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January 20th, 2017

Friday was a damp, wet, sometimes foggy day with a little drizzle.  Not the things you normally want to see on the ice.  Our ice conditions are good with 20-24 inches of ice and we are not crossing the ridge that is 2 miles out.  We have alot of fishing spots and there is no need to attempt the crossing with warm weather like this.

The daytime bite improved a little with the overcast and the night bite is staying consistent.  Perch activity is slow, but in the shallow water the ones they get are nice.  Anglers are still getting a Walleye in the slot once and awhile along with Walleye of all different sizes. The Northern Pike are doing well inside of the Islands.  A 39″ was C/R yesterday.

Wheelhouses that are thinking of coming out of here need to be here and on the ice before dark.  With the the foggy conditions on the ice I will not let them go out when they can’t see the ice they are traveling on.

Keep a Tight Line!       Eddy

January 19th, 2017

Today with the warmer weather things started melting a little out there. the weather forecast was for clouds, which would have helped a little, but it stayed sunny all day. At dusk the red sunset was just awesome.

Those that went out for the day did a lot of hole hopping and fishing outside and most didn’t have much to report.  Those that stayed overnight last night did well in both shallow and deep water. It seems to be more of a night bite for Walleyes in all depths where we are going at least.

The pressure ridge 2 miles out pushed again this morning and changed some of my plans.  But all areas we are at with houses and rentals is good with no problems and there is plenty of good places to fish without crossing it.  Average ice depth is 20-22 inches.  So it will still be a good weekend to get out there and enjoy it.

Sounds like the weather is to remain warm until mid week, and I’m going to wait to see the weather turn colder before we get across the ridge. It’s just the safe thing to do, and besides have a good night bite going where we are, as well as some pretty good Perch fishing in the shallows during the day. Just a reminder to all the wheelhouse fishermen.  If you are planning on coming  out of here, get here and out on the lake before dark tomorrow.  I do not want “wanderers” that haven’t been here before and can’t see where they are going after dark.

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January 18th, 2017

Today the fishermen reported that the bite was good overnight but by mid morning most of it was over.  Some of the fishermen that went out to some of the deeper spots caught a few and the ones they caught were way over the slot, but they had fun.  Surprisingly the Perch caught were in the shallower water, few but nice sized. The Perch seen on cameras in the deep were   nice sized ones, but would not bite.  For us the best fishing is the night bite by far.

The warm sunny day really made the pressure ridge push today as it did all around the lake from what reports I heard this evening. My friend Bob Carlson on the north end said it moved 10 feet up there. Down here I think it pushed about 6 feet.  That is alot of expansion of ice over 20 miles… We found a very good spot to cross with our bridge, but I am very hesitant to  put it out until I see a change in the weather that is forecasted.  So far it is predicted that we are going to have about 4- 6 days of warm weather with chances of rain/sleet/maybe snow before it changes.  To all rental customers and permanent customers… there is no problem to getting to and from your houses as we are on the inside of the ridge I an talking about, and all is good there.

As much as I would like to get across it and out there,  With the weather staying warm and maybe rain,etc it is not worth taking the chance. We are crossing this ridge in 30 feet of water when we do,  I will not take the chance of putting alot of traffic over it until I see freezing temps in the forecast which will be middle of next week..

If this was 20 years ago and there wasn’t so many fishermen, trucks and wheelhouses I would have been across it a week ago and life would be good.  But these days, once you go everyone wants to…  But I am going to do it as safely as I can so you will have to wait.  It is what it is….

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January 17th,2017

Today I moved 15 rentals to new spots, some to just get out of the snowdrifts and some to different areas.  With the warmer weather and possibility of a little rain I just didn’t want houses with the added weight of snowdrifts around them.  Water around houses takes all the fun out of it sometimes.

The bite was slower for the Walleyes today for most, but some pretty good overnight catches were report and a few found some decent Perch.  There was not many out there either so that always changes the reports I hear.

If everything works out, tomorrow afternoon our bridge will be going across the pressure ridge. The last two days it has really been pushing and I will have to look for a good spot for it.  I’m not promising anything until i see it across it myself. I will let you know how it turned out tomorrow evening.

I think I might have found a fishing rod/reel combo that a person posted lost this past weekend on Facebook that was out of here.  It was and old one and i could tell who ever it was they had had it for a long time.  If he reads this or my comment on Facebook…..I have it..

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

January 16th, 2017

Monday’s fishermen said when leaving that overall it was a slow day for the bite.  Fish were on the cameras, but did not want to cooperate. The best reports were from the light change period when the sun was going down.  And most of it in shallow water, 12-18 feet.

With the warmer temps the ice is expanding and the pressure ridge piled pretty good yesterday.  With temps like we are having it will finally get to a point where it will stop and then I will find a place to cross.

It is nice to see fishermen enjoying their time out there.  Most all when they see their caches and the sizes of the Walleyes, they are hopeful for a better future on Mille Lacs.  Everyone knows what the cause of decline was and the evidence of it is building every day.

