April 1st, 2014

Last evening we received and still are getting some snow this morning (1-3 inches) and NW   winds 30 mph plus.  Lots of drifting close to and on the lake.  With the water that was showing up on the roads and now the drifted snow across them, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to open them up again with the freezing at night they are forecasting.

We’ll wait and see what it looks like tomorrow and I’ll let you know.  it’s too bad, because once again when it warmed up over the weekend, and especially Sunday the bite started to improve.  There is lots of ice out there yet and maybe when the weather stabilizes and just stays warm we’ll have a few days to get out there yet!  Might just be with snowmobiles or ATV’s…

Keep a Tight LIne!!