December 12, 2013

Today I did some more plowing out there.   There is definitely a lot of snow for what ice we have.  Fishermen will have to use some common sense when fishing out there and stay away from the roads at least 75 ft. This afternoon a ATV that couldn’t make it off the road because of the deep snow and rough ice on Pope’s, put his portable up 6 ft from the road and flooded it.  That gives you an idea what we are up against up here.

The roads I plowed are only 30 feet wide so far and you can see the uncovered ice floating up higher than the sides already.  My goal is to double that width and it will float up higher, make more ice and hopefully keep us out there.  But it will be a chore for setting the houses this year.  Tomorrow we are going to pull out a some smaller rentals, block them up drill a couple holes and let them flood and freeze around them.  That way we will get more ice around the house and less problems in the long run.  We will have 3-4 of them out and ready for this weekend if someone would like to rent them.  Bring a ATV or snowmobile and we will help shuttle you out and back.

Fishermen with wheel houses will have a problem this year with the rough ice and deep snow.  Right now there is not enough ice to go out with a big enough truck to pull them thru the stuff and it will be hard on them in the rough ice.  The farther out you go the better it is, but right now there is not enough ice out there to even think about it.  Any one coming this weekend better have an ATV with tracks and skis for their rig, or leave it on shore and portable.  We have plenty of parking for portable people, wheelhouse parking on shore.  No driving on the lake with vehicles,  ATV’s, snowmobiles only.   Any wheelhouse going out will have to be small, have ski’s and pulled with and ATV with tracks,  ( so they can get off the roads at least 75 ft.)  PERIOD!!

I won’t be pulling any private houses until I have good roads established to the areas and enough ice.  Today I was plowing on anywhere from 7 to 11 inches with the Jeep, so you can see we have a ways to go yet.  I’m hoping around Christmas if we don’t get anymore big snows.

On a good note we had our first fishermen go out today,  haven’t seen them in yet, but will let you know if there is anything out there to catch tomorrow….

Keep a Tight Line!