April 11th,2014

The last few days travel was nearly impossible out on the ice unless you would have had an airboat.  I went out two time with snowmobile and there was numerous times I almost got stuck in deep slush.  It was that way almost everywhere you went, from 4 to12 inches or more in spots.  This evening though, things are looking better.  The water is going down and it looks like alot of the slush on top has melted.

Saturday when the weather passes I’m going to head out again and see what it looks like.  Mainly so I can plan a date for our lake clean-up day  (block party) which I’m hoping will be next Saturday the 19th. I’ll let you know.

On the fishing side, this next week looks weatherwise like it could be the week to try with ATV’s  We are supposed to have freezing nights and low 40’s days so travel in most areas should be really good.  I’m sure there is plenty of ice out there yet and the way the water has went down slowly there shouldn’t be any big drain holes, but a person will still have to watch out for them.  I will let fishermen know more Saturday night when I get off the lake.

Keep a Tight Line!!