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February 18th, 2017 evening

This morning the freezing temps overnight helped “firm” things up a bit until about noon. then it got pretty sloppy out there. As I write this at 8:00pm it is still above freezing, but is supposed to drop below 32 later tonite.  Starting tomorrow its above freezing temps till Wednesday eve. We have 24-28″ of ice so a few more days shouldn’t hurt the ice much. Especially when there will be little traffic out there because it is during the week. A fairly significant storm is forecasted for Thurs thru Friday eve along with colder weather so winter is coming back.  Just in time for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament which will be held next Saturday, storm or not…so plan ahead.

The bite was slow today for most,but quite a few fishermen reported seeing Walleyes on the cameras with none showing interest. The Perch bite was good for some this morning at daybreak for a couple hours in shallow.  One rental reported 50 caught in 14 feet of water with many from 10-12″.  Not everyone seen action like that but it’s good to know they are in close. Alot of fishermen tried the  Tullibee hole and other mud areas for Perch and pretty much struck out.

This is the last call for wheelhouses and portable fishermen crossing our bridge over the pressure ridge as we are pulling it tomorrow afternoon. Those out there tonight from us know that and will be across it tomorrow before noon.  With rain and more warm weather until Wednesday, I am not going to deal with fishermen crossing it. And too many “roamers”  that don’t know what they are doing let alone who’s bridge it belong to is the other reason.  We will pull it and block it up and wait until the weather change to decide if we will be putting it back across for the last weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy


February 18th,2017

Last evening and early morning the bite was fair for most in deep and shallow.  During the day the Perch activity was good, but mostly small.  Some reports of 10 -12″ Perch caught in 14-18 feet of water, but not many in numbers.  By 4:00 pm I was already getting texts on my phone of big Walleyes being caught so the afternoon night bite is the ticket.

The snow started melting on the ice today especially in the first quarter mile from shore.  Once farther out not so much.  Right now it’s freezing a little so it will slow the process down a little tomorrow. And the weather reports says below freezing again tomorrow night.

Sunday at noon I am  pulling the bridge off the pressure ridge until after the rain Monday, so any Wheelhouses out past it from our place have until then to get across it to the shore side.  I will not deal with anyone crossing it in the weather and rain predicted.

Towards the end of next week a cool down is coming and a possible snowstorm. Some reports showing it could be a big one. It’s supposed to start Thursday eve and end Friday evening if predictions are right.  Some predictions are 12 inches plus, but it is too early to tell.  Our Lybacks/TWP Tournament is going to happen one way or another, so plan for it.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy

February 17th,2017

Last night overnight the bite continues in shallow and the bigger Perch are starting to move in also.  Today we moved 5 more rentals into shallow spots for the weekend.  And we are going to keep them there.  It will be up to the rental customers to keep things quiet and fish.

We will be allowing single axle wheelhouses and pickups, and portables out over the bridge only for Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Any one going out over it will have to be back on the shoreside by Sunday afternoon as we will pulling it off the pressure ridge for Sunday night and Monday during the rain that is predicted to come.  So plan accordingly…

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

February 16th, 2017

Yesterday the anglers that were out over night had good Walleye action in shallow.  And at daylight a couple houses we had in 11-12 feet caught Perch up to 14 inches.  So it is still good fishing in close.
We moved the bridge for the upcoming warm weather and I am hoping we will be able to keep it in place over the weekend with the warm weather coming.  Our access will be just fine as well as the ice on the lake, especially if we get freezing nights.  We are installing hole liners in the rentals so we don’t have to fight the banking that will be melting with the warm weather. By midweek next week it is forecasted to cool back down and the last Walleye weekend will be really nice from what reports I’ve heard.

The Lybacks /TWP Tournament is full and on schedule for February 25th,2017.  Times and Ruiles will be posted all next week on the report so contestants know what to do that Saturday.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

February 15th, 2017

Yesterday the NW wind was blowing 30-40 mph, so we did not see much for portable activity. We move 3 rentals that are up for the Mon-Thur period to some new spots. We’ll see how they did this morning.

