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January 24th,2015

Friday overnight some good fishing was had by fishermen in 27-31 feet of water on the transitions for Walleyes.  Most caught were under the slot but a I heard of a couple keepers, and some too big. In 16-20 feet in on spot, some wheelhouse customers caught and released big Walleyes all evening by what they said.  Saturday during the day it was fairly quite with mostly small Perch activity. With the no snow cover on the ice and sunlight, the day bite is pretty slow.

There were a few spearfishermen out our way Saturday, but didn’t hear much except one of them got an 11 lb 39″ Northern. Looked like a torpedo..Plus speared a 36″ 27lb Carp!  that you don’t hear of very often.

Sunday am. I will be in the office and talking to fishermen as they check-out and will get a better idea of how the weekend went and let you know.

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January 23rd, 2015 – evening

Today was a really nice day out there. By noon the sun came out and it was amazing how warm it got till sundown.  It didn’t help the the bite, but for a Friday when fishermen were showing up everyone was in a good mood an anxious for the weekend.

We were very fortunate with the sunlight on the ice and the warm temps that the ice didn’t  move and “push” like it would normally do with weather like this.  I stopped by a rental and they had a camera with a temp probe on it.  From just below the ice to about 6 feet lower the temp stayed at 35 degrees.  That is something you do not normally see.  Normally the water temp just below the ice is freezing or a degree or two warmer, but not that much.  But with the clear ice and the sun shining thru it it warmed the water up that much.  It’s a good thing we are getting some snow and more normal temps as if that would continue for a couple weeks it actually would start melting the ice from the bottom up.

The snow cover coming tomorrow afternoon and evening will help the ice and the bite.

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January 23rd, 2015

Yesterday we got everything set for the upcoming weekend. The warm weather we are having is really nice when working out there.  Also for fishing too.

Yesterday’s action was mainly Perch, but for some it was just plain slow, and some found Walleyes in the soft side of the transitions.  There was quite a few “roamers” out our way yesterday too.  With the ice conditions with no snow that always happens.  Some resorts tell their customers they can get there from here or there, then after fishing they drive off the lake at a different resorts access, (the one that is closest for them) when they leave the ice. What we do is that if a fishermen want to fish an area that we don’t maintain roads to we recommend them to go to the resort that maintains roads in that area they want to fish instead of telling them they can “get there from here”…. We’ve even had them take there access tag down off their mirror and drive through.  Pretty crazy……

Looks like a good weekend to be on the ice.  Get out there and enjoy it!

Keep a Tight Line!!   Eddy

January 22nd, 2015

Yesterday was a quieter day out there. Not many fishermen and the bite was slower, especially in shallower.  Seemed the best was 20-28 feet with the Perch and Walleyes.

I moved more houses deeper for the weekend as it seems some of the baitfish are going deeper from what I’ve been hearing from anglers.  What was sort of crazy is that the deeper mud areas off the gravel don’t seem to be having much for Perch and the mud closer to the deeper reefs in closer has them. So that is where we are going to be.

The ice is still pretty calm after last weeks “rumble” on the south end. And I’m thinking it will stay that way if we can get thru tomorrow’s almost 40 degree day.  The weather forecasted over the weekend and into next week couldn’t be much better to get out and enjoy a day on the ice.  Compared to last winter this is a 100% turnaround.  And with Mille Lacs fishery in a apparent start of a recovery it is fun to be out there.

Don’t forget the Lyback’s/TWP Tournament on Feb. 21st.  We are up to 110 entries and the cap is 150, so get your spot before it’s gone.  This year because of last years cancellation due to weather. We will have enough prizes for everyone so even if you don’t place with a fish, the door prize will be worth the trip!

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January 21st, 2015

Today fishing was about the same with small Walleyes, Walleyes too big caught. and small Perch the main theme.  Not many out there as the weekend so not much to report.

This warmer weather and steadier lower barometer is keeping them active and is really nice to be out there fishing. it sure is a big change from last winter.

I got a chance to read the “blue ribbon panel” report yesterday and was even questioned about it by a ON reporter.  The report pretty much restated what was already known by most that keep up with the situation Mille Lacs has been put in by “treaty management”.  It talked about the bands and anglers targeting the same sizes of Walleyes, creating a lake full of large Walleyes which will obviously “cannibalize”. It talked about invasive species, the clean water act causing water clarity issues. Temperature changes causing the decline of Tullibee, Pretty much everything already known by most.  They talked about the effects of increasing numbers Cormorants on Mille Lacs, based on info from Leech Lake. It was overall a good explanation of what has happened here. And of course said that reproduction rates stayed the same or improved despite the and disturbance of spawning beds during the spawning season. And the problem is the survival rate from year one to 3. Even the reporter from ON appeared convinced that it wasn’t and “issue” because their studies prove it.

