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April 14th, 2014

25243_105914699446571_5028809_n  This will be my last post here for the summer,  I will start up again late this fall as winter approaches.  With the marine business going in the summer my focus is elsewhere and I’m not on the lake as I am in the winter to give accurate fishing reports. I am looking forward to a good winter season this coming year, and the lake and it’s fishery will come back again.

However, I do want say something about how I feel about all of the controversy surrounding Mille Lacs the last few years…  I think the time has come for all people in this State and Country for that matter, to abide by the same rules when it comes to natural resources.  It includes the same management philosophy, and the same harvest procedures.  I believe traditions need to be honored for preserving a tradition, but not to the point of contributing to the loss of a resource.  And I’m afraid that if the current path we are on continues there will be not much left for anyone, regardless of what nationality anyone is.

Everyone in the United States immigrated from somewhere at some time in history.  That’s why all of us are who we are.  Everyone’s nationality and their history has had traditions and beliefs that they still celebrate and remember as to pass on to future generations. Which is important and good for everyone. I respect that, and always will. Things will get better at Mille Lacs as long as everyone works towards the same goal, which is to protect and enjoy the resources it provides all of us.

But to go to extremes just because you can in this day in age isn’t good for anyone’s history……..and history will tell the story long after we are  gone…….

Keep a Tight Line!



April 9th,2015

Well the news is out for the Opener.  1 Walleye 19-21″ or over 28″ ,season long night ban. It pretty much insures Opening at Mille Lacs will not be much of one if you are a Walleye fisherman.  But on the positive side, they will be biting and the cold water will minimize mortality. And with the Bass season opening also there will be plenty of fish to catch for those that like to enjoy a good fight on the end of the line.

The lake is showing signs of recovery after what anglers seen out there last winter, So I know things will get better in the future, but what I think everyone needs to insure it will never happen again by voting this next year for someone that will stand up and not take lobbying monies and do something to change all of this. Before it happens to the big lakes in the entire State. It is possible to change alot of this mess, but it will have to be done on that level and by negotiation.  It all boils down to money and that is what will change this. Whether it’s payoffs, or threats of competition for the gambling dollars by the State. that is going to change it.  Fishermen have a year and a half to get organized and I suggest get going now!!

Keep a Tight Line!


April 2nd,2015

Today I thought with the strong NW winds the ice was going to move.  But from what I seen it didn’t move much so it will be awhile yet.  Our access is closed for the year obviously and we are getting things ready at the rental house for the Opener.

The DNR hasn’t released the regs for the upcoming season at Mille Lacs yet, and if I were them I would be ashamed to.  It is very upsetting to see the premier Walleye Lake in this State run to the ground so to speak in the last 15 years, and to have a State government and it’s Governor Dayton turn into spineless politicians and let this resource be practically destroyed.  Everyone knows what is going on here and why it happened. And they can’t say that because the source of the lobby money they receive will be cut off. Yet what happened in Wisconsin’s Lakes , Upper and Lower Red lake, or the comeback of Lake of the Woods when the “netters” were bought out isn’t good enough evidence for our DNR biologists. They search for every other reason possible to avoid the obvious, and keep their jobs……Even the big Twin Cities journalists won’t talk about that because guess who spends major money advertising in their papers….

Well, it just won’t be Mille Lacs much longer.  Rumors are that Lake Vermillion will be netted next because they can’t get enough Walleyes from Mille Lacs.  Another treaty will be tested and our State of Minnesota and it’s government more than likely will stand aside and let that happen.  Maybe some day after all the big Walleye lakes are wiped out, people in this State will wake up and see what they let happen to our great fisheries and vote for someone that will do something about it.

I’m not arguing against treaty rights or the right to harvest.  I’m saying leave the fish alone when they are spawning……period!!  And if our DNR says it doesn’t make a difference on the spawning outcome with what the Bands do during the spawning time, open it up for angling and quit having a closing and opening of Walleye season statewide!

Fishing will improve on Mille Lacs in the coming years and hopefully get back to some degree of what it once was.  But if the State lets the Bands harvest in the spring as it does now… I honestly believe this will happen again…and not just on Mille Lacs……

Something has got to change……     Keep a Tight Line!!




March 27th,2015

Today we are pulling the ATV bridge and closing our access for the year.  With the warmer weather coming the ice ice will start to deteriorate quickly and with being back at the marine business it will not be as easy to keep track of.

I will still keep up with the report for awhile yet as I have much to say about the condition of Mille Lacs and what is coming for the rest of the Minnesota’s lakes

Keep a Tight Line!


March 25th,2015

We still have the ATV bridge out and fishermen are getting out to the “Tullibee Hole”  The ice is still holding it’s own and last night we had some snow cover on it. with the cooler weather coming thru Sunday we will remain open.

Tullibee have been biting and depending on where you go out there you can do well or not.  you need to look around a little before fishing.

Keep a Tight Line!



March 22nd, 2015

Saturday and Sunday’s fishermen had mixed results out there. Saturday the NW wind blew and it was in the low teens in the am and warmed up some as the day went. I talked to two groups on their way off that didn’t fair well, but the third group had alot of Tullibee.

Sunday those coming early left early and the ones that stayed later did well.  Most action was Tullibee.  Everyone seems to be hanging east of the “Tullibee Hole”, but they should be moving west and looking.  But no one seems to want to try.

The ice is actually firming up some with the last tow nights below freezing.  Out in the darker clear ice where it was 24″-28″ and pretty much honeycombed most of the way thru is now pretty hard halfway down before it chunks up.  The ATV bridge is doing well and the ice seems fairly stable so we will continue to stay open for those that want to try.

Keep a Tight Line!


March 20th, 2015 2:00pm

For those waiting to hear the ATV bridge went out and is set up an hour ago. The first group is across it and headed to the “Tullibee Hole”  I’m heading out with some cones to mark a good route to it from the bridge so it will be easier for those tomorrow am.

Right now it is drizzling but after this it is going to turn colder for the next few days and will firm things up a little out there.  Should be good going for awhile.

Remember the bridge is only 4 feet wide. If you are planning on coming a plain old ATV is the ticket.

Keep a Tight Line!


March 19th, 2015

Decided to wait until I see what is coming for rain tomorrow aqnd evening.  The weather service delay the rain and right now it is a slight drizzle.  Still sounds like not much and tomorrow I will decide to put the bridge out for the weekend.  Just being cautious..

Watch the report midday for those that want to come up and try……

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

March 18th 2015 – evening

Bridge is done and I went out and check the spots to cross the ridge and ice depths. After we see what we get for snow/sleet/rain tomorrow I’m going to pull it out and set it up for Friday thru Monday or as long as the ice holds up. Access is good for wheelers but I would suggest no snowmobiles as there is no access to unload them on the ice.

I checked ice thickness and in the white ice close to shore (the first mile), there was almost 30″ and the top 15″ or so honeycombed.  When I got out to the darker “clear ice” it dropped to 24″-27″ and was pretty much honeycombed most of the way thru.  Plenty good for wheelers, but I wouldn’t drive a truck on it. With the colder freezing nights coming over the weekend it will probably stiffen up a little.  Some places there are water “drain holes” but none that I seen were too big and if you use some common sense it will be good going. Crossing the pressure ridge will be only possible on the bridge. (Unless you like swimming in cold water…..)  :)

We will have parking available for rigs with wheelers and keep in mind the bridge to the “Tullibee Hole” is only 4 feet wide so side by sides or wheelers with tracks will not be crossing it.

Looking forward to one last weekend!   Keep a Tight Line!


March 18th,2015

Today we are going to be finishing the ATV bridge and going out and checking ice conditions and depth.   Quite a bit has melted on the top so it is time to go pick up anything that was left out there and got covered earlier in the winter. If all looks good as far as the ice goes we will put out the bridge Thursday afternoon after we see what we get for weather.

Friday – Monday at least sounds like freezing nights and mid 30’s to low 40’s so we should have pretty good going.  It will be ATV only – no side by sides or tracks as the bridge is only 4 feet wide.

I’ll let you know this evening if it’s all good.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy