April 30th, 2013

Last Saturday a bunch of us went out and picked up whatever was left on the lake over winter that was hidden by the snow.   The ice depth was around 29-30 inches in water over 10 feet deep.  Shallower than that is varied to as little a 12.  There was still a fair amount of snow around where houses had been and it was hard to get them all.

Last evening I went out to check things after two days of warm weather and a little rain and it was a lot easier to see and pick up ones that were missed on Saturday.  Ice depth had changed to about 25-27 inches and was definitely honeycombed, almost all the way thru.  Out in the “Tullibee Hole”  it was 28 plus.  The shallow reefs, Gull, Grassy, the reefs south of the Twin Islands were opening up on top, but that was in 3 feet of water or less.  Now with colder weather coming again and freezing nights it will probably slow the melt somewhat the next few days.  I think it is going to take some really warm days next week with rain to take it out by the Opener.

There is going to be some interesting times at Mille Lacs this spring………

Keep a Tight Line!!!         Eddy