December 17th, 2014

This morning as I expected we had a few cracks out there.   Two on the “Graveyard Road” that were about 6-9 inches and a couple north of “Spider Island” about 4-6.  They were already freezing but we put ramps out on them to be safe.  Keep in mind where we are going and allowing traffic there  because we have 16 plus inches of ice in those areas.  Out farther where the “smooth ice” was  ice depths were approx. 13-14 inches. So where the “rough ice” was earlier, (where we are going for now) we actually gained thickness and out where the “smooth ice” was we lost 1-2 inches.  So that means anyone going past where our marked roads stop will be ATV only, (with or without wheelhouses) until it gets thicker.  Maps will be available for all that stop in.

So far wheelhouses will be pulled with ATV’s because of the cracks that developed today. Still we will be letting 1/2 ton of smaller vehicles will be driving to “privates” that are out and to rentals.

The bite today was pretty good for most.  All had activity, lots of smaller Perch and Walleyes with some keepers here and there, but not alot of people out just for the day. Most are staying overnight and we’ll see what they are going to do. I’m expecting more “Northern” fishermen with the rougher ice in closer to shore where our good Northern spots are since it has “smoothed out” and is good for travel.

For the NAIFC Tournament contestants fishing in Isle Bay this weekend we have houses available overnight Friday if you want to spend the day Friday prefishing, stay over on the ice and ATV into the start Sat am.  We are on the western edge of the boundary so it would be a quick ride to the registration if you would like.  Call Cindy if you would want one.

Keep a Tight Line!