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February 25th,2018

With the extra snow this past week the mobility of wheelhouses off the roads is starting to get tough. You can still find your way around and get off the roads, but definitely not as easy as it was for most of the winter.  Spots can be plowed, but only during daylight hours.  Average cost for that is $20.00, access fee do not include a plowed spot. Ice conditions are good for wheelhouses with no pressure ridges , bridges, etc.

The bite is more and more in shallow from what I’ve seen the last week. But they are getting more unpredictable as they are eating well. The Walleye that are being caught are very healthy. The Tullibee Hole is seeing more activity with Perch. And schools of Tullibee are showing up out there looking for food.

With this being the last weekend, all permanent house customers will have to have their houses ready to pull off the lake on Sunday when they leave.  All accounts, permanent, wheelhouse weekly and seasonal will have to be settled and paid in full also.  Wheelhouses wanting to stay thru the Northern season are welcome, we just need to know who is.  Same weekly rates will apply.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is this weekend and they are predicting some snow Thursday night and again Saturday night. So far predictions are 3-6 inches both times, and with the warmer weather it shouldn’t be too bad.  I’m still not sure where the weigh-in will be yet, (either in front on the ice or back in the parking lot), We’ll see how the weather looks and decide Saturday morning when everyone registers.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

February 20th, 2018

Starting Sunday evening and thru last evening we received anywhere from 5″-8″ of snow. Today was spent opening up the roads. As of this evening every area we go to is open.  We moved some rental into spots for the weekend, (some requested groups).  So we will spend time getting ready for the snow coming Thursday evening, prepping things for the tournament on Saturday.

Not many have been out the last 24 hours due to the weather. And the few that were out yesterday did not stay long with the weather worsening.

This weekend will be the last Walleye weekend and with the Tournament it should be a busy one.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and everyone stays safe. The Lybacks/TWP rules are attached.    Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy

February 19th,2018

Sunday as fishermen came off I got a chance to talk to quite a few to see how the weekend really went.  Once again it was about a 50/50 mix from fair to slow.  However the ratio of “keepers” increased again.  Some big Northern were caught in the shallows and some even found some nice Perch.  The “Tullibee Hole” started showing signs of activity with schools upon schools of Tullibee moving thru.  If the “bugs” start hatching down there we might have a bite for them soon.  (That would be nice with the Walleye season closing Feb 25th.)

Today the snow is coming down pretty good.  Right now there is about 3 inches on the level and more is expected, so we will be plowing this week for the weekend. The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and on for this coming Saturday.  See attached rules for those that have entered.

All permanents must be ready to pull by Monday morning the 26th.  All wheelhouses with weekly fees will have to be settled up by Sunday Feb 25th.  Those storing for the summer or plan on leaving it awhile longer for Perch, Tullibee, and Northern will have to contact the office and make arrangements by Feb 25th also.  Any permanent house in the storage lot with unpaid storage will be turned into collection and will be billed for the cost of disposal also.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

February 17th,2018

So far this weekend has seen mixed reports of the bite.  Many are sending pictures of nice C/R Walleye to my phone, but some reports are of a slower bite than last weekend,  With the warmer weather and the time of season alot of fishermen with wheelhouses choose shallow this weekend. Fishermen around the Banana Reef area is doing very well, by some of the pictures I’m getting.

Next weekend will be the last Walleye weekend for this season. Starting Monday the 26th, All permanent houses will be coming off the lake.  Wheelhouses that store here weekly will need to let the office know if they are staying longer for Perch, Tullibee, or Northern, storing for the summer with us, or pulling home.  All outstanding balances for all customers will need to be settled also. Any permanent that did not go out and is behind in payments will be turned into collections unless bill is settled by the end of the month.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament will be held February 24th. It is sold out. See attached rules:

Keep a Tight Line!          Eddy


February 15th,2018

I apologize for not updating the last couple days. Cindy and i both came down with the influenza and it’s been a rough few days.

The fishermen that have been out the last few days have been doing pretty good.  The Walleye bite continues to be  pretty good on the edges of the reefs in close.  The 16-20 foot range and the the 26-30 foot range seems to be the best. An area where we have 32-35 feet with rock bottom is also doing fairly well.

The ice roads and access is in good condition.  The warm weather did not affect any of it for us. Wheelhouses will have no problem.  Ice depths are approaching 30″ so an extension is a good idea.

