December 15th, 2017

Today we had 12 groups of fishermen out with portables and got a chance to talk to about half on their way off.  There were mixed results but the majority had action,  Lots of Perch in shallow but most were small. Numerous reports of 16-18 inch Walleyes, but no keepers from what I heard.  A couple fishermen caught Walleye over the slot but not many. All in all for the first day out it was a fair start.

I established a road to the Graveyard Reef for smoother ATV travel and also to SW of Spider where there was more Perch action.  ice Depths are 7-9 inches once you get out to the smoother ice and we actually found a couple places NW of Spider that we only four inches.\

I have maps available to all that go out this weekend when they stop in at the office.  I’ll be there to show and explain what is going on in the morning at 7:00 am when we open. You will see where to park when you turn up our entrance. Fishermen that are walking drive up to the office and there will be some spots to park close.

Keep a Tight Line!   Eddy