December 16th, 2017

Today we had quite a few fishermen show up and go out with ATV’s/Snowmobiles, and some just walking.  The weather was about as good as you could ask for for portable fishing. Overcast skies,  no wind and temps in the high 20’s.

Some out there did very well and some not. Alot went deep just because they could and it was accessible, some stayed shallower because of all the structure out in front of us and those were the ones that did well compared to others.  Some reports from fishermen stopping in said the bite at dusk had it’s usual flurry then stopped.  For the first Saturday it was an “ok” start for most.

My main focus the next few days is to establish roads on the 7-9 inches of ice we have before the weather changes and we get a chance of snow before the cold predicted later next week..Some reports i heard were for a major amount and others I heard were a couple inches..  I’m hoping for the couple inches….   🙂   We won’t be driving vehicles yet for awhile or pulling houses, but with little snow and some cold it could start making ice again.  These last few days haven’t really helped much in the ice making dept..

Keep a Tight Line!!    Eddy