December 13th,2016

Today we got the rough ice in front smoothed out so it would freeze better. The ice we checked was a solid 6 inches for the first 100 yards then dropped to 4-5 inches farther out, and we didn’t go past the 4-5 stuff.  The ice in the bays from what I’ve heard from a couple reports is about 6 inches, but the main lake ice is far from being there and ok to go on…..yet.

With the next couple nights of sub-zero cold it will get better. But don’t let the hype that is out there put you in places you shouldn’t be. Pick where you are planning to go out of and check with them. They will be the ones that know what is happening in front of them. This lake is too big and many parts of it are not even close.

Our plans, if weather permits is to have ice checked to some of the early areas we typically fish first by Thursday.  We are planning to have what will be our roads, (eventually), staked and rough ice areas smoothed out for ATV/Snowmobile travel with portables for the weekend.  Parking areas are ready and we will go from there.  Hopefully the predicted snow will stay south of us over the weekend and let the cold do it’s thing.

It is one thing to be excited about going, but remember….. water is cold this time of year.  🙂

Keep a Tight Line!             Eddy