December 14th, 2014

This morning when I went out at daylight the scenery had definitely changed out on the ice.  No snow, some areas where water was 8-12 inches deep on the ice, and other areas high and dry.  We escorted all the rentals off by 10:00 am. just to make sure everyone was safe. and shut down access for driving.  The fog was so thick you could cut it with a knife.  After we checked on all the others and made sure they got of safely too.  Don’t get me wrong, the ice where we are going is 14-18 inches and wasn’t the problem. But in the fog and all the water in spots, I did not want anyone to get turned around.and lost….and to drive into 8-12 inches of water with waves on it in the fog would freak most out…..Some fishermen showing up were upset about my decision to shut it down, but those need to know I did it for a reason.  Some showed up for the first time to check their house when they did not know where it was. I told them I would take care of it tomorrow no charge.  Some showed up expecting to drive and were upset. But it is my call at my access and I care about everyone’s safety.  Sorry….been here longer and I know how things change, and I can’t “update” my website all the time…when things happen like this most fishermen should know if they watch the weather.

Fishing yesterday was pretty good, with Perch and Walleyes at dusk.  Some big Northern were caught also. But overnight when water started running down the holes for those out there, it pretty much died.

The rest of the day I spent going to areas that were collecting a lot of water due to the wind and drilled holes so the water would go down and the ice float up. (Something I learned 40 years ago…’s not like this has happened before.)  The water is so cold and if you drill enough holes.. the water drains the holes don’t get big as the water goes down. You just use common sense and keep them away from the roads…..

We are going to shut down for tomorrow and maybe Tuesday.  Watch the report or call and I’ll let you know when we go again.  I want things to freeze up and the roads to be left alone so we will have nice smooth roads with no ruts in them from traffic while its freezing.   In a way this is going to help those of us dealing with rough ice.  But in areas where the ice is smooth and the amount of water getting pushed around by the wind it could actually cause some major problems…let’s hope not.

Colder weather is coming and we will be back at it in no time!!

Keep a Tight Line!