December 17th, 2017

Today I pulled our first rental out on 9″ inches of ice. Did it with my Dad’s 46 Willys that he purchased after WWII and used out on the ice 65 years ago.  I always use it at least once to keep a tradition going. ( I don’t have a cab on it so I don’t use too it much…   🙂 )

Today Cindy got numerous calls about seeing me out with one of the lake trucks via the web cam.  Yes I was out there, but only the first 200 yards or so from shore.  I was working on establishing two wide roads thru the rough ice that I checked that ice depths were anywhere  from 12-24″ inches thick due to the wind pushing slush and other ice underneath.  Once you get to the clear ice it runs from 7-9″  and with the warmer weather it is really not making much ice at all.

Fishing action was slow today compared to yesterday. Lots of fishermen went to the areas I suggested this morning after yesterday’s reports, and maybe that wasn’t a good thing.  Too much activity in any one area on thin ice can spook the bite.  I have seen it for many years. Some of it was my fault and with the early ice not many want to experiment with all the structure we have out in front of us.

I’m hoping that the predicted snowstorm later this week will stay south of us and the cold weather gets to us first. a week of sub-zero would get everything rolling.  We’ll have to wait and see.  The next couple days I’m going to establish as many good/wide roads as i can so if we get dumped on, the wind afterwords will blow most of it off the roads.  Sort of spooky to do on less than 10″ of ice… But I’ve done it before…    😉
Keep a Tight Line!!