April 2nd, 2013

The last two days there has been no activity out of our place.  The colder weather has stalled the melt, but it hasn’t really froze things up out there since last Saturday’s warm weather.  We will only allow ATV’s out as there is enough of a crust of ice over water on the ice if you would make the wrong decision with a vehicle you could be really stuck. With most of my time spent now at our  Marine Shop it would be difficult to come and get you out.  There will be a lot of fishing time yet over the next week or so once it warms and the water goes down, but we will remain ATV’s only.  We have room for parking for 10 or so rigs with trailers a day so if you are interested give us a call.   The bite has got to improve the later it gets, but with the way the condition the lake is I’m not really sure what will happen this year.

Just because it a change of season don’t forget the condition Mille Lacs Lake is in and don’t let if just slide by.  Look up my March 29th blog and keep pushing.  Anglers in the State of Minnesota and the whole country for that matter could be a powerful political force for change and improvement of the resource and the recreation that we all enjoy one way or another if we all spoke with the same voice.  The problem I have always seen in my 40 some years of my involvement with fishing issues here at Mille Lacs is that anglers let things lie if it works for them and other interests take control.  Don’ you think we all start talking with the same voice?  I think it’s time………..Let’s do something this time……….

Keep a Tight Line!!      Eddy