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December 14th, 2017

After checking ice farther out I found from 8-9 inches to as little as 4 inches. Stakes are up to the Graveyard Reef, Ray’s Reef (what I’ve always called it), Gull Reef, East Spider Reef where eventually our roads will be.  Popes Reef I’m still undecided on how to get to it because of alot of it is in the area of rougher ice.  But I will find a way.

Tomorrow is our first day open for the season, and for this weekend it will be ATV/Snowmobile portable fishing only.  We have plenty of parking for fishermen with portables, wheelhouses. etc.  Some are already camping out there tonite.

Our office hours will be 7:00 am to 7:00 pm this weekend. After we get going, getting houses out and letting fishermen drive they will go to 7:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday thru Saturdays and 7:00 to 5:00 pm Sundays.  Keep that  in your memory…   🙂

Keep a Tight Line!  Eddy

December 13th, 2017

Today the N/W picked up and blew 20-30 mph.  My plans for getting out farther and checking ice were put on hold. With the blowing and drifting the visibility was to the point I was not comfortable knowing what the ice looked liked ahead of me.  So I worked on getting thru the rough ice out to Gull Reef where i knew it was thick enough to run on what will be the “Graveyard Road” and accomplished that.  Tomorrow after the winds drop I will be checking ice depths and working our way out to the Graveyard Reef, Rays, and north side of Pope’s.  From what little checking of ice I did do, I’m pretty sure it will be more than enough for ATV/Snowmobile portable traffic so plan accordingly.

We will have plenty of parking available where we always do and encourage wheelhouse campers for the weekend.  Those that have been here before know where we do that. The sign along our entrance will show where to set-up. Everyone will need to “check-in” at the office by in the “Red House” by the lake before going out.  you will notice as you come up to the lake the old barn that was always there is in the stages of restoration, and hopefully if finances allow next year the lower lower part will have bathrooms and showers and the new “office” that barn was built by my Grandfather when he first homesteaded here 110 years ago, and Cindy and I are proud to “resurrect” it for hopefully long after we are gone for our family to carry on…It has a long way to go, but it is well on it’s way to be there ready for next season.

I’m getting anxious to see how the bite will be, so come up and give it a try. The weather sounds very good for portable fishing from the last report i heard… So we will be “officially” open for business on Friday.

Keep a Tight Line!

December 12th, 2017

Today I got out thru the rough ice which was about a 1/3 mile and from there it looks like it will be a little more manageable.  I checked ice  thickness a little farther and it was  approximately 7-8″.  I still have alot to check before we are going to let people go and plan to do that tomorrow.

My plans are to have roads/trails marked and ice checked in areas for ATV/snowmobile traffic for later this week and weekend.  Tomorrow I evening I will be able to confirm it after spending the day out there.

For those that have wheelhouses and want to portable and stay overnight we have lots of room out in our field along our driveway.  The weather sounds like it will be in the low 30’s so it will be good portable fishing weather.  I’m not planning on pulling any houses out until we get more ice.  So it will be ATV/Snowmobile thru the weekend at for now.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

December 11th, 2017

Overnight we got about and inch or two of snow.  It was nice to see the ground white again.  It made it alot easier to be in the mood for getting out there. My plans to get out there and check more ice depths and conditions were shut down by the wind by the time I got back from the marine shop.  By 10:30 the wind had switched NW and it was better to leave things alone than fight it.

Tomorrow I will be getting out and checking ice farther out and start to establish some the beginnings of roads out a little ways.  At least thru the roughest parts which is the first 1/3 mile or so.  After that I don’t really know how rough it is except what I can see thru the spotting scope. But by watching it I know there should at least be some consistency, but you never know about rough ice….

Either way I’m hoping to have something ready for ATV’S /snowmobiles to some of the areas we fish for the upcoming weekend.  PLEASE keep watching this report instead of calling as I will update it every evening from this day on.  It saves alot on phones calls for my wife Cindy who is more than busy with reservations and all the year end tax stuff that always keeps her more than occupied..

Watch this report.. we have a 20 acre field ready for  “wheelhouse” campers with ATV’s if I can pull this ice road thing off…  Keep a Tight Line!


December 9th, 2017

Yesterday we received just a trace of snow and this morning there are just a few flurries. The ground isn’t even white yet we have so little of it.  Which is good for making ice.

We will not be letting people out of our access over this weekend.  Plans are Monday to go out and check ice thickness and conditions and decide when and what we are going to do.  This year because of the extreme wind when it finally froze on Tuesday there are some pretty rough looking spots from what we can see from shore.  But won’t really know how good or bad it is until we get out there and look.

At three pm. I went out and checked out the ice the first hundred yards or so.  Ice thickness varied from 4 to 8 inches and was extremely rough. And by the looks of it thru the spotting scope, we have alot of work ahead of us this year.

Keep a Tight Line!



December 7th, 2017

The strong NW wind finally let up overnite.  It would be my guess that by this evening the entire open lake will be locked up, but it is far from being in a condition to start venturing out on.  The bays have decent ice, but I won’t be going out on the ice in front to check thickness until after this weekend.  By the end of the day today I will have the access ready thru the slush ice piles that were formed .

From what I can see we have a couple rough stretches of ice to get thru, but most of it doesn’t look too bad.  Some areas in close that we go to probably are going to have slush under the ice from it freezing while it was windy the last couple days, but we’ve lived thru that before also.

Last evening we had a MLFAC meeting and discussed the “charter” for the group with the DNR Commissioner. After and hour and a half of discussion, things stayed about the same, and now the Commissioner’s office has to respond to our recommendations within two weeks. Where as before many recommendations were just put on the “backburner” so to speak. We in turn to keep with “transparency” need to finalize and publicly vote on our recommendations at the meetings.  Which works for me.  We can still email and discuss proposals outside of the meetings, get general consensuses and not waste all the meeting time to pick apart everything before deciding.  A good committee does most of it’s footwork before the meeting, and we will continue to do that.  I will be the first to admit I’ve just about had it some of the “political” management of this lake at some times and have really thought about throwing in the towel.  And after almost 40 years of working to improve and protect the fishery and see it get ripped apart by two different forms of “management”  is disheartening to the say the least. But maybe some good things will start happening this next year……

Keep a Tight Line!


December 6th, 2017

With the cooler weather the last couple days the main lake is starting to freeze up. (look at the webcam), I think by Thursday-Friday it should be completely ice covered and with the forecast of another cold blast next week things should be on track for a more “normal” time for getting out there.

If the snow will hold off the next two weeks I hoping to get out there by the 15th to 20th with smaller houses and get started. But we will wait and see.  The next couple days I will be working on the access as slush ice piled up pretty good this year when it first froze.

It shouldn’t be too long now…   Keep a Tight Line!