The talk the last couple days on the Twin Cities news stations is  “stay off the lakes”, “get your house off the ice”, etc.  I know they are reporting what is happening to lakes in the southern part of the state, but it is getting fishermen nervous about the ice up here at Mille Lacs.  We DO NOT have that problem here at Mille Lacs  Our ice depth is 24-30 inches in areas where we are going.. Looking at the 14 day weather forecast for our area they say we will have warm days in the mid to upper 40’s from Fri-Tues, but only two of those nights will be above 32 degrees.  The rest of the nights it will be below freezing. And by mid next week leading to the last weekend on the ice for the season with houses looks like a possible 1-2 inches of snow and below freezing temps. So I think things will be OK up here.  The only issue most places around the lake have is the pressure ridge and fishermen just have to be careful and stay away from it, don’t try to cross it, or go out of a resort that has a bridge that they are maintaining.

The Lybacks/TWP Tournament on Saturday, February 25th is full. All 150 tickets are sold. We will be posting the rules all next week so those entered can copy them and know what to do.  We will have lots of good prizes for everyone and are looking forward to a very fun day to celebrate the end of the season here at Lyback’s Ice Fishing.  We will be pulling houses starting Monday Feb. 27th, but will keep our roads open like usual for as long as we safely can into the spring.

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy


February 14th, 2017

Monday the bite was slow, both deep and shallower except for the sundown hour from what reports I heard.  A few reports of activity from 5 to 7pm was all I heard.

This warmer weather that is coming over the weekend will not cause any problems for where our houses are as they are on the shore-side of the pressure ridge, (See map page). We do have a bridge over it and at this time are plans are to leave it out for the weekend. We found a really good spot to cross it and are going to move it there tomorrow.  But I will make no promises that by the weekend we will keep it out.  It all depends on how much the ice pushes as it warms up, and how many nights we have that it stays above freezing.

As of last evening there were 7 spots left in the Lybacks/TWP Tournament, so we will be full soon.  We have lots of good prizes and everyone will get something whether they win or not. Depending on the temperatures, we will determine where we will have the weigh-in. it will either be on the ice right in front where we have 30″ plus of ice, or in the field where we normally have had it the past few years.  We’ll see…

Keep a Tight LIne!     Eddy


February 12th – 13th,2017

Sunday i spent the day in the office talking to fishermen as they left from the weekend.  I wanted to hear first hand how they did fishing.  The reports were about 50/50 good to slow for Walleyes, slow for the Perch and the few targeting Northern Pike did ok.   The gravel bars had good fishing, but it was on the top of them in the late afternoon-evening and off the sides if you wanted to catch them during the day.  The mud edges of the deeper reefs we go to did well, but was more sporadic.  The depth ranges from 20-26 feet was where the bite was the most inconsistent.  And the shallow spots in late light hours and overnight had most of the trophy’s C/R.  I received more texts of Walleyes from 25″ to 30″ this weekend and the majority were in close.

The pressure ridge was moving this weekend so we were constantly monitoring the bridge, ( especially after Friday evening’s “excitement”. (read Saturday report)  It is fishermen like that will make a poor example of how fishermen on the lake should be.

I do not want to see Mille Lacs Lake and it’s ice fishing degrade to that. I always hear stories about things that happen other lakes in the State and I hope fishermen that come to Mille Lacs can set a good example of how it should be.  And hopefully the resorts around it all try to get the point across to their customers that we want it to be better here in all aspects of it, From safety, respect to other fishermen, cleaning up before you leave, and keeping speeds down on the ice, and playing by the rules when it comes to fishing.  I want to see my grandchildren enjoy this life as much as I do.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

February 11th,2017

Friday evening and today the action slowed somewhat out on the lake.  Only about half of our rentals did well, the others were pretty quiet.  Overall the better bite in the evening was still in the shallow in close reefs at 18 ft or less. Some of our deeper houses 27-29 feet caught some, but not as many.  Perch activity picked up in our gravel basin spots with a few good catches.

With the warm-up the pressure ridge “pushed” and first thing this morning there was 2 hours spent re-positioning our bridge and putting it in a new spot.  Plus we had to replace a few of the 2″ by 6″ white oak decking planks that were broken by someone that was obviously “stupid” (and probably drunk), driving a vehicle over it too fast in the middle of the night.  Customers that were out there reported to me that sometime after 2:30am a couple vehicles were driving around at high speeds, swerving and spinning on the roads.  Apparently one of them went over our bridge and as “karma” would have it…  bottomed out their vehicle on the top of the ramp and damaged their oil pan, leaving a trail of oil headed out onto the main lake towards the gravel bars. I hope they destroyed their engine and someone that reads this lets me know who it was so I can turn them in for polluting the lake, and damaging my bridge. They deserve everything that can be thrown at them.  I have no patience for crap like that out there.

Which leads me to this.  With all the new wheelhouse people up here these days and the disrespect some of them seem to have for other fishermen, I think it is time for changes in the State laws of distance between fish houses, permanent, portable, and wheelhouses on large lakes.  There is absolutely no reason why anyone has to be within 75-100 feet of anybody out there on Mille Lacs.   All daily access wheelhouse customers here get a little information sheet explaining how we would like to see them respect others and keep their speeds down on the ice roads. And most part they all appreciate it. We have customers coming here just because of that. Maybe it’s time that other resorts around this lake start doing that also, and maybe there wouldn’t be so many problems with fishermen going out of one access and coming in on another, or using some other resorts bridge when they went out of a different resort, driving way too fast on the ice roads, all sorts of things related to fishermen that don’t know what should be done to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.  And for you shitheads that think joyriding around in the middle of the night for fun on the ice roads because you are stupid and think you can….get a life….you are the ones that will wreck it for everyone.  And may God help you if I ever catch you at it….I guarantee it will be the last time you ever do it…

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy


February 9th and 10th, 2017

Wednesday evening was pretty quiet with the cold front that went thru and by Thursday after noon it was already starting to warm up.  Thursday evening the few that were out in shallow water did very well. Today,(Friday) I have no reports except some on the deeper spots have had some activity.

We moved most of rentals in for the full moon and night bite.  Everything is spread out so they can be quiet, so we will see how that goes.

We have the bridge out over the pressure ridge and will be letting portable and wheelhouse traffic across it for the wekend.  I’m pretty sure at some time in the next 24-26 hours with the warmer weather the ice is going to “push” and we will probably be adjusting the bridge at some time during the weekend.  So those on the other side might be “stranded” for awhile, but I’m sure it won’t be too long.

What I have seen so far this past week is that the larger Walleye are in the shallower areas as well as most of the smaller Perch.  The deeper edges of the reefs and the gravel bars tend to have more 15-18″ Walleye.  So far the Tullibee hole and the mud off the Tundra doesn’t have much for bigger Perch, but as this warmer weather stays this week and the time of year will probably start some of the bug hatches that starts that bite.  We’ll hope for the best.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy

Check out February 8th report for the Lybacks/TWP contest info.  February 25th!

February 8th, 2017

Yesterday we received some freezing drizzle, then it turned to snow.  All in all and inch or so and some drifting from the NW winds.

The bite was ok for the few portable fishermen out there.  Most reports were from deeper water, where they caught Walleye, but all under the slot.

Attached are the rules for the Lybacks/TWP Tournament for February 25th, 2017.  We are talking about adding an extra category for  “smart phone” fishermen,  Not finalized yet, but will have it figured out by one week before Tournament. It would be a category where a tagged (TWP Tournament 2017) ruler would be given to the contestant.  They would take a picture of a measured Walleye on that ruler and release it.  The contestant’s longest Walleye would be eligible for a custom jig rod, and a cash prize, just as the winners of the other established categories in the rules.  Their are only about 30 spots left. So if you haven’t got you ticket, now is the time.