December 13th, 2014

Today it stayed warm and melting.  As the snow melted with the cold ice and warmer temps we had lots, and lots of fog.  Those that braved it had some pretty good fishing. And most had GPS which helped the moving around.

I’m glad we stayed in the rougher ice where it was 14-18 inches thick with the houses.  There was no problem with the melting except we lost the banking around most of them.  But we put in the hole liners for the rentals and all was good. Hopefully tomorrow the fog lifts a little and makes it a little more workable out there.  We will have to redrill the roads stakes as some of them are tipping from the melt.  In a way it it is good for the rough ice areas. When it freezes up Monday things will smooth out alot.

Keep a Tight Line!!