April 9th,2015

Well the news is out for the Opener.  1 Walleye 19-21″ or over 28″ ,season long night ban. It pretty much insures Opening at Mille Lacs will not be much of one if you are a Walleye fisherman.  But on the positive side, they will be biting and the cold water will minimize mortality. And with the Bass season opening also there will be plenty of fish to catch for those that like to enjoy a good fight on the end of the line.

The lake is showing signs of recovery after what anglers seen out there last winter, So I know things will get better in the future, but what I think everyone needs to insure it will never happen again by voting this next year for someone that will stand up and not take lobbying monies and do something to change all of this. Before it happens to the big lakes in the entire State. It is possible to change alot of this mess, but it will have to be done on that level and by negotiation.  It all boils down to money and that is what will change this. Whether it’s payoffs, or threats of competition for the gambling dollars by the State. that is going to change it.  Fishermen have a year and a half to get organized and I suggest get going now!!

Keep a Tight Line!