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March 5th,2015

Yesterday I opened things up out there and one group went out, spent the night in a portable in the Tullibee Hole.   They did not stop in and report this am.  As cold as it was out there to stay all night I would think that they were having some action.

The next couple days as it warms up fishermen will come up.  Already we are having quite a few calls wondering what will be open.  I’ll have roads to lots of different areas for Pike and Perch, some shallow, some deep and to the “Tullibee Hole” for sure.

There is a pressure ridge that formed where the crack we were dealing with most of the winter and we have ramps across it on the Tullibee Road, but I pulled the others on the other roads we have.

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March 4th, 2015

This morning I re-opened the road to the “Tullibee Hole” and SE of there. We received about 4-6 inches of snow and got some NW wind, but not the heavy gusts that were predicted.

I’m looking forward to a warm-up coming prior to this weekend. And it will be fun to go out there and do some fishing myself.  I didn’t get much time too this winter and I have always liked sitting out on a bucket or snowmobile and fishing in March and April.  I’m predicting that we will have a pretty good finish out there this year with what I’ve seen so far.  Last weekend I had one rental catch 22 Tullibee on Saturday. They had to work for them, and change colors, etc, but that is still good.  Fishermen with camera’s seen a lot of good sized Perch, but with the barometer so high it was a tough bite and those caught were full of mayfly larvae.

Anyways….come up and give it a try.  l will have roads to areas for Northern and Perch fishing and out to the “Tullibee Hole” areas for Perch and Tullibee.

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March 3rd,2015

Yesterday we finished getting the houses off the ice, picking up road signs and cones and all the ramps except the on  “Tullibee Road”. Houses are lined up in the storage area and ready for blocking.  All that is left out there that we pick up later in the spring when the  melting process starts is road stakes, some blocks that were froze in deep and the patrol of our areas for and garbage the was hidden in the snow.

This morning I woke up to snow falling and it looks like we are going to get about 6″ inches then some strong NW winds.  After I will be re-opening the roads to some areas, but probably not all of them.  We will see how many fishermen come  and where they want to go I guess.

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March 1st, 2015

This afternoon I pulled some of the few houses left to shore that were ready and tomorrow afternoon the lake will be void of them. Before the snow coming Tuesday we are going to check the areas where we fishing and make sure things that can be picked up are before the late winter clean-up that we have done for almost 40 years.

Fishing was definitely better in the deeper spots today for Perch an Tullibee.  The houses I spotted in closer for Northern and Perch did not fair well this weekend and I’m thinking the high barometer might have had a part in it, but not sure.With the Northern pike season open until March 31st, I’m wondering if the warmer temps of spring coming will bring with those that are going to try to catch them.  This will be a new “experiment” as I have never seen this done on Mille Lacs in my lifetime. And to be very honest I’m not sure the whole idea of this was the right thing to do, but we’ll see what the outcome is…..

I want to thank all of you that came to Mille Lacs this year and gave all of us that provide the services and roads so you could come and enjoy a weekend on the ice. Yes, the lake is seeing alot of changes due to what is happening up here. Overall everyone that came seen the improvement, and despite all of the negativity that surrounds us up here, they seen a hope for a future.  The last two years with late ice with little or no disturbance of the spawning grounds in the spring has provided two good year classes that have survived and it showed in the angler’s comments of what they caught and what our DNR has seen.  And who knows, with the ice as thick as it is this year, maybe “Mother Nature” will take control of things again this spring and cover the lake  with alot of snow and give us another late ice-out. It could give us another surviving year class of Walleye like we have seen the last two years..maybe three years in a row will prove that leaving them alone during spawning will’s time for all us to not to depend on nature to correct the problems that were created by “treaty management” and change all of this……..

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February 28th,2015

Yesterday the action was out in the mud from what I heard last evening.  We had one rental end up with 22 Tullibee and some nice Perch and some portable fishermen did well also.

