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January 20th, 2018

Friday evening thru early Saturday morning fishermen on the deep breaks had pretty good action, with as many as 10 Walleyes per house from what reports I heard. Some of the shallow water areas 14-18 feet had intermittent action all thru the night.  Some of the in close reefs produces some trophys, a 29″ and numerous 27″ were reported C/R.

I got all the roads cleaned up and ready along with moving drifts away from all the houses in preparation for the “snowstorm” we were forecast to get.  At the last report we were supposed to receive up to 6″ and some strong winds, but the main snow track shifted about 100 miles south and it sound like we will only get a trace.  But that is the weather.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.   Sometimes we luck out.  Sunday/Monday should be some good fishing with the weather system sliding by.

I’m going to sit in the office Sunday and see what reports we get from fishermen and post Sunday evening.  Friday night about 10:30 (after the access was closed) a truck and wheelhouse went out of our access and did not come in Saturday to the office to settle up with access fees.   It will be interesting to see if he stops today.  All wheelhouses stop when they leave because of the way we charge them when they arrive.  They get a prorated refund for the days they were out there.  So when they just drive thru on their way off I know right away who it was.  It still amazes me after all these years that some fishermen can be that low to not respect the resorter’s efforts to maintain good roads and pay a $10.00 access fee so they can get out 4- 5 miles on the lake with their $50,000.00 truck and wheelhouse. Those types can stay away from here as they are usually the ones that break all the fishing rules also.

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January 19th, 2018

I’m a day ahead as I’m typing this tonight, (7:00 pm. January 18th), but tomorrow will be a busy one and I wanted to let you know what is going on.

Most of the day fishing was pretty quite from most reports, except for the shallower water late this afternoon. The gravel 4 miles out from us has been not as good overall as it normally is this time of year. Fishermen are not seeing baitfish on the humps they normally fish on and off the sides isn’t much better from what reports I’ve heard.  In closer around the reefs fishermen are seeing much more, especially schools of minnows and Perch. This evening some good reports came in from anywhere from 24′ to as little as 14′ during the late afternoon till dusk.

It sounds like we are going to get some significant snow starting Sunday afternoon and thru Monday. Some of the early forecasts are 6″ plus with strong NW winds Monday afternoon thru Tuesday.  Those of you that have permanent houses I would advise checking your blocking and get them at least 6″ higher off the ice than they are now.  The last couple days we have been clearing drifts from around them after the last two winds to help, but if we do get that much snow and winds things could get ugly..  Just a heads up.  After all the years I’ve out there… it is much better to prepare than struggle afterwords.

Either way with the snowstorm coming it should be good fishing and if everyone plans on getting off the lake so they can get home and watch the Vikings game Sunday morning… most will not be caught out there.

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January 18th,2018

Mixed reports on the bite yesterday.  16 to 20′ seemed to be the best reports for in the slot Walleye. Some of the deeper gravel had action overnite.  This year there is quite a variation of sizes being caught.  Anywhere from 6-7″, 10-12″ , 16-19″ and on up to 29″.  That is a good sign for the future. This year also there just doesn’t seem to be any numbers of 10″ plus Perch. When anglers do catch them they are only a few and most are 12″ or better. Hopefully with a better balance of Walleye size the Perch will rebound and instead of becoming a bait fish like they have been lately, they will grow to a catchable size for the angler.

We are concentrating on getting the snow drifts away from the permanent houses as the warmer weather coming will make the snow heavy and flooding around the houses could occur.  And with more snow in the forecast after the weekend we might start moving some of the houses just to get them out into more open areas.

We have all of the ice roads open, (see map) and there is alot of areas accessible for wheelhouses in the gravel bars that are easy to get to off the roads and with the weather change I’m hoping the bite will be pretty good. Time will tell…

Don’t forget to sign up for the Tournament on Feb 24th!  Sign up in the office when you are up here..

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January 17th, 2018

Monday we had NW winds and blowing and drifted snow, most fishermen out there were staying put or went home early.  We had some rentals that stayed over into Tuesday and the bite was slow.  Most Monday reported when the NW wind picked up Sunday night, the fishing slowed.

Yesterday and today will be spent working on roads, driveways.  I will be moving some of the rentals that didn’t do as well as others last weekend to new spots over the next couple days, With the predicted warm weather coming it should be an interesting weekend on the ice.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament is on for February 24th, 2018.  Entry fee is $50.00/person, limit of 150 contestants.  100% payback. This year everyone when they register for the tournament either Saturday morning before 8:00 will receive a dated TWP ruler and MUST have a smart phone or camera.  Walleyes will be judged by taking a picture of it on the ruler and released.  Awards for Walleye will be determined by length only and an accurate picture. This way it will allow more to participate in the “weigh-ins”.. We thought we would try something new.  We were going to last year but cancelled the “fishing “part of the tournament due to poor ice conditions.

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January 15th, 2018

Yesterday as fishermen left before the Viking’s game, most reports were the same.  Very slow Friday afternoon, overnight into Saturday.  Late Saturday a few started to have action and it picked up overnight into Sunday morning as the barometer was dropping as the snow was coming.  Best time was from daylight Sunday until about 10:00 am. One customer reported 22 bite and 14 Walleye in two hours of fishing. Numerous big individual Walleyes were C/R , a 41″ Northern, and many more in the 25″ to 27″ inch.  Walleyes were  C/R in many lengths under the slot over the weekend showing that there is multiple years classes coming up besides the 2013’s.  All good news.  Still most of the trophy’s  came from 14-20′ of water.

Yesterday late afternoon we received about 2-3″ of snow and overnight the NW wind started.  Not blowing too hard yest but it is supposed to pick up to 25 mph plus, so we will be plowing tomorrow….This week I’m going to start moving some more rentals to different areas.

With all the plowing of roads last week the weight of the snow on the banks, (we push to the south and the east on our roads) they cracked and sank, despite the warnings at the office some fishermen still thought they knew more than we do and attempted to cross them and dropped thru the upper layer on the sunken bank.  More should listen to what we say in the office when they go out.  Starting this week there will be no more N/C pullouts like there was this weekend.  And a heads up for those that park their vehicle in the ATV/Portable lot along the driveway and ride out with someone else.  You still have to pay the vehicle access/parking fee that is stated on the sign in the lot that you park in.  If you don’t register it and pay at the office in the future, we will have it towed.

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January 13th, 2018

Starting Friday afternoon and into this morning the barometer went up as high as I’ve seen it this winter so far. Fishing reports were pretty slow bite for most overnight and this morning. By this afternoon it started to drop a little and this evening I heard of quite a few anglers C/R Walleye even though the bite was light. I’m hoping this evening and going into tomorrow with the snow coming in the afternoon it will pick up before fishermen head home.

All our roads are in good shape, though this morning with the overnight temps dipping to -24 there was some cracks in some areas.  The south road bank going to the “Tundra” broke and dropped almost 2 feet and flooded along it.  But by morning it should be froze pretty good, but I not good enough to attempt to cross over it. We got most of the roads completely cleared off in readiness for the next round of snow and wind Monday. (Winds expected NW 15-25 mph) So there will be considerable drifting even with only a couple inches of snow.

I’m going to be in the office tomorrow as fishermen check out so I will update tomorrow night with a better idea of how the weekend went.

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January 11th, 2018

Today I spent most of the day redoing the banking on the rentals with the fresh drifted snow.  The original banking was water soaked from the last couple days of warm weather.  We only received an inch or so, but the NW wind blew most of the snow on the lake down our way I think….   🙂  The roads blew fairly clear with the 30 mph plus winds and at times visibility was not very good.  But it will make for a very busy Friday with plowing roads, driveways, etc.