My unanswered questions that remain are these.  If spawning grounds had not been disturbed by netting and spearing during spawning, by what percentage would have the reproduction increased? Would it have made a difference with the “cannibalizing” by increase 0-1 year fish?  It appears that the last two years when we had late ice, and not much for harvest activities, Mille Lacs ended up with two very strong year classes, and the first year survival numbers appear to still be strong despite the cannibalizing.   And my other question is. If all of this harvesting is ok in the spring, how come our DNR has areas closed for angling in this State during spawning to protect the the reproduction?  Why are Mille Lacs Walleyes so different?

It is my hope that our DNR and the Bands fix what they have broken by the political “treaty management”, Start looking ahead and being proactive with their methods instead of waiting until thing are falling apart to “analyze” and make changes. The politicians in St. Paul need to realize that fishing is a big part of Minnesota’s economy and quit playing games with lobbyists money given to them. What has been allowed to happen by their neglecting to protect our State’s resources here and on other lakes is harming our standing as the “go to” State for fishing.  Those of us that live here and provide services for the anglers deserve a better life than we have had the last 15 years.

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January 20th, 2015

Monday we started to move some rentals to new spots and for groups this coming weekend. We had some light snow and a fairly strong SE wind, so a portable was not the best but those in houses enjoying some pretty good fishing with the low barometer.

A 39″ Northern was caught by North Twin and and most of the rentals had Walleyes, some too small and some too big.  None that I heard were in the slot. Some rentals had just Perch and most were small.  One rental had a 36″ inch Northern also.  All in all, a pretty decent day.

Today I’m getting a chance to read the details of the Fishing Roundtable held last weekend in St. Paul where the “blue ribbon panel” appointed by the DNR presented their report on Mille Lacs and the DNR’s actions.  Should be interesting………I’m sure I will have a comment or two after reading it…..

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January 18th, 2015

I sat in the office  Sunday until noon checking fishermen out when they left.  After hearing most of their reports, overall it was a pretty good weekend.  General consensus was Friday night the bite was good for most, but the fish were just “mouthing it” and not many caught them.  Saturday the shallower water was active, but deeper lots of Walleyes were seen, but not interested. Saturday afternoon and evening the bite died for awhile when the wind kicked in, but started again after the wind died overnight.  Heard of ten or so Walleyes actually caught in the slot.  Numerous Large Walleyes, especially in the 26″-28″ inch range.  And some “Big”  Pike.  One group had a 40″ Northern, 29″ Walleye, 27″ Walleye, and even some 10″ Perch in 14 ft of water.  A 45″ Northern was caught in 13 ft., A 41″ Northern caught in 12 ft. and the Graveyard had numerous Pike caught also. One rental had a huge one on and it caught caught up in their camera and they lost it.   And yes there were some that didn’t fair as well, but I’ve never seen everyone do good yet.

The weather was nice, the ice stayed still so it was a good one I would say.  Looks like this weather pattern is going to stay for awhile and it should keep the fishing on a even keel also.  It would be nice to get some more snow out there though. It would help quiet things down with the ice and would slow fishermen down from running all over the place.  Especially at night.  Saturday night after 10:00pm. it was crazy with people driving around. For those trying to enjoy a quiet evening of fishing in some areas, that did not work to well.

Keep a Tight Line!      Eddy

January 17th, 2015

Today fishing was good for some and slow for others. After making the afternoon rounds of the rentals, most Walleyes caught were small with a few 22-26″, but no “keepers” reported.  Seemed the the best depth for the most activity was 16-24 feet. Fishermen deeper were seeing Walleyes but they weren’t biting.  Perch action was slow with mostly little ones. But in the mud next to the Banana one wheelhouse stopping off reported some nice sized Perch caught.  A 45″ Northern Pike was caught in a permanent house, near Spider, and one rental on the SW side of the Graveyard had a large Northern break their line in a tangle up with their camera.

The barometer was low most of the day and this afternoon the wind switched to the NW and blew pretty good for awhile. Around dusk it let up and looks like a nice Sunday-Monday on tap.  Either way it will be good weather to be on the ice!

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January 16th, 2015

Today fishing was a little better today in some areas, slower in others.  The Banana Reef seen good Walleye action from reports I heard.  Perch were slow in the deeper water.  Those with camera’s were seeing them but they bigger ones were not very active.  With the barometer dropping tonight after dark reports came in of more activity before we closed.

Weather looks good for the weekend with some wind tomorrow, but mild temps.  All the roads are in really good shape and we were very fortunate to not have ice problems with the warmer weather.

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January 15th, 2015

Today was a pretty quiet out there from most reports. Not much for Perch in the “keepable” range and most Walleyes caught were small with reports of a few 21 to 25″ C/R.  No reports of Northern Pike caught.

After lunch the ice rumbled and to the west of us reports were it pushed quite a bit. The closest it got to us was off of Otto’s Point and across the mouth of Wahkon Bay, then it faded away.  The lake ice seems like it is “pivoting” from east to west with the center of the pivot in the SE corner. There is not many years I’ve seen it do that but this is one of them.  Usually it means it will be pretty good going for us this year. But the year is not over yet.  :)

Weather sounds pretty good this weekend with fairly low barometer so I’m hoping the bite will be pretty good.   We’ll see how that goes…….

Keep a Tight Line!    Eddy