April 11th, 2013

One month to the day before the season opener and so far we have received about 4- 6 inches of heavy snow and that is going to force us to postpone the “Block Party” until Saturday, April 20th.  Start time around 9:00am.  It’s going to take a few days again to get rid of the snow out there to get to the ice.  Next week’s weather that is  forecasted  isn’t going to be any too warm to do much damage to the ice as there is still a lot of it out there (almost 30 inches…),  so we will still be able to get things done out there.

Customers that want to attend remember ATV or snowmobile – Sled of some type – 50 feet of rope – safety gear, etc.   We will have the shop set-up with food and refreshments for afterwords.  Let us know if you want to come up and plan on staying over in your fish house if you want to Saturday night.  We have a lot of fun

No fishing to report, no one has been out since last Saturday and they did not have any luck at all for the Perch or Tullibees.  If this weather keeps up we will be walking out on ice to fish for Opening on May 11th!!

Keep a tight line!!