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Saturday February 25th, 2017

Yesterday we got the last of the houses off the ice except for 3 rentals that are in close for Tournament workers.  What a relief it was to get the houses in the storage lot and with the cooler weather after the first day of mud everything firmed up and we didn’t make a mess of it like we would have if we had not waited for the cold.

The prize drawing will be held at 3:00 pm,  Last evening we packed up all the prizes and marked them.   This year there is just over $18,000.00 in prizes (valued at retail) so everyone will get at least their entry fee back and more.  Customers that have houses here and want to sty over night in them on shore are welcome to.Being that it is cold there will be no problem of parking or muddy spots, even back in the storage lot.

Depending on the weather forecast for cold we might open up again after I have had a couple day to go out and check the areas we go to for water holes and see their progress as far as freezing up, but that will not be determined until next week sometime.

February 23rd, 2017

Today we started pulling houses off the lake into the storage lot. With the rain earlier in the week the frost started going out and despite the gravel it was soft  but with the 277 Cat skidsteer with tracks all went really good.  Tonight it is going to freeze up even more and tomorrow evening the rest of the houses will be will be off the lake. Somebody above was watching out for us this weekend.  With the major snowstorm going south of us it was definitely a blessing.

If the rain hadn’t come Monday we would have still been out there for this weekend. But the water going down the holes and cracks created some very big waterholes that a person, even a vehicle could have went down in.  Last night we got about 2 inches of heavy wet snow that stuck on the ice and with tonight’s cold those holes are going to crust over and with the little snow forecasted tomorrow with the wind they will be hidden from view.  The thickness of the ice is not a problem especially now that that top 3-6″ of soft ice is refreezing. Most of it out there is 24″ or more. Just a word of caution to anyone going out venturing out on the lake if you don’t know where the the holes are…..beware…

We are going to have our Lybacks/TWP Tournament prize drawing Saturday at 3:00 pm.  Not sure if it will be back in the field along our entrance or on the ice down in front.  We will wait and see how bad the wind is blowing and decide then.  If you come up you will know where we are going to have it when you turn in….

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy

February 22nd, 2017 6:30 pm

Today we pulled all the rentals and private customers houses close to shore on better ice. Blocked them up and are going to wait for colder weather the next two to three days to get them in the storage lot. Wheelhouse customers need to come and get their houses after the weekend when things freeze up better too. We are closing….

We canceled all reservations for rentals for the weekend.  We will not be letting anyone out on ATV’s, snowmobiles, trucks,etc.  We found numerous water holes from draining water that a person could possibly fall into, so we are basically closed for the rest of the season, unless something drastically changes.

The Lybacks/TWP fishing Tournament, (The fishing part is cancelled).  The prize drawings will continue as planned at 3:00 pm Saturday for those that might come up for that.  However  you DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT to get your door prize..(Change in rules since we are not fishing). So if the weather is bad stay home.  We are going to organize the prizes Friday night like we always do.  We will compile a list of all 150 prizes.  And Saturday we will draw just like we have in the past.  All tickets, prize numbers, and names will be documented in a notebook and marked on the prize awarded. Next week we will contact ALL contestants and inform them of what they received.  We will mix up prizes, big and small just like we always have so everyone will have a chance for a big one at the end as always. You can come up later and pickup prize, or we will send it to you if you pay the shipping.

Its too bad the warm weather stayed so long.  At the beginning of the week I thought we would make it thru it, but when I started seeing waterholes like I did it was time to pull the plug.  It’s quite a financial hit to Cindy and I to lose the last weekend of the season’s income, but I won’t take the chance of someone having a problems out there either.

The office will be open to receive calls if any have questions.     Keep a Tight Line!



February 22nd, 2017

Most of the weather forecasts are showing us on the edge of the heavy snow although a couple models show 4-8 inches.  Today we are going to move and block rentals.  The weather is to turn colder and tomorrow we will be moving privates off their spots and closer to roads that are ready to pull already.  Alot depends on what will happen weather wise and I will be updating again tonight.  We will be deciding tomorrow if we are going to cancel rentals or not for the weekend.  It all depends on the weather.

Our plan is to get things ready to pull as soon as the colder weather firms things up over the weekend.  For know the Lyback/TWP Tournament is still on and we will let you know of any changes that we make with that.  Either way, fishing or not, we will have the drawings for prizes.  Keep watching the report.

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy

February 21st, 2017

We went out on the ice this morning and checked houses and ice depths.  Yesterday’s rain did some damage to the ice, but not as much as I thought it was going to.  The near freezing temps late night helped.  The ice thickness ranged from 24″ in the clear dark ice to 28″ in the cloudy ice closer to shore.  When we drilled the top 2 inches was soft and when you got about 3-4″ from the bottom and would pull up and watch, water would slowly seep in. so a small amount of honeycombing is starting. There are a few spots where waterholes formed from water draining, but none we found on the shoreside of the pressure ridge where we go that were bigger than 18″ in diameter.  We did not check the main lake side. But fishermen out there will have to beware. But with the colder weather coming for the weekend things will firm up well, especially on top.

Our biggest challenge is that we are going to have to move all the rentals to a new spot, set them up and get them ready by Friday noon.  Most of the private customers houses will need to be moved also.  Reason being that most of them slipped off the blocks as the top ice was melting and the holes don’t line up anymore.

My plan is to open the access Thursday am. ,but we might delay it a day depending on how much thing freeze up.  I will update this report at 6:00 pm Wednesday so you will know by then. I will also decide if we are going to let wheelhouses out or not by Friday morning.  The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is still going to happen on Saturday and I have scanned and attached the rules to this report so everyone is aware.   Keep a Tight Line!!




February 19th,2017 2:30 pm

Starting tonight until Thursday morning (February 23rd), we are closing our access to vehicle traffic.  This afternoon we are pulling our bridge of the pressure ridge and blocking it up until the weather turns colder.

Fishermen out there now will be coming off tomorrow.  We will not allow anyone else on the ice out of here.  This closure is not due to thin ice or anything like that.  We still have 24″ plus ice. But with the warmer weather, traffic can do more damage than just leaving it sit.  The next 48-60 hours we are going to have above freezing temps, and I do not want any more traffic on the ice to “rut” things up more than is necessary.

The weather forecast is for things to starting to cool down Wednesday evening and continue staying colder. What was to be a big snowstorm looks more likely to stay farther south with the cooler drier air coming Wednesday. (I still hope we get a few inches out there at least.)  But by the weekend it will be more winter for the last one Walleye weekend of the season, and the Lybacks/TWP Tournament on Saturday.  If the weather forecast holds we will be good to go.

Keep an eye on this report for any changes as we go.       Keep a Tight Line!!



February 18th, 2017 evening

This morning the freezing temps overnight helped “firm” things up a bit until about noon. then it got pretty sloppy out there. As I write this at 8:00pm it is still above freezing, but is supposed to drop below 32 later tonite.  Starting tomorrow its above freezing temps till Wednesday eve. We have 24-28″ of ice so a few more days shouldn’t hurt the ice much. Especially when there will be little traffic out there because it is during the week. A fairly significant storm is forecasted for Thurs thru Friday eve along with colder weather so winter is coming back.  Just in time for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament which will be held next Saturday, storm or not…so plan ahead.

The bite was slow today for most,but quite a few fishermen reported seeing Walleyes on the cameras with none showing interest. The Perch bite was good for some this morning at daybreak for a couple hours in shallow.  One rental reported 50 caught in 14 feet of water with many from 10-12″.  Not everyone seen action like that but it’s good to know they are in close. Alot of fishermen tried the  Tullibee hole and other mud areas for Perch and pretty much struck out.

This is the last call for wheelhouses and portable fishermen crossing our bridge over the pressure ridge as we are pulling it tomorrow afternoon. Those out there tonight from us know that and will be across it tomorrow before noon.  With rain and more warm weather until Wednesday, I am not going to deal with fishermen crossing it. And too many “roamers”  that don’t know what they are doing let alone who’s bridge it belong to is the other reason.  We will pull it and block it up and wait until the weather change to decide if we will be putting it back across for the last weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy


February 18th,2017

Last evening and early morning the bite was fair for most in deep and shallow.  During the day the Perch activity was good, but mostly small.  Some reports of 10 -12″ Perch caught in 14-18 feet of water, but not many in numbers.  By 4:00 pm I was already getting texts on my phone of big Walleyes being caught so the afternoon night bite is the ticket.

The snow started melting on the ice today especially in the first quarter mile from shore.  Once farther out not so much.  Right now it’s freezing a little so it will slow the process down a little tomorrow. And the weather reports says below freezing again tomorrow night.

Sunday at noon I am  pulling the bridge off the pressure ridge until after the rain Monday, so any Wheelhouses out past it from our place have until then to get across it to the shore side.  I will not deal with anyone crossing it in the weather and rain predicted.

Towards the end of next week a cool down is coming and a possible snowstorm. Some reports showing it could be a big one. It’s supposed to start Thursday eve and end Friday evening if predictions are right.  Some predictions are 12 inches plus, but it is too early to tell.  Our Lybacks/TWP Tournament is going to happen one way or another, so plan for it.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy

February 17th,2017

Last night overnight the bite continues in shallow and the bigger Perch are starting to move in also.  Today we moved 5 more rentals into shallow spots for the weekend.  And we are going to keep them there.  It will be up to the rental customers to keep things quiet and fish.

We will be allowing single axle wheelhouses and pickups, and portables out over the bridge only for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Any one going out over it will have to be back on the shoreside by Sunday afternoon as we will pulling it off the pressure ridge for Sunday night and Monday during the rain that is predicted to come.  So plan accordingly…

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

February 16th, 2017

Yesterday the anglers that were out over night had good Walleye action in shallow.  And at daylight a couple houses we had in 11-12 feet caught Perch up to 14 inches.  So it is still good fishing in close.
We moved the bridge for the upcoming warm weather and I am hoping we will be able to keep it in place over the weekend with the warm weather coming.  Our access will be just fine as well as the ice on the lake, especially if we get freezing nights.  We are installing hole liners in the rentals so we don’t have to fight the banking that will be melting with the warm weather. By midweek next week it is forecasted to cool back down and the last Walleye weekend will be really nice from what reports I’ve heard.

The Lybacks /TWP Tournament is full and on schedule for February 25th,2017.  Times and Ruiles will be posted all next week on the report so contestants know what to do that Saturday.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy