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January 30th, 2017

It snowed today, and it is still coming down as i write this. It’s a much needed thing for the ice.  There isn’t many times I like to see it snow out there, as it means plowing and extra work, but this time I welcome it after this years lack of it.  It might help settle down the pressure ridge, it might help the fishing with the light change down there……we’ll see.

Today there was very few out there so there is not much to report about the bite.  We spent the day removing old hard banking away from rentals and planning moves for about half of them. If the wind following the clipper doesn’t  blow too much tomorrow we will begin setting things up for the coming weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy


January 29th,2016

After spending time in the office today checking fishermen out as they were leaving, all in all it was a pretty good weekend.  The numbers of Walleye caught per house were down a little, but some nice ones were caught and released and fishermen for the most were pretty happy.   A couple 40″ plus Northern were caught and released as well and numerous reports of fishermen setting hooks and breaking lines. The Perch bite was slow for most as not many “Jumbos” were caught.  Most were in the 8 to 9″ range and released.

The lack of snow cover made things pretty slick out there and fishermen that do not have ice cleats more than likely took a spill.   Some snow cover would help that out, plus improve the fishing a little I would think.

Keep a Tight LIne!     Eddy

January 28th, 2017

Friday nite the bite was very good for most fishing in 12-16 feet next to shallower reefs.  Numerous reports of Walleyes caught.   Saturday during the day the action slowed for most but there was some that did pretty good with the Perch.  One rental C/R a 40″ Northern   Fishermen portabling out deeper had mixed results.  Some did ok others not.

The NW wind picked up at daylight and blew fairly steady all day keeping most fishermen inside their houses.  The ice with no snow cover is making things pretty slippery out there and if you don’t have  ice cleats, you will fall..  We sprinkled washed crushed rock around the entrances of the  rentals and that helped alot.

Looking forward to some snow coming this week so the ice will settle down.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

January 27th,2017

The bite is in the evening hours for sure now, except for Perch action. Fishermen are looking more and more for them as the Walleye bite is slowing during the day.  Until we get some snow cover I think it will be that way.

We are letting single vehicles over the bridge, no wheelhouses and I’m not pulling permanents across also. I am going to wait until we do get some snow and the ice settles down.  We’ll see how the portable fishermen do in those areas also.  It is already getting to be that time of year where the bite slows some and it might be better just to stay close.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy


January 26th,2017

Today we established roads on the other side of the bridge where we had staked a couple days ago.  So we are out to the Tullibee Hole, Banana Reef ,Tundra area, and the Gravel bars. The wet spots where water collected last weekend in areas of drifted snow had pretty much froze, but some still had slush under them.  It just isn’t freezing as fast with the moderate temps. But it is pretty good going out there.

For now we are still going to keep trucks with wheelhouses off the bridge for tomorrow and I will look at it tomorrow morning and decide if we are going to let them go for the weekend. I will update this at noon so you know.  I’m sure that if we do at all it will be single axle houses only.  The tandems will have to stay on the inside of it.  Even though things look good now, does not mean it will stay that way.  We will also not be pulling permanents out over it yet until after the snow coming early next week.

The Walleye bite is definitely at night now, at least for us. And the shallower water is still as good as the deeper is for now. Some really good numbers are reported in 13-18 feet. in fact more Walleyes in the slot are being caught there than the deeper spots. But with all the bare ice not much is going on during the day except for some Perch.  Not many portable guys have been out in the deep transition areas we can now access, so I can’t honestly tell you what is happening with the Perch out there.  But it is the time of year where the bug hatches should start in the mud, especially with all the sunlight.  So I’m thinking someone will find them out there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

January 25th,2017

Today we got our bridge out over the pressure ridge/crack so we will be able to get to our areas we would normally be at by this time of year.  As the weather slowly gets colder we will be watching it closely to see what happens.  With no snow cover on the ice, temperature changes can greatly affect the expansion/or contraction of the ice and there will be movement out there.  There is not many times I like seeing snow come, but this would really be a time to get a few inches to insulate the ice from the changes.

For this weekend there will be no trucks with wheelhouses going over our bridge.  Individual vehicles only!  Trucks and wheelhouses, including tandems, can go out and stay on the inside of the ridge.

Another issue for those with permanent houses will be “banking” for the sides.  There is little or no snow out there so some type of hole liner will be a must.

Fishing activity is mostly in the late day/overnite hours.  With the lack of snow cover everything is pretty bright down there and I really think that is making a difference.  And this time of year the bite gets a little tougher. We’ll see how our Perch areas fair over the weekend as we will be fishing alot of the deeper transitions now we are getting out there.

