April 5th, 2013

With the rain coming tonight I’m not expecting fishermen to show tomorrow.  If you plan on coming it’s ATV or Snowmobile only.   No one has been out most of the week so I can’t tell you if anything is going or not, so you are on your own out there.  The water has gone down now and the ice is starting to honeycomb, but there is a least 30 inches out there yet.  Old roads banks and areas where houses were would be the problem spots to watch out for and stay away from. Otherwise it would be great with an ATV.


Next Saturday April 13th we will be having our “Block Party”.  It is a annual ritual we have had for many years where we go out and pick up whatever was left out there on the ice. Blocks, cans, etc. whatever was missed when we pulled house is no exposed and easy pickings, and the timing will be just right this year.  It has made a big difference in what ends up on the shorelines at ice-out and has been appreciated by many, and is the right thing to do.  As much as things has improved over the years there is always seems to be something left out there and to get it before it ends up in the lake or on it’s shores is a positive.  Customers planning on attending  need a ATV, a good sled to pull behind to put stuff in (like an Otter Sled,etc), a 50 foot rope, and a set of ice picks (for safety purposes).  We provide food and refreshments in our maintenance shop after we get in the afternoon. Start time will be about 9:00 a.m.    It has always turned out to be a lot of fun.  Customers planning on coming, please call ahead this coming week so we can plan for food, beer, pop, etc.


Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy