December 16th, 2014

Went out this morning at first light and checked things out on the ice. All the effort into drilling paid off. Everything is freezing up nicely and the rough ice is now smooth.. There was just enough freezing rain and sleet to make the ice easy to walk on, so it really couldn’t have worked out better.  Out in what was the smooth ice before is a little bumpy now with small wind blown drifts that soaked up with water and you can tell the ice is cooling down as there are a lot of little cracks showing up, but that is to be expected.

We are opening up the access tomorrow am. and people will be driving 1/2 ton or smaller vehicles until I see how much more ice we really have.  Obviously we lost some off the top during the warm spell, but i thinking not much more than an inch or so.  Today we are resetting the stakes so roads to areas will be marked. And will resume getting rentals ready and pulling more permanents tomorrow.

About 5:00pm this evening Cindy told me there numerous calls from fishermen asking if they could pull their wheelhouse with a 1/2 ton truck. For know and probably tomorrow that isn’t going to happen. right now the ice is “cooling down” and will for another 24-36 hrs.  Already this afternoon there was numerous cracks, all small, but they were moving when I crossed them with my Land Cruiser.  I’m sure most will freeze overnight but more will take their place tomorrow.  So for the next couple days it’s wheelhouses pulled with wheelers.  By the weekend that will probably change.  I’ll let you know Friday am in the report. Tomorrow we will be checking thickness again and post.

Now we can get to the areas we want to…..So come on up and do some fishing!  The weather is going to be pretty nice for it!!

Keep a Tight Line!