December 14th, 2013

Today we had 5 groups of fishermen out until about 6:30 pm.  A couple of wheelhouses that left early after spending two nights did not fare well on Pope’s.  Lots of really rough ice and one Walleye, not good.  The portable fishermen that showed up today had action on Gull and Ray’s.  Lots of 7-8 inch Perch during the day and at dusk Walleyes and one group had a 32″ Northern.  Quite a few small Walleyes in the mix also.

I extended our roads somewhat today heading out towards the NW,  (The first road you can see on the Web Cam), up until now, everything else has been to the east. Once getting northwest of of Gull Reef  there is a lot of 8 inch ice.  Good enough for me to plow with the Jeep, but a long way to go before anything is going to happen with pulling and driving with vehicles.  I’m managing to get some pretty good roads going despite the extra time it takes with the jeep, but I will go one step at a time.  At least I’ll make some ice on the roads.

Next week I’ve heard there is going to be some warm weather so we are going to do some drilling and flooding, and packing. You portable guys can help out with this. (I’ll get you the road to the spots, you fish them and flood them!)  And when the cold comes again over Christmas we will have more ice and we can move on. Hopefully we won’t get a big snowstorm.

This year is what it used to be like when I was growing up, (long ago now)…A lot of my long time customers will know what I mean. Things have been pretty good going with a few hiccups along the way for the last 30 years.  But to me it’s looking like we are going to have an “old style” one this year.  Hopefully we will all get out there and make it work!

Keep a Tight Line!