April 14th, 2015

25243_105914699446571_5028809_n  This will be my last post here for the summer,  I will start up again late this fall as winter approaches.  With the marine business going in the summer my focus is elsewhere and I’m not on the lake as I am in the winter to give accurate fishing reports. I am looking forward to a good winter season this coming year, and the lake and it’s fishery will come back again.

However, I do want say something about how I feel about all of the controversy surrounding Mille Lacs the last few years…  I think the time has come for all people in this State and Country for that matter, to abide by the same rules when it comes to natural resources.  It includes the same management philosophy, and the same harvest procedures.  I believe traditions need to be honored for preserving a tradition, but not to the point of contributing to the loss of a resource.  And I’m afraid that if the current path we are on continues there will be not much left for anyone, regardless of what nationality anyone is.

Everyone in the United States immigrated from somewhere at some time in history.  That’s why all of us are who we are.  Everyone’s nationality and their history has had traditions and beliefs that they still celebrate and remember as to pass on to future generations. Which is important and good for everyone. I respect that, and always will. Things will get better at Mille Lacs as long as everyone works towards the same goal, which is to protect and enjoy the resources it provides all of us.

But to go to extremes just because you can in this day in age isn’t good for anyone’s history……..and history will tell the story long after we are  gone…….

Keep a Tight Line!