April 24th, 2013

Not much to report out there for fishing.  Just more snow two days ago and the ice if you look at our web cam isn’t going anywhere soon.  The weather is changing though,  Predictions for 60’s  the next few days is going to help.  The question is will it help enough.  there is a lot of ice out there and nothing will happen with that until the snow is gone off the top.  Maybe in the next week we will get a lot of warm rains and it will speed the process.

Even though the late ice is becoming a topic for Opener, it will be another blow to the local resorts and businesses around the lake, and think of the businesses farther north than us in the same predicament.  Once opening weekend is gone it’s not replaced…The only bright spot for Mille Lacs is that is going to save some Walleyes this spring during spawning!!

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy