up on the rocks when I got off the lake.

Keep a Tight Line!


December 28th – 29th, 2016

Today the bite was off for most during the day in the shallower water from what I heard. The shallow water bite was slower, deeper water did better. One group of 5 people caught  30 Walleyes ranging from 15″ to 25″ and 2 – 27″ Northern.  The Perch bite was slow.

I pulled a few more houses with the Land Cruiser, but still are not letting vehicles drive out yet. We will be checking ice depth again today and I will decide for the weekend driving, (or Not) tonight and update the report so fishermen can plan that are coming our way.  This warmer weather isn’t helping the cause. Single axle wheelhouse up to 16 feet pulled by ATV’s can go now, otherwise it’s ATV/portables today until we get ice measured.

Privates – I will get as many of the lighter houses out as I can that are on the pull list and Cindy will call you when it gets out, but don’t plan on it until you hear. I know it’s New years weekend, but I can only pull so many.  We have a lot of rentals to get out that are rented for the weekend and that takes time also.


December 27th, 2016 evening

Today I pulled out 4 houses with the Jeep on 11″ of ice.  The melting and rain  on Christmas Day actually took a little of the thickness of it and the wind Sunday sort of leveled things out and almo0st every hole we drill in the areas we go to was about 11″ to 11-1/2″.  The good part is that what cold we are going to get will get to the ice easier.  The bad part is that there is little or no snow for banking houses, so hole liner are a must.

Starting tomorrow we will let ATV’s and small single axle wheel houses out of our access. ( no larger than 8′ by 16′).  And make sure you have chains because the ATV will have to be able to pull it up the ramp as I will not let trucks down in front,

The bite is pretty good for those that get out there for Perch and Walleyes, You just have to get in the right spot. a couple I sent out this morning found Walleyes in 24-27 feet, but not much for Perch, then Moved in to 17-18′ in the afternoon and caught and released numerous Walleye from 22″to 27″, plus got some nice Perch.  All in all pretty good.

I will keep pulling houses with the Land Cruiser.  Smaller ones first.  The heavy private houses, (and those people know theirs….) probably will not make it out for New Years Weekend.  The ones that do will need to have an ATV or Snowmobile, or a mini van/SUV type vehicle, or a small car.  As of now…. No 1/2 trucks.  We will wait until I see 13-15 inches of ice before that happens.

Keep a tight Line!     Eddy


December 27th,2016

Today we are going to start pulling the some of the smaller rentals and check ice conditions, and later in the week some of the larger houses if the ice depth permits. Yesterday we got some snow and a lot of wind about 2:00 p.m. the wind switched NW and blew 30 plus for the remainder of the day. When I went to check the wood boiler at 8:00p.m. it was still blowing.  This morning is is considerably less.  Hope it will be a good day.

Our plans for the week are to get some of the smaller houses out and watch the ice depths.  A couple cold nights with no snow out there will help the cold get to it and freeze.  I’m thinking that by the weekend we will be letting small vehicles out, (small cars, small SUV’s, basically 1/2 rated or smaller pickups, Wheelhouses pulled by ATV’s, not by trucks.)  With the no snow cover we will make ice faster in the evenings,but also the warm sunny days can get to it causing expansion and ridges.  But for now we’ll take the as much cold as we can get.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again…    Keep a Tight Line!


December 26th,2013

This morning after yesterday rain and strong east winds, the winds haves shifted west and are blowing pretty good with light snow falling.  We ended up pretty good from what I can see by looking out there.  The rain took the major of what snow we had so portable traffic will be ATV only and EVERYONE coming up had better bring ice cleats….

When the wind dies later today or early tomorrow we are going to start pulling some of our smaller rentals and smaller private houses if they want to come for the weekend with an ATV. I am not going to let vehicle traffic out until I see more ice.  Colder temps would change that very quickly if we get some.  Small (12foot in length or smaller) single axle wheel houses and ATV’s with chains are good to go now.  Most ice depths out there where we are going so far are 10-11″ so we are getting closer. A few cold days and we will be going….

     Keep a Tight Line!         Eddy

December 23rd, 2016

Today a lot of fishermen came went out with ATV/Snowmobiles and portable fished.  Overall the bite was good for Walleyes and perch for most.  From what reports I heard most everyone had a pretty good day.   The weather was cloudy and warm so it was comfortable.

