December 12, 2014

Today I set cones to the Banana Reef and Tundra and there is a trail to follow there and also thru the Graveyard for portable fishermen and wheelers.  Almost everywhere there was 12-14 inches of clear smooth ice with some ridges, but not much to worry about.  We still will limit travel on that ice to ATV’s – portables only.  Tomorrow am I am going to head out to the East Bar and south end of the big gravel and check ice and set cones…(we’ll see how that goes..), no promises.

Fishing was pretty good today one group caught a 27″ and 29″ inch Walleye, another group caught numerous Perch over 10″.  Some Northern fishermen caught, (speared), some big Northern’s NW of Spider on the rocks and the rentals had some good fishing also.  All in all,  this is pretty good compared to what we seen last year.

As everyone knows the regs have really opened up with the Northern Pike with a 10 fish limit, one over 30″. And spearing allowed too. The last two weeks I’ve seen lots of spear – fishermen in the bays, (Isle, Wahkon, and Cove bays), not including the rest of the spots around the lake. Not many out our way because  we have rough ice and alot of slush under it in the good spots for that, plus the areas that we go to have rock bottom, and most spear – fishermen don’t like to wreck their spear if they miss…. the same thing my Dad found out 50 years ago when it was allowed when he had spear- houses.

The last couple days we have had a few spear fishermen come out, but I do have a gripe….If you are going to cut that spear hole, put your “ice block” back in the hole when you leave unless you are going to leave the house there for awhile, And even then when you leave, take the time to break it loose and put it back in the hole. Just don’t leave it there for a snowmobiler or angler to run in to it later in the winter.  I’ve heard reports from some fishermen in the bays that they are  they are laying around all over.  That is something I will not tolerate out of my place and I will be watching….

Keep a Tight LINE!