Some anglers went in shallow for Perch and Northern, but they did not see much activity.  But with the barometer as high as it was it was surprising fishermen did as well as they did.

Today as rentals are leaving I will be pulling them close to shore out in front. Monday the rest of the houses out there will be off just in time before the snow forecasted on Tues.

This time of year is always sort of hard for me after a long season like this was.  You get used to the commotion and all the fishermen everyday and then when the houses are in the storage lot except for portables fishermen, it’s over for another year.

There was a time years ago when it felt good that it had been a good season and had a positive attitude for the coming year.  The last ten years or so seeing the springtime spawning season and actually seeing how the resource was abused…, Living in an area where everyone really see’s what is happening every spring. Seeing it covered up with excuses from our State government and it’s agencies instead of standing up and protecting the resources for the citizens that they represent. Seeing the local economy struggling because of “treaty management” and it’s unjustness is not a battle the people that live up here should have to face any longer. The depression it brings to this area and it’s people that live here is undeserved on top of abusing the resource. It affects relationships in the lake community and even personal relationships of some because of the stress involved with the injustices of it all.  Most of us do our best to be positive despite all of it, but this all has to stop. When the State has approximately three million license paying anglers you would think they would do everything to protect and preserve their rights also, instead of it’s Governor and legislators taking lobbying money and ignoring us. Maybe a little help from everyone that really cares about the Mille Lacs Lake and all the lakes farther north of here that will probably be affected soon by “another treaty” should speak up besides just a few……..

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February 27th,2015

The cold spell has finally broken and barometer is dropping.  The last couple days the best reports were Perch and most were small except for the
“Tullibee Hole” had some nice ones caught out there.  They are there but the trick is to get them to bite.   Smaller Tullibees are showing up also in the catch and that is a sign of late winter activity.

Last evening the DNR held their Mille Lacs Input Group Meeting. What is coming for regs are uncertain yet for Walleyes, but the outlook is not looking too good.  Once again Mille Lacs and it’s fishery decline will be in the news and more negativity will surround all of us here trying to make a living on the lake.  Once again our State government and DNR has buckled to “treaty management” and pretty much totally ignored what was the root of the problem in the first place.  And in “my” opinion..was the harvest of Walleyes on,…,and the disturbance of spawning grounds for the last 15 years.  The MN DNR biologists have sidestepped that reason and found every other excuse to explain the decline.  Including the “blue ribbon panel” that was hired by the State.  Yes, I agree that water clarity, invasive species, cannibalism, and other factors have a part of it.  But when you find out that you might get “fired” if you speak up against “treaty management” by your superiors in State government sets off an alarm to me.  And that is really sad because Minnesota has some of the best fisheries biologists in the United States in our backyard.

What it boils down to in my opinion is our “billionaire” Governor Dayton and the AG’s office are getting untaxed casino lobbying monies along with the rest of the legislators. They don’t care about Minnesota’s resources or it’s anglers’ that pay the license fees year after year….It’s all about “their” money I guess.  And what is really sad is that so many of you fishermen just let it ride. Until people that care stand up and do something about it besides us up here that are living it…. that is what you will get…..Maybe think about that next time you decide to cast your vote or get the guts to voice your opinion … Instead like some of who I’ve known abandoning Mille Lacs to go somewhere else to fish just because they could..

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February 26th,2015

Today we finished moving houses around for the weekend rentals and getting them ready for the weekend.  I left a couple extra out in case someone would like to rent for the weekend yet. I have some in Perch and Pike waters and some in Perch and Tullibee spots.  It will be our last weekend with houses on the lake. But we will have roads out for a long time yet with the amount of ice we have.  I would think we will will see some wheelhouse traffic as the month goes on.  Remember you can stay out overnight in a house after March 2nd. as long as it is occupied.  And sometime nighttime action for Tullibee can be alot of fun.

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February 25th, 2015

Sunday/Monday I was out of town at a funeral for a family member so no report.