The few fishermen out there did pretty good today from what reports I heard when I got in tonight, so we will see if our cold weather pattern and bite we had over Christmas and New Years repeats itself.

Sign up will start this Saturday for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament on February 24th. Entry fee per person will be $50.00.  It will be limited to 150 contestants.  Hours will be from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  with weigh-in and prize drawings immediately following. All entry fees will go towards prizes,  (100% payback) so there will be something for everyone.  I will post rules, categories, weigh-in location later next week.  Last year we had the prize drawings only because we had to pull the plug on the last weekend to excessive rain and deteriorating ice. Friday it froze up and we had the weigh-in on the ice in front.  This year I’m hoping we have a “normal” weather day and complete the whole thing…   🙂

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January 10th, 2018

Last evening and this morning  the bite was sporadic, but there were some good reports and some nice Walleyes C/R.  The best “catching” reports came from as little as 14′ to 20′ .  The deeper breaks were not as well, but one report from some anglers in 29′ did well overnight on Tuesday.  One angler in 14′ seen over 30 Walleyes on his camera during the afternoon, but only caught one.  It seems that there is more baitfish in close and the Walleye are coming up to feed in the evening.

Today with the warm temps we lost a fair amount of snow, (what little we had), and it sounds like we are in the middle of the to areas that are going to get the larger amounts.  But we are going to get the wind.  All the banking on the houses is wet and heavy and I’m hoping we get enough snow and blowing so we can get rid of the by then “frozen” banking and replace it with new fresh snow.  All the roads are clean and ready and I’m sure they will blow clean with the wind.  I have one more stretch to complete our “gravel bar” road to clear but will work on that after the wind.  Another resort plowed out to that area I have gone for over 25 years, but that is not going to stop where I have always gone.  It to bad that other businesses don’t respect that anymore.  Even though it’s a public lake, there has always been respect for others in the business and where they have went for years.  🙁   But with little snow so far this year everyone is plowing everywhere out there…  We’ll see who stays when the going gets rough..

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January 8th, 2018

Yesterday I extended our “Tullibee Road”  out to the a couple of the gravel bars 3 miles out that we normally go to.  With the snow coming  Wednesday eve and Thursday I wanted it established so clearing it would be easier with the areas of rough ice that are out there.

The bite was slow from what few reports I heard during the day and not that many anglers were out either, Quite a few portable guys showed in the afternoon because it was so nice for the evening bite in shallow, but I didn’t get to talk to them when they left.

Today I am going to move some rentals, do some more prep work on the roads before the snow.  So far I’ve heard anywhere from 3″-7″ with strong NW winds following it, and back to cold weather. It could make for alot of drifting around the houses.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy

January 7th,2018

I waited until this afternoon after the majority of fishermen checked in as they left to see what really happened out there and there was “mixed” results.  Overall the best “catching” came form 15-18 ft of water on the closer reefs.  Not saying there was action on the deep breaks, but it was mostly at dusk time and early am to daylight.  Most I talked to said that after the sun was high enough to see on the cameras they were gone and not much for Perch either.  On the tops of the deeper reefs mostly small Perch were active.  Ray’s Reef did the best again with the rentals with some getting as may as 10 Walleyes a house.  A couple rentals that I moved to the Graveyard that I thought would be a sure bet for overnight bombed, but that is fishing.

So far with the temps warming up the ice in our areas we go is doing fine with no pressure ridges yet and I’m thinking that we might not have that problem with the way the ice is out in front of us.  But time will tell.   So good.

Thank all of you that came this weekend with wheelhouses and portables. Everyone was respectful of the ice roads and kept their speeds down. Everyone stopped in and gave us a report when they left, (which was nice) and the many nice compliments of how we do things here was nice also.  I wish I hadn’t come down with that cold bug that is going around as I would have been out there more..  Got a chance to sit in the office for awhile this morning and say Hi to some as they were leaving, but that was about it.  And thank you all for sending me pictures of your catches to share.

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy