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December 21st, 2014

Last evening and today fishing reports from fishermen that stopped in on their way home was overall pretty slow for most. Best reports was overnight in 24-28 feet of water or 12-14 with Walleyes.  Actually a few “keepers” were caught.  Almost everywhere else is was slow. Perch action was spotty with mostly small ones biting today for the fishermen.

The familiar fog and haze settled in today and this evening and once again the ice is warming up, which means once again when it cools down we will have some cracks, probably later in the week. but with a couple inches of snow on it maybe it will not be as much as last week.  and the ice is “slowly” getting thicker.  Today on average in the 1st mile it was 16″ and out farther in the smooth ice an honest 14″.  We will need some cold weather.  That type of is is a lot more “comfortable” when it’s about 18″.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to take advantage of this warmer weather before it snows tomorrow evening and try smoothing out some of the rough ice spots while it’s warm on the roads farther out.  And we will be heading out to other other areas as soon as I know colder weather is coming for sure.

We are going to be closed Christmas Eve from 12 noon until Christmas Day morning. That is when our family will celebrate Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Keep a Tight Line!



December 20th, 2014

Friday evening’s bite was good for some and slower for others, but it was apparent that the nicer sized Walleyes were biting better than during the day.  One rental in 23 ft. did quite well with Walleyes from 12-26″ with a couple “keepers”.  Northern Pike were caught Saturday with caught NW of Spider that was 42″.   Fishermen in closer to shore didn’t do as well as earlier in the week and I’m wondering if it was all the commotion of me pulling some bigger houses in there (?).  I did hear of fishermen breaking their lines in that area, but no one got to see what did it. It’s nice to see most have action again.

Lots of smaller Walleyes, but it shows hope for a future it the DNR and Bands get their acts together and do things right!  And most know what I’m talking about.  We wouldn’t have had the two good years classes we have if the lake hadn’t been covered in ice during the spawning season.  Pretty good evidence I would say…..I don’t care what biologists when I know what I’ve seen along the shoreline……..

I also staked roads and checked ice out farther and things are getting thicker and with the colder weather forecasted after Christmas things will be starting to look pretty good for getting out there. Starting this Monday I’m going after I get things smoothed out in spots.  And if the cracks we had keep healing we are dropping restrictions for travel in most areas.

Keep a Tight Line!


December 19th, 2014

Today the our cracks were healing up pretty good and we got just a little snow to help banking houses.

Fishermen I talked to on the ice had alot of Perch action.  Most Walleyes that were being caught were small 10-13 inches.   And also heard of a couple “linebreaker” Pike.  tonight we have 21 houses on the ice that are fishing so I’ll have a good night bite report tomorrow.

As far as what and who is driving and where we are going read Thursday’s report for info. We are sticking to that over the weekend.

Also.  For those of you that have been wondering about the Lyback’s TWP Tournament this’s on!   The date was a little confusing to some, (including me) when it was set last winter (when we cancelled due the snowstorm the last weekend.)  But this years date is going to be Saturday –  February 21st.  Those of you who kept tickets and held over entry fees will still be honored as promised.    More info will be coming after New Years, and those that prepaid can call and verify tickets at that time.

Keep a Tight Line!



December 18th, 2014

This morning when I checked the roads before daylight we found more cracks and put more ramps out.  Most cracks were 6-9 inches but one opened up to about 15.  We were still crossing them once the ramps were set but not pulling houses over them.  These were in areas where this is 16 inches of ice.

We also got a road staked to the Banana and Tundra reefs, but will not be pulling houses out there or will be letting vehicles drive out there portable fishing. Tomorrow we will be staking the road over the “Graveyard” reef and out into the mud NW of it  There is just not enough ice thickness to put a lot of traffic on it.  So it will be ATV only in those areas. I’m going to wait until colder weather and more ice. However, ATV’s  with portables and ATV’s with wheelhouses can go and some are already out in the “Tundra”.  If you want to go with a wheelhouse and ATV you can.

There was a lot of calls about 1/2 tons and smaller wheelhouses for the weekend and that will happen. (Keep in mind I said “smaller” wheelhouses).  But it will be in places where I know we have better ice conditions. We will have maps ready and show everyone where they can go, which will be in closer where we have better ice.

Not many fishermen out today so not much for a report except I know some of the those guys out in the Tundra were probably doing ok because they were staying put.   :)

In a way all this caution and explaining what is going on out there is so weird to me than what it used to be so many years ago. Back then when fishermen came up they got the info from the resort as they went out and back then fishermen went where they were told it was good.  These days with all the GPS’s, ATV’s, 4WDs and wheelhouses,…. somehow so many fishermen have forgot some of the basics… like weight,speed and ice conditions. They see a house somewhere out there and they think all is good.  All I can say is times have changed…but it still is the same…listen to the resorter wherever you choose to go out from that lives it.