We started pulling permanent and lining them up on the roads close to shore. Starting this afternoon we will be bring them up and placing them in the summer storage lot. We are also placing rentals for the last weekend on they can be left on the ice.  Some are going down by the islands for Northern and Perch and some will be going out to the east side of the Tullibee Hole for Perch and Tullibee.  We still have some openings for the weekend so give us a call.

The “big” news is  the Mille Lacs 2015 safe harvest levels for Walleye were set which supposedly are less than last year.  I’m going to attend the Input Group meeting Thursday evening and find out more.  It just amazes me that with harvest levels down to less than 1/10th of what MIlle Lacs used to produce and maintain..That the State doesn’t call and argue the conservation issue that they can according to the courts decision. They could argue that disturbance of spawning grounds hinders the productivity of the Walleyes, (much like they will not allow anglers to fish for Walleyes during the spawning season).  I would think every egg that could hatch whether it survives or not would be a plus in helping the recovery of the Mille Lac’s  Walleye population. ( Especially with all the things that even the DNR can control like invasive species, climate change, water clarity)  Too much politics…too much untaxed tribal money paid out to our legislator’s… too many statistics on Mille Lacs that are not accurate…, in my opinion are the main problems that we can change.  And what is missing most that we need is common sense….

I’ll let you know more Thursday evening what I hear……

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February 21st, 22nd, 2015

Friday evening the temps rose and the bite improved and was ok until the wind started on Saturday and as the barometer rose it slowed down for most.  There were alot of fishermen seeing Walleyes around the Banana.  Gull Reef and Popes also.  So they were in shallow and deeper spots. Saturday night and into Sunday so far most reports as fishermen were leaving were of a slow bite.  A few individual large Walleyes were caught and released overnight.

The Lyback’s/TWP Tournament went well Saturday with about 145 of the 150 showing up for it. Having the weigh-in back in the field was a good move as there was no wind and alot warmer than on the ice.  Fishermen weighed in all four categories: Perch,Walleye, Tullibee, Northern.  Largest Pike was 20.12 lbs, Perch was 1.09lb  Walleye was 2.30lbs, and largest Tullibee was 2.30lbs.   We handed out door prizes to everyone attending.

Fishermen are leaving today and most are getting their houses ready to pull off for the season, although a few are staying one more weekend for Perch, Tullibee and Northern Pike ( Northen Pike has an extended season to the end of March this year.)  I will be leaving some rentals out for that and will be moving them to specific areas for them this week.  Come up and give it a try.  With the weather warming later this week and next weekend looking pretty nice it will be worth the trip!

After March 2nd, unoccupied houses must be removed off the ice overnight, so we will pull the rest of the permanents in just before then. Wheel house owners remember if you are in the house you can stay out overnight.  We will be keeping roads out for wheel houses and portable fishermen well thru March weather permitting.  Check with the report on how it is going.

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February 20th, 2015

Today the bite picked up in shallow as the weather warmed and barometer dropped. Maybe the moving of rentals is going to work.  Tonight we will find out for sure.

All private customers are plowed out and expected to show up and get their houses ready to pull unless they call by Saturday and make arrangements to stay out one more week. If not we are going to get them ready to pull and get them off the lake and they willed be billed for it.  So either show up or call….your choice.

The last preparations for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament were finished today and we are looking for a good day for it tomorrow.  The wind is going to switch to the NW sometime in the am.   So we are going to have the weigh-in back along the driveway (entrance) to the resort in the field like we have had some of the earlier years. No sense in making contestants stand in the cold and wind to wait for their number to be called.  We are going to have a huge bonfire and plenty of parking for the contestants so it should be a good time.

Tonight we finished bagging the prizes and numbering them and everyone will receive a door prize equal to their entry fee based on retail prices.  Many of the prizes are well over that (From $129.95 to $750.00) so it will be a good finish for the season and also show our appreciation to our customers and those fishing the tournament.

Keep a Tight LIne!!        Eddy