December 13th, 2017

Today the N/W picked up and blew 20-30 mph.  My plans for getting out farther and checking ice were put on hold. With the blowing and drifting the visibility was to the point I was not comfortable knowing what the ice looked liked ahead of me.  So I worked on getting thru the rough ice out to Gull Reef where i knew it was thick enough to run on what will be the “Graveyard Road” and accomplished that.  Tomorrow after the winds drop I will be checking ice depths and working our way out to the Graveyard Reef, Rays, and north side of Pope’s.  From what little checking of ice I did do, I’m pretty sure it will be more than enough for ATV/Snowmobile portable traffic so plan accordingly.

We will have plenty of parking available where we always do and encourage wheelhouse campers for the weekend.  Those that have been here before know where we do that. The sign along our entrance will show where to set-up. Everyone will need to “check-in” at the office by in the “Red House” by the lake before going out.  you will notice as you come up to the lake the old barn that was always there is in the stages of restoration, and hopefully if finances allow next year the lower lower part will have bathrooms and showers and the new “office” that barn was built by my Grandfather when he first homesteaded here 110 years ago, and Cindy and I are proud to “resurrect” it for hopefully long after we are gone for our family to carry on…It has a long way to go, but it is well on it’s way to be there ready for next season.

I’m getting anxious to see how the bite will be, so come up and give it a try. The weather sounds very good for portable fishing from the last report i heard… So we will be “officially” open for business on Friday.

Keep a Tight Line!