Keep a Tight Line!!


December 17th, 2014

This morning as I expected we had a few cracks out there.   Two on the “Graveyard Road” that were about 6-9 inches and a couple north of “Spider Island” about 4-6.  They were already freezing but we put ramps out on them to be safe.  Keep in mind where we are going and allowing traffic there  because we have 16 plus inches of ice in those areas.  Out farther where the “smooth ice” was  ice depths were approx. 13-14 inches. So where the “rough ice” was earlier, (where we are going for now) we actually gained thickness and out where the “smooth ice” was we lost 1-2 inches.  So that means anyone going past where our marked roads stop will be ATV only, (with or without wheelhouses) until it gets thicker.  Maps will be available for all that stop in.

So far wheelhouses will be pulled with ATV’s because of the cracks that developed today. Still we will be letting 1/2 ton of smaller vehicles will be driving to “privates” that are out and to rentals.

The bite today was pretty good for most.  All had activity, lots of smaller Perch and Walleyes with some keepers here and there, but not alot of people out just for the day. Most are staying overnight and we’ll see what they are going to do. I’m expecting more “Northern” fishermen with the rougher ice in closer to shore where our good Northern spots are since it has “smoothed out” and is good for travel.

For the NAIFC Tournament contestants fishing in Isle Bay this weekend we have houses available overnight Friday if you want to spend the day Friday prefishing, stay over on the ice and ATV into the start Sat am.  We are on the western edge of the boundary so it would be a quick ride to the registration if you would like.  Call Cindy if you would want one.

Keep a Tight Line!



December 16th, 2014

Went out this morning at first light and checked things out on the ice. All the effort into drilling paid off. Everything is freezing up nicely and the rough ice is now smooth.. There was just enough freezing rain and sleet to make the ice easy to walk on, so it really couldn’t have worked out better.  Out in what was the smooth ice before is a little bumpy now with small wind blown drifts that soaked up with water and you can tell the ice is cooling down as there are a lot of little cracks showing up, but that is to be expected.

We are opening up the access tomorrow am. and people will be driving 1/2 ton or smaller vehicles until I see how much more ice we really have.  Obviously we lost some off the top during the warm spell, but i thinking not much more than an inch or so.  Today we are resetting the stakes so roads to areas will be marked. And will resume getting rentals ready and pulling more permanents tomorrow.

About 5:00pm this evening Cindy told me there numerous calls from fishermen asking if they could pull their wheelhouse with a 1/2 ton truck. For know and probably tomorrow that isn’t going to happen. right now the ice is “cooling down” and will for another 24-36 hrs.  Already this afternoon there was numerous cracks, all small, but they were moving when I crossed them with my Land Cruiser.  I’m sure most will freeze overnight but more will take their place tomorrow.  So for the next couple days it’s wheelhouses pulled with wheelers.  By the weekend that will probably change.  I’ll let you know Friday am in the report. Tomorrow we will be checking thickness again and post.

Now we can get to the areas we want to…..So come on up and do some fishing!  The weather is going to be pretty nice for it!!

Keep a Tight Line!


December 15th, 2014

Today while being shut down I went out and checked houses that were out, both mine and customers and everything was good.  Wet but good…This afternoon it started raining about 4:00 pm. and by  6:00 p.m it went to sleet and then snow and the NW wind is blowing.  Couldn’t have been better timing, which means the water out there is going to freeze and quit moving with the wind and our rough ice will smooth out in close.  Out farther in the smooth ice it  there will be spots we have to watch out for.  At the least it least won’t be slippery smooth.  Ice thickness was still 14-18 inches in the rough stuff and out in the smooth stuff a consistent 13-14.  Things are going to get a lot better the next couple days for those of us on the south end of main lake, and hopefully all around it.

Something that you should know.  White Ice, (the type that freezes when it is windy), has air in it that helps it “float”, especially when it warmer temps like we have had the last few days.  it also allows it to “bend” easier when weight is moving across it when it cold without breaking up. Clear Ice that most everyone says and thinks is the stronger ice has no air and when it warms up it does not “float”,  It will not support weight well when it gets warm and when it gets cold it gets very brittle when traveled on, especially if there is a lot of traffic on it.   With what we do up here at Mille Lacs that is an important thing to think about…..Sooner or later all of it gets thick enough to drive a Semi on it…..but not quite yet…

No fishing report as we were shut down today and will remain that way thru tomorrow.

