April 21st,2013

Yesterday I  went on the ice and visited a couple friends fishing a couple miles out.  There was 3-6 inches of snow on the ice and really good going.  They had tried a few places before I met up with them and there was not much going on.  They drilled a hole so we could measure the ice and it was about 34″ thick.   (pretty thick for this time of year.)   We drilled to almost the bottom and pulled it up and waited to see if water would  seep in which is a sign of  “honeycombed” ice but it stayed dry.  What had been soft a week or so ago was not now.  The weather is changing and it will probably go out before the opener, but I think its going to be a close.

It’s a shame the the Perch bite is gone.  I’m almost sure that the  situation of all the big fish in Mille Lacs has hurt them also.  Normally this time of year with this much ice the lake would have been buzzing with activity from Perch and Tullibee Fishermen but not anymore…

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy