April 20th, 2013

Last night we received another 8-12 inches of snow with 20-30 mph winds.  We are obviously not going to have the “block party” this weekend, and are going to shoot for Sat April 27th.  Lots of snow out there and the ice will be thick enough to get out there.  I’ll inform you later this week.

Not much to report for fishing, but some buddies are coming up tomorrow to give it a try.  but they will need to bring snowmobiles instead of wheelers I’m thinking.

Just not sure now what is going to happen for the Opener.  There is a good chance now we might have ice on the lake if not it going out that week just before.  It is does go we are going to need a lot different weather over the next couple weeks than we’ve been having for sure.  Things are so backed up at the Marine shop with no one picking up their boats that we have no room to move things around.  When it does happen we are not going to be able to keep up with getting them to the customers fast enough.  I’m hoping everyone has patience and some understanding of the situation this year.

Keep a  Tight Line!!  (and and ice auger ready just in case!!!)   Eddy