I want to give the water and snow on top some time to freeze up before I go out and check it out.   I’ve seen this many times before and it is the best thing to do for now for us here. Things may be entirely different at other places on this lake, but I’m going to make sure  where we are before we go again.  Stay in touch, read the report tomorrow as I will try to update it by 3:00pm. Or give Cindy and a call at the office later in the day.

i guess you can look at it this way…We still have a better start than the last few years… :)

Keep a Tight Line!!          Eddy

December 14th, 2014

This morning when I went out at daylight the scenery had definitely changed out on the ice.  No snow, some areas where water was 8-12 inches deep on the ice, and other areas high and dry.  We escorted all the rentals off by 10:00 am. just to make sure everyone was safe. and shut down access for driving.  The fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  After we checked on all the others and made sure they got of safely too.  Don’t get me wrong, the ice where we are going is 14-18 inches and wasn’t the problem. But in the fog and all the water in spots, I did not want anyone to get turned around.and lost….and to drive into 8-12 inches of water with waves on it in the fog would freak most out…..Some fishermen showing up were upset about my decision to shut it down, but those need to know I did it for a reason.  Some showed up for the first time to check their house when they did not know where it was. I told them I would take care of it tomorrow no charge.  Some showed up expecting to drive and were upset. But it is my call at my access and I care about everyone’s safety.  Sorry….been here longer and I know how things change, and I can’t “update” my website all the time…when things happen like this most fishermen should know if they watch the weather.

Fishing yesterday was pretty good, with Perch and Walleyes at dusk.  Some big Northern were caught also. But overnight when water started running down the holes for those out there, it pretty much died.

The rest of the day I spent going to areas that were collecting a lot of water due to the wind and drilled holes so the water would go down and the ice float up. (Something I learned 40 years ago…’s not like this has happened before.)  The water is so cold and if you drill enough holes.. the water drains the holes don’t get big as the water goes down. You just use common sense and keep them away from the roads…..

We are going to shut down for tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.  Watch the report or call and I’ll let you know when we go again.  I want things to freeze up and the roads to be left alone so we will have nice smooth roads with no ruts in them from traffic while its freezing.   In a way this is going to help those of us dealing with rough ice.  But in areas where the ice is smooth and the amount of water getting pushed around by the wind it could actually cause some major problems…let’s hope not.

Colder weather is coming and we will be back at it in no time!!

Keep a Tight Line!


December 13th, 2014

Today it stayed warm and melting.  As the snow melted with the cold ice and warmer temps we had lots, and lots of fog.  Those that braved it had some pretty good fishing. And most had GPS which helped the moving around.

I’m glad we stayed in the rougher ice where it was 14-18 inches thick with the houses.  There was no problem with the melting except we lost the banking around most of them.  But we put in the hole liners for the rentals and all was good. Hopefully tomorrow the fog lifts a little and makes it a little more workable out there.  We will have to redrill the roads stakes as some of them are tipping from the melt.  In a way it it is good for the rough ice areas. When it freezes up Monday things will smooth out alot.

Keep a Tight Line!!


December 12, 2014

Today I set cones to the Banana Reef and Tundra and there is a trail to follow there and also thru the Graveyard for portable fishermen and wheelers.  Almost everywhere there was 12-14 inches of clear smooth ice with some ridges, but not much to worry about.  We still will limit travel on that ice to ATV’s – portables only.  Tomorrow am I am going to head out to the East Bar and south end of the big gravel and check ice and set cones…(we’ll see how that goes..), no promises.

Fishing was pretty good today one group caught a 27″ and 29″ inch Walleye, another group caught numerous Perch over 10″.  Some Northern fishermen caught, (speared), some big Northern’s NW of Spider on the rocks and the rentals had some good fishing also.  All in all,  this is pretty good compared to what we seen last year.

As everyone knows the regs have really opened up with the Northern Pike with a 10 fish limit, one over 30″. And spearing allowed too. The last two weeks I’ve seen lots of spear – fishermen in the bays, (Isle, Wahkon, and Cove bays), not including the rest of the spots around the lake. Not many out our way because  we have rough ice and alot of slush under it in the good spots for that, plus the areas that we go to have rock bottom, and most spear – fishermen don’t like to wreck their spear if they miss…. the same thing my Dad found out 50 years ago when it was allowed when he had spear- houses.

The last couple days we have had a few spear fishermen come out, but I do have a gripe….If you are going to cut that spear hole, put your “ice block” back in the hole when you leave unless you are going to leave the house there for awhile, And even then when you leave, take the time to break it loose and put it back in the hole. Just don’t leave it there for a snowmobiler or angler to run in to it later in the winter.  I’ve heard reports from some fishermen in the bays that they are  they are laying around all over.  That is something I will not tolerate out of my place and I will be watching….

Keep a Tight LINE!