December 13th, 2013

I finally got a fishing report, instead of ice talk.  We had fishermen out yesterday, overnight and today.  Walleyes were caught, mostly small ones.  Most were in the 10-12 inch range, a couple keepers and the usual too big.  But not too much for Perch.

I opened up the road to the Graveyard more , but stopped just short of it because of thin ice.  A lot of the area out there has flooded in spots and refroze to the point where I can stay on top with the Jeep.  In fact I put a couple of our smaller rentals out in a couple spots where when I drilled them the  water was down and inch in the hole.  I think if we can get some more freezing the ice out there will be pretty good in most places.  Places where there is deep snow and not flooded, when you drill it will immediately start to flood.

Anyways we have lots of parking for portable fishermen.  Lots of area to fish.  If you can bring a snowmobile, that is the way to go.

Keep a Tight Line!!