April 17th, 2013

Sounds like we are going to get 4- 8 inches of snow again over the next 36 hours…@#$&^$#@!!!!!   It looks like the “block party” we have to clean up anything on the ice will be postponed another week until Saturday, April 27th.  I will keep you informed if by chance the weather forecast is wrong.

I commend Dennis Anderson, ( Mpls.Star-Tribune) for his excellent article on March 29th,  (look it up and read it online), and Ron Schara and Rob Dreislen , (MN Outdoor News, contributing writer and it’s editor) for their comments about Mille Lacs Lake and the condition it is in.  It is a breath of fresh air to see people like that speak up for what most of us up here has been talking about and “living” the last 10 plus years.   Please tell the angling public more!!!  There is a lot on the “line” for the future of Mille Lacs Lake and it’s fishery, fishermen, (and it’s people that live and make their living) on the “Premier Lake” of Minnesota and as Ron Schara put, ” The Viking’s Stadium of  Minnesota’s Walleyes” .  The more all of us, (which means you!) speak up the better chance for change……….Everyone……PLEASE do all you can to inform your elected officials at the State and Federal level that you want to have them change this situation that “Treaty Management” and MN DNR’s and State’s lack of standing up for it’s citizens has done to Mille Lacs and it’s resources…..   It’s about time………….and the future!!  Spread the Word!!    Please forward this to all of your friends if you care……….

Keep a Tight Line!