Attached are the 2018 Lybacks/TWP Tournament rules for those that want to print them off. The tournament is full and prizes are purchased and here.  So all we need is some nice fishing weather and we’ll have a fun day on February 24th.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy


February 12th,2018

Over the weekend Cindy and I attended a funeral for a family member in Albert Lea.  So I was not here to talk to most like I do on Sunday.  But from what reports I heard from the office that the fishing reports were about 50/50 from ok to not so good. There were numerous pictures texted to my phone over the weekend of nice C/R Walleye and quite a few in the slot in comparison.  Our rentals had mixed reports also, but two depths of water stood out in the good reports.  18-22 feet and 31 ft plus.  We split our rentals into depths in that range and the middle twenties did not fair as well.

The weather stayed fairly steady which i think helped some and it looks like it will until Wednesday with a warm-up and some snow on Thursday. With a little over two weeks left in the Walleye season it looks like we will be headed towards a good finish.  We will be experimenting a little with shallower water this week and just might move a few before the weekend with the warmer temps coming.  We’ll see.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is full and will be held Feb 24th.  I’m hoping there it will a nice weather day.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy

February 9th,2018

After three days of  high barometer and steady this afternoon there was signs of a good bite. Some fishermen noticed hat the wildlife was moving today. For those that watch the changes it will improve over the weekend. With the Walleye population improving the “baitfish” population is improving also. The fish have a better of supply of food and the “bite” is more traditional than it was last year.  So it it not so easy to get them, but when you do they will be  nice ones.  And more are showing up in the keeper range.

The Lyback’s/TWP Tournament if full and set up for Feb 24th.  Hoping for good weather and a fun day.

Keep a tight Line!   Eddy


February 8th,2018

We are all set-up for the weekend and it starts tomorrow. With the storm system passing to our south the weather conditions will be good and hopefully we will have a stable barometer. And that usually helps with the bite.

All our roads we maintain are open and in good shape with no cracks or ridges to worry about for wheelhouse people. And the snow conditions still allow for off-road travel as long as you watch where you are going. In some areas the rougher ice trapped snow, but it is pretty obvious  and easy to avoid.

The Lybacks TWP Tournament is full as of today and those that sent checks we sill still accept as long as they arrive by Saturday in the mail.  All others called will be called and returned.  We have alot of prizes and are hoping for a good weather day on February 24th.  A rule sheet is being made and will be posted soon.  All contestants will receive when they register Saturday morning before the tournament. Make SURE you have a digital camera of smart phone to take pictures of the fish you catch to prove it was caught during tournament hours.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy

February 7th,2018

Fishing has been quiet the last couple days.  Biggest reason is that there is not many anglers out.  With just a handful fishing it is hard to judge what is going on.  The bite is very traditional with early morning and late afternoon early evening with and occasional fish during the night.

It is obvious they are eating well as the Walleye that are caught and released are very healthy. And the last two weeks there are more being caught in the slot.  Seems like alot of 19″ something Walleye have had a growing spurt and quite a few 20-201/4″ Walleye are showing up in the catch.  Nicer sized Perch are becoming a little more active in the shallower basins near rocks as baby crayfish are showing up.

We are moving many rentals into new areas for the weekend based on where I’ve seen a little more activity. Ice conditions are good, Wheelhouses can still maneuver around in the open as long as they watch where they are going.  And our roads are in good shape

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament only has about 20 or so spots left so and it is full.  I still didn’t get the info sheet done to attach to the report but will this week.

Keep a Tight Line!


February 5th,2018

Over the weekend there was some good reports and some bad ones.  From what I heard it was about a 50/50 split. Good reports came from both shallow reefs, and gravel. For some reason the deeper transitions from rock to mud didn’t do as well for most like they had been although here was some big individual Walleyes caught.  With the barometer going up and down all weekend it was a unpredictable bite.  All in all they areas we are fishing did pretty good compared to what I had heard from the creel clerk Saturday.

Friday after posting that all was good ice-wise (go figure), we had a 5-8″ crack run thru some of the ice roads and fishing areas, but by evening all were marked, packed with snow and healed for the rest of the weekend.  We received a couple inches of snow and a pretty strong NW wind Saturday eve and the temps dropped to -20 by morning.  On a some houses the holes on the windy side of the house had icing problems. (mostly from the wind eroding the banking and allowing a draft under the house), but most were ok.  Sometimes it hard to keep up with it in the middle of the night.

We have about 40 spots left for the TWP Tournament on Feb 24th and it will be filled.  I am making an information/ tournament rule sheet that will be attached to the fishing report tomorrow so all those signed up can print it off.

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy