December 15th,2016

Today I got out and checked ice on the main lake as far out as a mile. the ice in the rougher areas was almost 9 inches and the farther out I went it dropped to about 7 inches.  It was pretty consistent 7″-8″ most places.

We marked what will be out roads to Pope’s , Gull Reef, Ray’s Reef and the Graveyard.  also went west towards North Twin Island and Southwest of Spider Island.  Tomorrow weather permitting we will head out towards the Banana Reef, but there is some sketchy ice that we will have to do alot of checking to do to get across it. There was an area that remained open a couple days after the rest of the ice in that area had froze.  We might just stay away from it for awhile.

I’m keeping an eye on the possible snow coming and if it looks like we are going to miss it I’m going to pull a couple of our smaller 8′ by 12′ rentals out for the weekend. They will be accessible by ATV/Snowmobile only if you want to rent one.  I will decide whether or not to go with them tomorrow morning.  if interested, call the office after lunch. Other wise it will be ATV/Snowmobile traffic and portables for the weekend.

Keep a Tight Line!     Eddy