Keep a Tight Line!       Eddy

January 15th, 2017

Today as fishermen left I heard how the weekend went for most and all in all it was a pretty good one. There was a 18 to 24 hour period on Saturday where it was pretty slow for most, but Saturday night and early Sunday morning the bite was good for some.  Walleye activity was good in the shallows at night with a lot of really nice picture Walleyes caught and released. And the deeper 25ft plus water some had fairly good action although some did not.  Perch were the best in the 14′-20′ basin areas, but with the barometer so high most of the Perch action was small.  Fishermen with camera’s were seeing the Jumbos, but could not get them to bite.

As always some did not have many luck and one wheelhouse in particular was a good example of a poor fisherman. He showed up late Saturday afternoon and left mid morning today with one small Perch.  His way of showing his frustration was to complain about the access fee. (We charge $10.00 per calendar day…. not every 24 hrs like he wanted,  He was aware of it when he went out as he was given our information sheet that we give to every wheelhouse owner when they go thru our access.)  Because he couldn’t catch any fish it was easier for him to make it our fault that we charged too much and make a scene in the office in front of fishermen, (that had obviously did better than him), and to my wife who was at the desk.  After he left the others there were wondering what was going on with him….There always seems to be a jerk on the wrong end of the line sometimes….    🙂

The warmer weather made the fishing slow today and I’m hoping the warm-up won’t be too warm this week.  It would be nice to keep what snow we have.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy


January 14th, 2017

Friday night lots of fishermen in 14-21 feet of water did very well with the Walleyes and by about 10;00 am Saturday it slowed for most everyone.  Our barometer in the office was about as high as I’ve seen it in a long time or it has finally broke   🙂    Anyways thru the day the bite was slow.  But as of the time we closed our office the word was that after dark they started biting again.

For our customers that get some good fish pictures with their smart phone, call the office and they will give you my cell # and you can send them to me.  I am building a photo album of the year and every week out 4-6 pics on the Lybacks Ice Fishing Facebook page.  With these smart phones it is so much easier to share pictures than the digital camera days. ( Almost as good as the old Polaroid Days I grew up in!)

The warming temps are getting people out there and enjoying their time on the ice.   But with the lack of snow cover and warming temps the ice is going to expand and pressure ridges are going to move, so the next couple days will be interesting. In fact the next weeks temps are going to change the landscape out there if it gets as warm as they predict.   This week we will be moving houses that have been out for a couple weeks that have a lot snow around them from drifting.  It will be easier to do that than deal with the blocking and water around the houses.  We’ll see what the weather brings.

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy


January 13th, 2017

Despite the wind and 20 plus below temps the bite was good for most out there overnight. Both shallow water and deep. Heard of a 27-1/2  Walleye, a 35 plus Northern and other Walleyes in the 17 to 25 inch range.  Today there were some pretty good reports of Perch activity in some basin areas.

The pressure ridge/crack is now a 2 ft wide crack again and I’m sure with the warm-up it will close up and probably heave before the weekend is out. So we are going to stay away from it yet for awhile.  Next week we will have got the 30 foot addition to our bridge done and will have a 60′ plus long 12′ wide bridge that should take care of it.  So we will see how that goes when we get it out there…

For now we are letting tandem axle wheelhouse and 1 tons go as we have an average of 18 inches.  Some areas are closer to 20 inches so if everyone keeps the speeds down we should be ok from here on out.  One thing I want wheelhouse people to do when they come here.  If you haven’t been here before, get here and out on the ice before dark.  it’s easier for everyone involved.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy


January 12th, 2017

The wind picked up Thursday morning and by noon it was drifting a lot. By late evening it was already -15 below.  The snow I was hoping would stick to the ice was eroded by the wind and now we a lot of bare ice again.  Which means when this warm weather comes the main lake ice will expand again so the crack/pressure ridge be doing some changing.  I’m going to let it warm up, do it’s thing then get across it next week.

The Walleye bite has still been good in the deeper water and shallow. Contrary to the hype that everything has to be deep and in the mud, it’s not.   I have houses ranging from 15ft to 28ft on all different types of bottom change and structure. and they have all been doing pretty well.

The ice depth  is ranging from 17-21 inches, so we will be allowing tandem wheelhouses, and up to 1 ton rated trucks out.  I’m establishing roads over towards the “bowl” and North Twin areas Friday afternoon. after getting everyone else ready for the weekend,

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy

January 11th, 2017

Today I was on the ice at 5:00a.m. opening up roads and getting ready for the weekend coming.  A few fishermen went out and I didn’t get a chance to talk to many to see how they did so it is a mystery today.

The snow covered up the ice somewhat and I’m hoping it will stick.  It should help the ice calm down little so it won’t react as much to temperature changes.  The ice depths are getting better and I’m planning on letting tandem houses with 3/4 ton or less trucks go out for the weekend. There will be a information sheet given to all wheelhouse people that i am going to make tomorrow morning of some things I expect them to do on the ice out of here.  After seeing how things went last weekend there is a need for it.

Tomorrow we are going into the deep freeze for 24 hours and then the warm up is going to start. Temps are predicted to reach the low to mid 30’s next week so I guess we are going to have our “January thaw”.   Not sure if I like it, but it is what it is. It will be nice to be out there fishing in temps like that though.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy