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Still not much going for a bite for Tullibee or Perch.  The warm afternoons are slowly getting thing wet on the roads, but no deep areas at all.

Our plans are to continue thru Sunday.  If the bite does not improve we will be closing for the season.

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March 15th,2018

So far this past week there has not been much to report about the bite. Both for Tullibee and Perch.  Tullibee are passing thru in  big schools out in the “Tullibee Hole”, but are not staying around and feeding. And there is no real evidence that the bug hatch is happening. Or if it is the small Perch that are on the bottom out there are getting to them before the Tullibee.  ( Just a theory).

The roads and approach are still doing well and the snow has settled some and watching the weather forecast after Saturday/Sunday it will cool down a bit, but I’m not sure yet on if we will stay open or not thru next week.  I have 3 booths at the NWSS next week for Lybacks Marine. so we might just close up shop for the year unless the Tullibee get going by then.  It’s hard to justify having someone around on payroll to be there if someone gets stuck out there if there isn’t enough access fees to cover it.  We’ll see….

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy

March 12th,2018

Over the weekend quite a few fishermen showed up for Tullibee, Perch and Northern Pike. Overall the bite for all was pretty slow.  Some fishermen were seeing schools upon schools of Tullibee out there but could not get them to go. I think the bug hatch is not happening yet or is so small that the fish aren’t interested. Perch that were caught out there were small except for a few in the shallow water areas that were decent.  Those with cameras did see some big ones, but there were not biting.  And no reports of a big Northern.

I am going to keep the roads open until the melting snow causes so much water that it would be difficult to get out there.  Our office will be closed so fishermen will need to stop at the house on the hill to pay access and get a map.  And we will go from there.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

March 9th,2018

Yesterday I opened up some more areas to fish for the weekend. Not many have shown up to try since the storm so I cannot give a report on the bite, but this just might be the last weekend out there with the warmer weather coming next week for wheelhouses. When things start melting with the snow that is on the ice there will be a lot of water, so now is your chance.

I’ve attached a map so you can see what areas I opened up.  I plan on opening some more. 

Keep a tight Line!   Eddy

March 7th,2018

Today I went out and opened up roads to the Northern Pike areas and the Tullibee Hole. The strong east wind that accompanied the 10″ of snow definitely changed the landscape out there. I have a road to the “Tullibee Hole”, a road southwest of Spider to Northwest of Upper Twin for Northern Pike and Perch.

I’m plowing “loop” roads and off of them will have “chutes” that wheelhouses can back up into in both areas.  I plan on plowing about 25 or so spots to start and see who shows up this weekend.  Once the warmer weather starts and the melt starts on the ice it will not be long and alot of water will be out there even thought the ice will be good.  So if you are planning that last trip.with the wheelhouse, the next week or two might be the time to do it.

Due to little traffic during the week, fishermen will need to stop down by the barn that is going thru restoration and walk up to the house on the hill to pay access and get a map.  As the weekend approaches, Cindy will open the office at the red house on the lake.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

March 4th,2018

Friday and yesterday quite a few anglers came out to try for Tullibee and Perch.  Some also came for the Northern Pike angling which is open on Mille Lacs until the end of the month.

The Tullibee and Perch activity was pretty quiet for most. Although later in the day Saturday a couple fishermen did call when they left and reported on the east end of the “Tullibee Hole” they caught some and were marking schools on their locators.  I’m thinking that when the “bug hatch” starts we will see a much better bite out there.  One couple fishing for Northern C/R a 40″ plus Pike that weighed over 21 lbs.

The next couple days will not be good to be out there as they are predicting anywhere from 6″-12″ of snow and strong winds.  Starting tonight we will be closed until Tuesday and then go from there.  Keep an eye on this report and I will let you know when the roads are open.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

March 1st, 2018

A few fishermen have been out the last couple days. and some are coming for the weekend to fish in the Tullibee hole.  Some have been caught, alot of Tullibee have been seen on the camera, but they are constantly on the move.  As soon a a bug hatch starts I think we’ll see a better bite.

Roads are open and the snow has settled some, but it is still difficult for wheel houses off the roads.  You can pick some spots if you watch where you are going.

Keep a Tight Line!


February 28th, 2018

Monday and Tuesday we removed all the permanents off the ice for the year. The lake looks empty without them.

We will be keeping roads open as long as possible, or worth the effort. It will depend on how many anglers continue to come up, so keep watching the report.  We have some good Northern Pike areas that fishermen could try so it might give you and idea as the season is open till the end of March.  Bring your wheelhouse and set-up some tip-ups and enjoy the warmer weather.  We will have spots plowed for the weekend ahead of time.  Also we will keep the Tullibee Road open to the “Tulibee Hole” for those that want to fish for them also.

I want to thank all of our customers for patronizing  Cindy’s and my business this year. And thank you all for sending all the fish pictures so I could post them on the  Lybacks Ice Fishing Facebook page. They were viewed by thousands of fishermen. Hopefully next year when you drive in the old barn you seen this year that was in the beginning stages of restoration, will be completed and our new office/bathrooms/showers will be in place downstairs.

Keep a Tight Line!!     Eddy



February 26th, 2018

The Walleye season is over. Saturday night we received another 5-7 inches of snow and Sunday morning was spent getting customers off the ice.

Fishing was slow, but many did catch and release some nice ones.  Especially in the deeper water with mud bottom. The TWP Tournament was a success with fish caught and weighed in all four categories.  And everyone got a door prize.  There was augers, depth finders, ice suits, rod and reel combos and many other items.  Just as we finished up the snow started.

The next couple days we will be getting houses off and in the storage lot for the summer.  I will keep roads open for Tullibee, Perch and Northern for as long as activity warrants it. There is a lot of snow out there now and if the weather stays “normal” we will have a late ice season by the looks of it.

Keep a Tight LIne!!   Eddy

February 23rd,2018

With the extra snow this past week the mobility of wheelhouses off the roads is starting to get tough. You can still find your way around and get off the roads, but definitely not as easy as it was for most of the winter.  Spots can be plowed, but only during daylight hours.  Average cost for that is $20.00, access fee do not include a plowed spot. Ice conditions are good for wheelhouses with no pressure ridges , bridges, etc.

The bite is more and more in shallow from what I’ve seen the last week. But they are getting more unpredictable as they are eating well. The Walleye that are being caught are very healthy. The Tullibee Hole is seeing more activity with Perch. And schools of Tullibee are showing up out there looking for food.

With this being the last weekend, all permanent house customers will have to have their houses ready to pull off the lake on Sunday when they leave.  All accounts, permanent, wheelhouse weekly and seasonal will have to be settled and paid in full also.  Wheelhouses wanting to stay thru the Northern season are welcome, we just need to know who is.  Same weekly rates will apply.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is this weekend and they are predicting some snow Thursday night and again Saturday night. So far predictions are 3-6 inches both times, and with the warmer weather it shouldn’t be too bad.  I’m still not sure where the weigh-in will be yet, (either in front on the ice or back in the parking lot), We’ll see how the weather looks and decide Saturday morning when everyone registers.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy