December 11th, 2017

Overnight we got about and inch or two of snow.  It was nice to see the ground white again.  It made it alot easier to be in the mood for getting out there. My plans to get out there and check more ice depths and conditions were shut down by the wind by the time I got back from the marine shop.  By 10:30 the wind had switched NW and it was better to leave things alone than fight it.

Tomorrow I will be getting out and checking ice farther out and start to establish some the beginnings of roads out a little ways.  At least thru the roughest parts which is the first 1/3 mile or so.  After that I don’t really know how rough it is except what I can see thru the spotting scope. But by watching it I know there should at least be some consistency, but you never know about rough ice….

Either way I’m hoping to have something ready for ATV’S /snowmobiles to some of the areas we fish for the upcoming weekend.  PLEASE keep watching this report instead of calling as I will update it every evening from this day on.  It saves alot on phones calls for my wife Cindy who is more than busy with reservations and all the year end tax stuff that always keeps her more than occupied..

Watch this report.. we have a 20 acre field ready for  “wheelhouse” campers with ATV’s if I can pull this ice road thing off…  Keep a Tight Line!