Keep a Tight Line!


January 24th, 2017

Today there was a few fishermen out and the reports when they came in were mixed, but overall I would say slow.

The good news is we got across the pressure ridge and marked the roads to the gravel bars.  and tomorrow we will be putting our biggest bridge out and crossing it.  I will not let anyone across it until I see it there and all is good.  So don’t expect to show up tomorrow morning and go.  I will let you know tomorrow evening. I’ve seen alot of things out there over the years and I’m glad we are finally getting out there.  But something inside is telling me maybe this isn’t necessarily the best thing to do.  Or I’m just getting a little more cautious at my age with the changing of this business.  It used to be one thing to let a car or truck cross on a bridge, but these days with wheelhouses and trucks wanting to cross it is a large increase in weight at one time.  Figure a 3/4 ton truck at 6 to 7 thousand pounds and a wheelhouse that could weigh up to 5 thousand lbs.  That could be up to 12 thousand pounds on bridge that weighs 7 to 8 thousand pounds on 20-24″ of ice….over 20 plus feet of water…  something to think about.

What water out there has soaked into the ice a little and the rest is freezing a little at night so it looks like things will get going the right way over the next week. No promises for houses going across it yet for the weekend as I want to see what happens with the ice ridge/crack as it gets colder, but we will take it day by day for now. But we will let vehicles across it when it gets set.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy

January 23rd, 2017

Today was a pretty quiet day on the ice.  We had rentals customers out but not many others.  The bite was ok, but nothing to spectacular compared to what people were used to over the last 2-3 weeks.  Perch activity was ok but not many Jumbo’s, (12″ or over is what I call a Jumbo.)  lots of 9″ though.  give them a couple more years…  One angler took pictures of a huge muskie cruising under the ice under his hole..  pretty big fish..

The ice will start to heal up and harden this week with it slowly turning colder, but it will take a couple days.  Hopefully we won’t get much snow on it before it does.  A lot of resorts dealing with the pressure ridge are doing the smart thing and letting things freeze this week in hopes of getting back to it by the weekend.  It was a good thing this warm did not continue or there really would have been some problems.   It pays to check with the resort you go to and not listen to the hype. Everyone on this lake has different conditions to deal with.. it’s a big lake..

Keep a tight Line!!    Eddy

January 22nd, 2017

Yesterday I ran the office so I could see what the results were from the fishermen over the weekend. Not something I normally do as my place is usually on the ice in a truck and Cindy would rather not see me in the office as I always seem to screw something up….    🙂

Reports from fishermen that were there for the weekend was Friday day,Friday eve and Saturday morning most had the best action and Saturday eve was mostly quiet until Early Sunday morning.  Most everyone caught some Walleye and Perch.  The Northern were active south of Spider Island in the basin.  I seen pictures of 8  Walleyes from 28 to 30″  all were released except for three from what I heard.  And numerous reports of fishermen C/R 8 to 15 Walleye during their stay. The bigger Perch finally starting going better in the shallow basins and seen numerous catches of 10″ Perch.  Best action by far was in 12-22 feet of water and with the cloudy weather fish were active during the day also.

The warm weather took it’s toll on the snow and ice with the water on it from melting. I am glad  I decided to stay on the inside of the pressure ridge and not put the bridge out.  With the fog every evening and morning it would have been taking a chance we didn’t need to take.  By yesterday afternoon the water was starting to go down in most areas, and it really softened up the ice.  Fishermen  that went north of the Graveyard in deep water on the clear black ice told me the ice was so soft the augers cut like butter.  And that ice is normally the hardest ice  when cold.  (Not a good sign)  We should be thankful there is colder weather coming soon.  Until it does we are not letting 3/4 – 1ton trucks with tandem wheelhouses out.  I’m sure by the weekend it will be fine, but for now it’s not.  I’m hoping later in the week to get our bridge across the pressure ridge, but I’m going to wait until I see colder weather.

All in all it was a good weekend despite the weather.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

January 21st, 2017

Friday overnight and Saturday morning was the best bite for most fishermen. By mid-day the reports were of a pretty slow bite.

The melt continued and there is little or no snow out there now, so when it cools we will be starting over again hoping for some snow for banking the houses.  For the weekend we installed hole liners to all the rentals, but when the really cold weather comes it is nice to have that snow.

I am going to wait until colder weather arrives before attempting to cross the pressure ridge that is out a couple miles from us. It is just to dangerous to attempt it at this time.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy