December 11th, 2013

Today we stayed off the ice and let the cold do it’s thing.  Tomorrow a.m. we are going go out and recheck ice depths, widen the Pope’s road, and possibly plow out to the northeast side of Gull Reef.

We received a lot of calls today about ATV’s pulling wheelhouses and it’s just not going to happen this weekend.  With the rough ice and deep snow, there is no way anyone will be able to get off what little  roads I do have unless the wheelhouse has skis and the ATV has tracks.  What I would like to see is fishermen coming up with snowmobiles, portables, go out and drill and fish the areas so they will flood somewhat so we can get into them later without plowing.  That would be the best scenario for everyone.

People that have permanent houses that would like to fish are welcome to come up and stay in them on shore and portable.  I have the storage lot plowed out good and we will have an large parking area cleared in the field along our driveway for those that would want to bring their wheelhouse and park it and portable. (Another option).

We will not letting fishermen venture out too far as we have not checked all of our areas we normally fish yet and there is a lot of inconsistency in the ice depths after about a half mile out.
I’m hoping that we will come out this heavy snow on thin ice situation we are in.  If we get another big dump of it before we can get roads established, it could be a long, long winter.  Let’s hope for the best.

Keep a Tight Line!!