December 16th, 2013

Today fishing was pretty slow.  Mostly Perch for the guys out there and they were small.  No Walleyes at dusk which was surprising, but there are days like that.

I extended  one of the roads to the NW corner of the Graveyard Reef with the Jeep.  Most of the ice is only 8 inches thick out there and where we drilled to check before plowing it immediately started flooding.  But by uncovering the ice at the least we will have good ice eventually on the road.  We will just have to deal with the flooding off the sides of the roads as the portable people show up to fish.  When that freezes we can pull houses in over the top of it.

For now it will still only be ATV’s, snowmobiles and portables.  Fishermen with wheelhouses can park in our lot and use them for a base camp. If you have ATV with tracks there is some places within the first 1/3 mile you can pull to without flooding.   Anyone fishing out of here will be asked to fish at least 100 feet from the roads I have plowed to prevent them from flooding.  I would really appreciate that.
This year is looking like it’s going to be a tough one at Mille Lacs so far, but it just might work out in the end.  There is a lot of season left!!

Keep a Tight Line!!