We checked ice at over 50 locations and found and average of 10-12″ where we normally start out, so we are close. But this warm weather what is coming the next couple days worries me.  Warm temps, rain, sleet and high winds from the SE and then NW Saturday evening, Sunday and Sunday night.  The rain and sleet is not the problem.  It’s the thin ice beyond the pressure ridge, (mentioned two days ago).  I’m hoping not but I think it is going to move with the wind and that will be a big setback for a lot of the lake if it does.  I really hope I’m wrong on this one….But we will not take that chance with houses or rental customers during it. We are going to sit tight and see how it looks by Tuesday morning and go from there.

The good thing from this weather is all the family is home for Christmas.  One thing thru all these years here is that Christmas has many times not been a  normal one like most consider it. You are always trying to get a jump on the ice and get ready for Christmas Week and all the fishermen.  This year will be one of the few where we can be like everyone else…and enjoy the time with family…   Merry Christmas!!


December 22nd, 2016

I have decided to wait to pull rentals out until Monday after the weekend.  The warmer weather and forecast of rain/snow on Christmas Day on what ice we have is just not comfortable enough for me.  I want fishermen to be safe and enjoy their time, not worry about thin ice…We will be calling those rented for Monday and postponing them.

The bite was a little slower yesterday, especially in the morning.  Most that stayed until evening hours had good action with the late afternoon bite. Overall this year so far is some pretty good fishing up here.

We drilled and check at least 50 spots in areas we go and measured ice on and off the roads. Once you get out past the first stretch of rough ice with slush under it is is averaging 10-11 inches so it’s close. Some colder weather without snow will get us going.  Our pressure ridge I mentioned yesterday opened up overnight and closed back shut in the afternoon, but at times it was 12-24″ wide in the morning.  That means the temps are affecting the ice quite a bit.  Some cooler l weather would help it stabilize.

We will remain ATV/Snowmobile portable fishermen thru the weekend and we will see what the weather brings.

Merry Christmas!    Eddy

December 21st,2016

Fishing was pretty good today from what reports we heard.  Some “keeper” Walleye were caught and Perch were biting, but most were small.  But the temps were nice to be portable fishing.

This warm weather has got to go.  We are not making  much for ice on the main lake except for areas where it froze rough and slushy in close to shore.  It seems that in those areas the slush under the ice is aiding in freeze and those areas are gaining a little.  Out on the main lake  the ice pushed,(small pressure ridge) in a line between just west of North Twin running NE between the Banana and Spider Reef and continued to the NE toward the eastern shore. It’s not a big ridge might not be an issue if it starts to cool off.  We’ll see.

We will be checking ice depths again tomorrow (Dec 22nd) and watching the weather for the storm coming on Christmas Day.  So far it looks like maybe mostly sleet before it turns to snow. (Which would be good).  We do not need a foot of snow out there now.  I will decide what we are going to do to get set up or not in the afternoon . (Dec 22nd) and let all rental customers with reservations know that evening.

Until then it will be Snowmobile/ATV  portable traffic only.  Lots of parking available.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy

December 20th, 2016

Today the NW wind blew about 30 mph for most of the day, but the temperatures were in the upper 20’s . Couldn’t do much on the lake as far as opening roads so I pretty much stayed off the ice until late afternoon.

Three groups of anglers went out, and I got a chance to talk to of them and they did well with  Perch and the Walleye.  One angler caught and released a 28″ which “made his day” he said.  So far I think it is going to be a good “catching” year on the ice if we can get out there.

The ice making has pretty much stopped with this warm weather, and we are right at that “go/no go” stage.  Ice depths average between 8-11″ inches depending if you on bare ice our drilling in a snow drift.  I’m going to wait one more day to decide if I’m going to put rentals out for Christmas and after.  Weatherman is predicting a significant storm on Sunday, temperatures could be warm enough where we get rain here and if not it’s possible we could get up to one foot of snow.  Either way on 8-11 inches of ice I would prefer not to have houses on it during that.  So we will wait.

It will be ATV/Snowmobile portable traffic only until we see a change in temps and ice.  We have plenty of parking available.  Private house owners are welcome to overnight in their houses if they want to come up.   Let’s hope for some more cold weather.

keep a Tight Line!        Eddy